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Task 1: Contextual Factors/Data Analysis 2014

APS The teacher uses information about the learning-teaching context and student individual differences to set learning goals, lesson objectives, plan instruction and assessment(s). Task Discuss relevant school factors and how they may affect the teaching-learning process. Include any supports and challenges that affect instruction and student learning. Prompt Include in your analysis and discussion the following. Community, District and School Factors: Using multiple sources of data, identify Community, District, and school factors that may influence planning, instruction, and student learning. Student characteristics and Instructional Implications: Using multiple sources of data, identify student characteristics that may include but are not limited to age, gender, race/ethnicity, special needs, and language. In addition, address the learning needs of the students in your class by interests, learning styles or readiness levels (knowledge and skill levels). In your narrative you must address students' readiness levels; include any other prior learning that may influence the development of your learning goals, instruction and assessment. You must specifically address the instructional implication this information has on planning effective lessons that address the learning needs for all students. Classroom factors: Address physical features, availability of technology, equipment, resources and the extent of parental involvement. You may also address any physical features that may hinder learning and how you will address these potential obstacles. Your Data Analysis Narrative should include the reason you are using the data you have included and why this data informs your decision-making process as you design instruction. Additional explanation: Based on this description, discuss why this information is important to know as a teacher and how it may impact student learning. Specifically discuss how the information you have listed above will guide your planning and instruction in your lessons. This is not a general discussion of why pre-requisite skills are important to know but one that is specific to the information you have collected in the interest inventories and pre-assessments. What do your students bring to the lessons? Also, specifically address any modifications and/or adaptations you will need to make based on any student/s with special needs. This should be a reflective, thoughtful discussion. (you could provide samples of all interest inventories used, citing resources where appropriate.) Pre-assessment tests, if applicable, (such as MAP scores) should be attached as an artifact. Maximum Length: 7 pages