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Fundamental of Social


Umair Saeed Khan

I.D.# 070157- 015
Women in Pakistan
Women in Pakistan

 Introduction
 Problems of women in Pakistan
Violence Against women
Crimes Against Women
Social Behavior
Honor Killing

 Suggestions
 Conclusion

 The status of Women in Pakistan varies

considerably across classes, regions, and the
rural/urban divide due to uneven
socioeconomic development and the impact of
tribal, feudal, and capitalist social formations
on women's lives.
 She does not enjoy equal rights and
opportunities in all walks of life.

 She has been denied the most basic of

rights like education and decisions for her
own marriage.
 They are forced to suffer domestic violence
like beatings, torture, being burned,
disfigured with acid or even murdered by
their own families.
 The sale of women, karo kari incidents,
death by burning, forced marriages and
the curse of a dowry reflect the real state of
affairs in the country.
Violence Against women

 Domestic Violence
 Stove Burning
Crime Against Women

 Acid Attacks
Social Behavior

 Gender Discrimination
 So called marriages to the Holy Quran
 Staring
 Swara (Custom)
 Vani (Custom
 Watta satta
 Qasas
Honor Killing

 Killing in the name of honour

 Honor killings of women seeking
 Fake honor killings

 Legal measures
 Preventive measures
 Protective measures
 Islamic measures
Social and Political Rights
Property Rights
Marriage and the Right to Divorce

 In this universe our first interaction with a

women in the shape of our Mothers, we get
very much care from our Sisters, we get love
that make us proud from our Wives & respect
from our Daughters. In any shape women is
gift of Allah almighty. Then what is the reason
of behind this crucial violence. Nothing, but just
a devil who changes his mask time by time with
different names as Karo Kari, Honor killing &
other many that are already discussed above.

 So this is duty of every individual to give respect

to women, because this is the last advice of Holy
Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is, “Be careful to
your wives and slaves”. In this world they
made our home heaven & here after they will be
reason for us to enter in heaven. May Allah
show us the right path and make soft our hearts
for this artistic piece of nature. (Amin)