The Girl Who Made Venus Angry

Venus is the most beautiful goddess of Mountain Olympus. All the other gods and goddesses admire her. Likewise, all the other men on the earth go up Mountain Olympus to adore her. They sing her praises and offer her flowers everyday. To them, Venus is a supergirl. But one day, Venus noticed something. The groups of men admiring her have become fewer. Some even forgot to give her flowers! Soon, there was no one singing her praises. Not long after, Venus discovered that these men found a more beautiful and younger maiden! Her name was Psyche, the youngest daughter of a king and queen. Venus saw that the men enjoyed looking at her sweet face. Everywhere Psyche went, they sang her praises and spread multicolored flowers along her way. Venus was very angry! She didn’t like men to be worshipping Psyche. “I’m the most beautiful of all women,” Venus said. “I cannot allow any woman to humiliate me!” She called her son Cupid and complained. “My dear son, punish this girl Psyche. She has hurt me deeply. Go and punish her. Let Psyche fall in love with the ugliest person in the world.” Cupid knew what to do. He had the power to make strangers fall in love with each other. With his magic arrows, Cupid would aim at these two person’s hearts and in an instant, they would become attracted to each other. Cupid has no problem looking for the ugliest man on earth. There were several of them he could easily find. But then he had to search where Psyche was. Cupid flew from one palace to another till he found where the charming lady lived. Inside a bedroom, he saw Psyche sleeping. Cupid came closer and lo! He too became fascinated because of Psyche’s very lovely face. When Cupid hit the heart of Psyche’s with his arrow, this girl awoke. Cupid, who was caught surprised, accidentally wounded himself with his magic arrow which went straight to his heart. Immediately, Cupid fell in love with this girl Psyche. Psyche, of course, also fell in love with Cupid.

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