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Whisper ultra

Introductio n t o P& G:
 Procter & Gamble
Co.(P&G), An American
multinational corporation
based in Cincinnati, Ohio
formed in 1837.
 Manufactures a wide range of
consumer goods.
 Procter and Gamble
Hygiene and Health Care Ltd.
was set up in the year 1985
under the name Procter and
Gamble, India after the
takeover of Richardson
Hindustan Limited.
 In the year 1999, the
company's name was
changed to Procter and
Gamble Hygiene and Health
Care Ltd.
P&G :
 Type Public (NYSE: PG)
 Founded1837
 Headquarters One Procter & Gamble Plaza,
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 45202
 Key people A.G. Lafley, Chairman and CEO
 Industry Consumer goods
 Revenue▲ US$83.503 billion (2008)
 Net income▲ US$12.075 billion (2008)
 Employees1,38,000
 Website
Co nsume r g oods:
Pr ese nt sc enario :
 The company is one of the major providers of
healthcare and hygiene consumables in the Indian
 Procter and Gamble Hygiene is well-known for its
innovative products in this segment.
 P&G Hygiene and Health Care Limited is one of India's
fastest growing Fast Moving Consumer Goods.
 Its portfolio has P&G's Billion dollar brands such as
Vicks & Whisper. With a turnover of Rs. 500+ crores,
the Company has carved a reputation for delivering
high quality, value-added products to meet the needs
of consumers.
Va lu es:

 The values followed at the Procter and

Gamble Hygiene:
 Passionate about winning
 Leadership in the market
 Integrity of the company
 Trustworthiness of the work force
 Ownership of the company
Br ands of PGH H L td.
 Feminine Care
Total Freedom and Protection.
 Whisper
 Health Care
 Vicks is India’s No.1 Cough & Cold Brand. It created the cold & cough
Over-the-Counter (OTC) category in India way back in 1952 and has
led the category till date.
 Today it has completed more than 50 years in India. Its current
portfolio in India comprises Vicks Vapo Rub:
 Vicks Inhaler
 Vicks Formula 44
 Vicks Cough Drops
 Vicks Action 500+
St rong b rand:

 Vicks has been the no.1 brand from past

many years and has estimated 17%
market share.
 Led the market for more than past 50
years .
 ‘Whisper’ brand, has
reported an average annual
growth rate of 20 per cent in
the last five years. It clocked
sales of Rs 340 crore in
FY08, representing a year-
on-year growth of 21 per
 The growth rate was higher
at almost 30 per cent in the
first quarter ended September
 Driven by 50 per cent growth
in ‘Whisper Choice’ and 34
per cent in ‘Whisper Ultra’.
Gr owth blo cks:
 During FY06-08, the company invested
nearly Rs 60 crore towards capacity creation,
 Rs 10 crore was invested in its Goa plant for
hygiene products and Rs 26.7crore in Baddi
plants for healthcare products, in FY08 alone.
 Thereby almost doubling the fixed assets to Rs
123.10 crore in 2007-08
Rig ht move s:

 Among various initiatives, the

introduction of low value packs .
 Rs 5 pack of Vicks Vaporub, mass
segment products such as Whisper
Choice has helped the businesses grow
at a fast clip on the back of increased
Ma rketing M ix:
 Product
 Price
 Promotion
 Distribution
 Whisper is the leading brand of the sanitary
napkins in india.
 This is the major brand in the FEMININE range
of the PGHH Ltd.
 It cover 50% of the total market share.
 The highest growth among all the sanitary
napkins was of Whisper Ultra at 71% and
Stayfree Secure at 25%. Kotex Regular
recorded a 5% growth.
 Whisper pads come in a range of shape and
sizes to meet a girl's needs.
Pr oducts of
 Whisper Maxi Regular (For regular flow)
 Whisper Maxi XL Wings (For heavy and
overnight use)
 Whisper Ultra with Wings (For Regular to heavy
 Whisper Ultra XL Wings (For heavy to extra
heavy flow)
 Whisper Choice (Provides superior staining
protection than ordinary pads at an affordable
Whisp er ULTRA
Feature s:
 Extra length- for extra protection against front
and back leaks.
 Wings for side leakage protection.
 Ultra thin size which ensures comfort.
 400 absorbent funnels: that help pull in the
wetness, even after hours.
 Flow fresh care- that gives you a very fresh and
dry feeling throughout your period
 Dry weave top sheet.
 Stretchable wings
 Easy wrap.
 Quality: It’s special Lock-Away Absorbency
technology has the capacity to absorb
several times their own weight, giving you a
complete dry feeling through out the day.
 The whisper ultra wings has a longer variant
which is the whisper ultra XL wings, Whisper
Ultra XL Wings is the longest sanitary napkin
available in the Indian market, and it is also
used for the heavy flow.
Pa ckagin g:

1. Whisper ultra wings :

 Whisper ultra 8 pads
 Whisper ultra 15 pads
4. Whisper ultra XL wings:
 whisper ultra XL wings 7pads
 whisper ultra XL wings 15 pads.
Pr icing:

 Product price :
 Whisper ultra XL wings 7pads : 65rs
 Whisper ultra wings 8pads: 65rs
Pr icing st rategie s:
 Market penetration: The feminine hygiene
market has low penetration levels. Industry
majors had cut prices in 2001 of whisper ultra
from 80rs to 65rs per pack and volumes picked
up significantly after that. As Indian market is
extremely price-sensitive and the company
has been witnessing immense pressure from
competitively priced products of other players
in both its core businesses .
Co mpetitive p ric ing:
 This means keeping the price of your product in the
price range of your competitors.
 As stayfree is the biggest market competitor to
 Stayfree ultra is priced at 50rs for 8 pads and wishper
ultra 65rs for 8 pads. So whisper has to keep its price
nearby its competitors price range while maintaining
quality and profits.
 Whisper choice(20/26rs) was introduced to serve the
low end customers in comparison of the stayfree
secure 20rs (26rs XL). kotex for 28rs.
Whisper Maxi 10 60
20 120
Whisper Maxi XL 10 60
20 120
Whisper Ultra 8 65
15 125
Whisper Ultra (XL) 7 65
15 125
Whisper Choice 8 22 / 26
Secure 8 20
Secure XL 8 26
Ultra 8 52
Normal 8 28
Pr omotion :

 The company follows various

promotional strategies which are:
 Consumer sales promotion methods.
 Advertising.
 Retailer /wholesaler promotion.
Co nsume r sa le s
• Refunds :Refund is the repayment of total money
paid for purchase, while the rebate represents
repayment of only part of the money paid for the
purchase. Money back offer: After having
launched it new product Whisper Ultra Thin,
confident about the product quality and
confident about offering the promised
product, to increase its trail and usage, had
started the money back offer.
• Contests :
 Contests can draw attention to a brand like
no other sales promotions technique. A
contest has consumers compete for prizes
based on skill or ability.
 Eg: Poem ,one liner, story writing contest by
whisper brand to promote its product.
1. Samples
 Sampling is a sales promotion technique
designed to provide a consumer with an
opportunity to use a brand on a trial basis
with little or no risk.
 Free Sample distribution of whisper samples
in the schools and colleges and education
material like brouchers and pamphlets.
Sa mple p ackaging:
Ad ve rtisi ng
 Broadcasting media: televisions ads.
 Print media: magazines (women’s era),
Brouchers, pamphlets.
 Electronic media : website BEING
 Direct mailers: sending direct mails to the
potential and the existing customers
Pr int ads:
Br ouchers:
Ad ve rtisi ng :
Dir ect mail ers:
Eve nt st age:
Dist rib utio n

 “Marketing channels are sets of

interdependent organizations involved in
the process of making a product or
service available for use or consumption”
Philip Kotler
Distr ib utio n :

 The distribution is of three types which

are being followed :
 Intensive distribution
 Extensive distribution
 Specialty distribution
Ob je ctive s o f
dist rib utio n:
 Minimize total distribution costs for a
given service output.
Determine the target segments and the
best channels for each segment.
Objectives may vary with product
Ba sic Ch annels o f
Dist rib utio n



Retailers Retailers

Consumers and organizational end users

Distr ib utio n c riteria :

 Ordering speed:- it is the time taken

after the manufacturing of product and
the time till it reaches the consumer.
 Delivery flexibility:- how easy to
distribute the product.
 Personal selection and customization:-
which distribution channel to select
Typi cal Distri buti on of
whisp er
Manu fac ture rs (PGHH Ltd .india)

Mar ket ing Agent s

Sta te wis e C& F

Re tailer s/Wh oles aler s/Dis tribu tor s

Chemists shops, stores , retail outlets

Intensive d ist rib ution:
 PGHH Ltd, is following this strategy in india.
 As the company manufactures the FMCG
convenience/ necessity goods.
 As these serve the necessity goods hence
there is lesser/no brand loyalty from the
customers side, so the distribution network of
the company needs to be very strong and
SW OT An alysis-
St rengths
 Leading Market Position

 Diversified and innovative product


 Strong Finances in past years

SW OT analysis-
 Quality control Problem

 Decreased Revenues in their Northeast

Asian Market
SW OT analysis-
Opportu nitie s
 Developing Markets

 Demographic trends across the world

SW OT analysis- Threats

 Competitors

 Rising cost of energy prices

 Economic slowdown in the US and


 New Regulations
T ha nk you