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Say “NO!

to liberal gun-grabbers
and stupid gun laws.
If you’re fed up with confusing and oppressive gun laws...
If you’ve had enough of gun-free “victim zones” that make people helpless...
If you’re angry about newspapers printing CCW license holder names...
If you’re sick and tired of anti-gun groups assaulting your 2nd Amendment rights...

Then it’s time for you to stand up and tell Ohio lawmakers how you feel.
And Buckeye Firearms Association will help you do it.

We’re Ohio’s #1 nonpartisan, grassroots political action committee.

We’re dedicated to electing pro-gun candidates and improving gun laws for sport,
hunting, and self-defense. And we’re your “bull horn” in the Ohio legislature.
Support our work, and we’ll make sure you’re heard LOUD AND CLEAR!

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Find out how YOU can help change Ohio gun laws for the better!
Get up-to-the-minute news on elections, legislation, and events!
Access a complete Grassroots Action Guide, and more!

Buckeye Firearms Association
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