Idioms about sadness 1.

cry one's eyes out : If you cry your eyes out, you cry a lot and for a long time. e.g. My son cried his eyes out when he discovered his bike had been stolen. 2. down in the dumps : Someone who is down in the dumps is depressed or feeling gloomy. e.g. Alex has been down in the dumps since he failed his exam. 3. down in the mouth : When someone is down in the mouth, they look unhappy, discouraged or depressed. e.g. You look a bit down in the mouth. What's the matter? 3. face like a wet week-end : If someone has a face like a wet week-end, they look sad and miserable. What's wrong with Pete? He's got a face like a wet week-end! 4. your heart sinks : If your heart sinks, you feel very unhappy and despondent. e.g. My heart sank when I saw the amount of work waiting for me. 5. lump in your throat : If you have a lump in your throat, you have a tight feeling in your throat because of a strong emotion such as sadness or gratitude. e.g. The speech was so touching that I had a lump in my throat. 6. feeling blue or to have the blues : depressed or unhappy. e.g. When I'm feeling blue I listen to some happy music to cheer myself up. 7. reduced to tears : When someone or something reduces you to tears, they make you feel so unhappy that you cry. e.g. My boss reduced me to tears when he shouted at me. 8. downhearted : If you feel downhearted you feel sad or depressed. e.g. Don't be downhearted. You can retake your exams next month.

He was heartbroken when his partner died. heartbroken : If someone is heartbroken they are feeling intense and overwhelming sadness. .9.g. e.

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