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Louis 2007
What have we learnt from the story of Noah’s ark?
1~ 不要錯過船期 Don’t miss the boat
2~ 記着我們同坐一條船
Remember we are on the same boat
3~ 凡事要先作好準備,方舟是在大雨前建造的

We need good planning.

Noah’s ark was built before the heavy rain came
4~ 保持健康體魄,即使你六十歲,仍會有人要你做大事
Stay in good health, you’ll still be needed for major venture even if you’re 60
5~ 不要怕批評,專心完成所需要做的工作
Don’t be bothered by any criticism, focus on what needs to be completed.
6~ 在高處建造您的未來
Build your future on high places
7~ 為安全起見,要出雙入對
For safety’s sake, travel in pairs
8~ 速度不是永遠最重要,蝸牛和獵豹最終也同在船上
Speed is never the most important thing,
snail and the leopard end up on the same boat
9~ 神經緊張時,浮沉一下
When you feel uptight, relax a little.
10~ 記着,方舟是由外行人建造,
Remember, the ark was built by layman,
Titanic was built by specialists
11~ 無論外面風雨多大,若您與主同行,
No matter how bad the weather outside is,
if you walk with God, the rainbow is just ahead of you
I send this message to those whom
I wish will receive God’s blessing, hence, I pass it to you.
Hope you’ll do the same!
There are so many people who come and go in your life.
Only friends will leave their footprints in your heart.