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‘Simple developmental checklists and other ‘classical’ documentation formats (e.g. anecdotes, jottings and ‘boxed programs’) used to account for changes and progress in children’s development are no long er valid forms of documentation.’ (Holistic Approach to Documentation ) Duration 2h Workshop Recommended Workshop content

Holistic Documentation; How to holistically document (More by writing Less) within your service! “WHY, WHAT and HOW to Document?” (usually presented in conjunction with the Holistic Documentation) Room Displays and Aesthetical Pleasant Learning Environments!

All educators

*MOST POPULAR All educators particularly: Educational Leaders, Directors, Room Leaders, Nominated and Certified educators *MOST POPULAR All educators particularly: Cert III, Diploma and ECT


How to document with over 25 different ‘formats’ (individual, group records, displays, provocations and projects) (NQA1) How to critically link to LOS, P/Ps and theorists! Looking beyond, daily journals/reflections/stories and other ‘boxed’ formats that don’t always reflect children’s voices! What do the regulations require? How can documentation be presented and how documentation may differ from room to room as well as from service to service. (NQA1,5) How to document & develop room displays! Looking at documentation as a whole and using room displays to complement other formats! Over 50 samples to be shown! Creating Belonging, Being and Becoming evidences! (NQA1,3,5,6,7) This is an intensive NQF audit that prepares services for identifying ‘Woking Towards’ areas as well as for meeting the “Exceeding” rating requirements! The audit also includes a QIP report, Ratings report and other NQF recommendations! This workshop prepares your team for the nest NQF A&R visit! It also includes the most commonly breached indicators as well as common question asked during assessment! (NQA1-7) How to present individual records, moving beyond portfolios and understanding what are quality individual records! (NQA1) How to provide a holistic, play based school readiness program and how we communicate this to parents. Documenting outdoor activities with no outdoor program/curriculum! Sustainability projects and displays! Embedded sustainability evidences/practices (NQA3)



The NQF Assessment Audit!
The NQF Assessment Common questions & breaches! Children’s voices and philosophies! Children’s Portfolios (yes/no?)! School readiness the holistic approach! Documenting the Outdoors & Embedded sustainability practices!


All educators particularly: Room Leaders, Nominated and Certified Leaders, Managers *MOST POPULAR Room Leaders, Nominated and Certified Leaders, Managers All educators particularly: Room Leaders, Nominated and Certified Leaders All educators particularly Cert III, Diploma and ECT All educators particularly: Cert III, Diploma and ECT


2h 1.5h


The role of Electronic Documentation within Holistic Documentation!

All educators particularly: Cert III, Diploma and ECT

Becoming paperless and the advantages of e-programming! Using custom designed programs that don’t require computer skills! Record children’s development by using a variety of electronic documentation tools (from power point to apps and other programs like Kinderloop).
Understanding Intentional Teaching and other important theories like Montessori and Reggio Emilia! (NQA1, 5) Start of the year is close. This is the time to look at your new learning environment and plan to support children’s play and learning through reflective planning. How to motivate, guide and support educators during the NQF process! What strategies the Educational Leaders should consider as well as what evidences they need to gather! (NQA4, 7) Beyond Behaviour Management, What really works and what affects behaviour! How to create a holistic space! (NQA5) Looking not only at the ‘how’ to deal with behaviour but also ‘what’ affects it! Practical and effective leadership tools, strategies and tips to help you create a great service (with a great sense of belonging and being) This is a great opportunity to combine a few different workshops to create a fulfilling professional development day! Audit of current service practices/ to identify appropriate QIP goals! Customised business/marketing consultancy! Alina Dan coaches numerous large and small for profit services/franchises. Time to take your business to the next level!


1.5hr 2h

Provocations and Projects! How to provoke learning and the role of Intentional teaching! Setting up your environment to support play and learning! Educational Leadership! Behaviour Management! Leadership and management! Full day seminar! QIP development! Business Development!

All educators particularly: Cert III, Diploma and ECT All educators particularly Cert III, Diploma and ECT Nominated, Certified Leaders, Directors & Educational Leaders All educators particularly: Cert III, Diploma and ECT All educators particularly: Nominated, Certified, Directors and owners. All educators *MOST POPULAR Nominated, Certified, Directors & Owners Directors, Owners and Managers


2h 6h 2h 2h

Voted most comprehensive and practical NQF/EYLF workshops in the country: 2011, 2012 & 2013 by thousands of early childhood services. Please see for numerous testimonials!

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