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Agentura Babylon, jazyková škola

Nad úžlabinou 445/20, 108 00 Praha 10, Česká republika,

+420777152389, +420777047584

ENGLISH FOR VERY SMALL CHILDREN – nursery rhymes & games 1 & 2
11.9.2009 & 18.9.2009, 6 pm, Agentura Babylon, Jičínská 6, Praha 3

Dear teachers,

I will be happy to meet you all in our classroom next two Fridays.

I will introduce our concept of teaching English to very small children 0-3 years old.

Depending on age, children in this group especially like nursery rhymes, finger plays
and songs. Because the children are too small to study in the usual way, the general
idea is to create English speaking environment for them and their mothers, who will be
present at the lessons. We will use movement and rhymes to get them involved. Friendly
conversation with moms will also be a part of the lessons. Besides that, every mother &
child will create something every lesson (cut and color finger puppets to demonstrate
rhymes etc.)

I would like to ask you to have a look at a few links (videos and sites woth rhymes)

type=&aq=3&oq=nursery here you can simply learn suitable songs (videos with
type=&aq=f you can watch videos with finger plays
• a lot of teaching tips and songs

Task for you: choose one nursery rhyme and prepare it to present it to small children

You can bring musical instruments and a puppet with you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

I am looking forward to discussing the matter with you and believe our work will make us
all better teachers :)


Mgr. Daniela Šimonová

Director of Babylon, teacher & methodologist