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Daniel Day Lewis s

Daniel Day Lewis s

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IN 1976, WHEN HE WAS 19, Daniel Day-Lewis, who is British and was trained in the grand theatri al tradition

o! Sha"es#eare and the lassi s, saw $%a&i Dri'er( and, des#ite the onsidera)le weight and see*ing o)ligation o! his heritage, reali+ed that what he longed to )e was an A*eri an a tor, $It was a real ill-*ination,( Day-Lewis told *e late in A-g-st as he sat at the ro-gh wood dining ta)le o! a d-#le& a#art*ent in downtown .anhattan, where he and his wi!e, /e)e a .iller, and their two )oys stay when in New 0or", $I saw 1%a&i Dri'er2 !i'e or si& ti*es in the !irst wee", and I was astonished )y its sheer 'is eral )ea-ty, I 3-st "e#t going )a " 4 I didn2t "now A*eri a, )-t that was a gli*#se o! what A*eri a *ight )e, and I reali+ed that, ontrary to e&#e tation, I wanted to tell A*eri an stories,( It was raining hard o-tside, and Day-Lewis, who has the loo" o! an elegant 'aga)ond, was wearing lothes see*ingly hosen *any years ago !or their -tility and s-)tle details, His loose deni* 3eans were worn so!t and white )y -se and the on e-'i)rant red #laid o! his shirt had aged into a war* *aroon, Day-Lewis is tall and lean and has tattoos ir ling his lower ar*s and the #er*anently in"ed hand#rints o! his and .iller2s two sons li*)ing -# his )ody to his sho-lders, %here were gold loo#s in ea h earlo)e, and altho-gh he had le!t his st-rdy, )eat--# leather wor" )oots o-tside the !ront door and was #adding aro-nd in his so "s, Day-Lewis still had a "ind-o!-3a-nty #or"#ie hat on his head, %he hat o'ered his long )la " hair and set o!! the onto-rs o! his !a e, whi h is do*inated )y his no)le, )ashed nose,

5illian Edelstein Daniel Day-Lewis in the r-gged solit-de o! L-ggala, Ireland, /elated Daniel Day-Lewis2s All-%i*e %o# Westerns 6No'e*)er 17, 87779

%he :ld Warrior 6No'e*)er 17, 87779

%o# and enter; <ran ois D-ha*el=>ara*o-nt ?antage, A)o'e; .elinda S-e @ordon=>ara*o-nt ?antage Digging Dee#ly In his !orth o*ing !il* $%here Will Be Blood,( Day-Lewis

his de*eanor is o-rtly. Day-Lewis re'eres the greats 4 Brando.lass literary English ho-sehold. %he great tradition o! li)eralis* in England is essentially a s#onge that a)sor)s all #ossi)ility o! hange.were going to ha'e any sel!-estee* as a #er!or*er. He is #arti -larly o*#elled )y the idea o! s#ontaneity. as he ate a hi "en-salad sandwi h. I2* a little )it #er'erse. He disli"es 5ohn Wayne. whi h he dis#arages. $We were all en o-raged to )elie'e that the lassi s o! the theater were the !iery hoo#s thro-gh whi h yo-2d ha'e to #ass i! yo. lea'e alone A*eri an *o'ies. or his -lt-red )a "gro-nd. While he *ay a##ear a )it ro-gh. and that lends Day-Lewis. and they are deter*ined to "ee# yo. lo'es @ary Aoo#er.ent-ry Aali!ornia. trying to )e loose-li*)ed and *ean and ta it-rn. :ne o! the great #ri'ileges o! ha'ing grown -# in a *iddle. the heroi . and whether it2s his e&tre*e good loo"s. glory and oil in t-rn-o!-the. :r si&. $I -sed to go to all-night s reenings o! his *o'ies. England is o)sessed with where yo. I "new that di hoto*y was #ossi)le.an grow -# in two di!!erent worlds. $Where I o*e !ro*.see"s !ort-ne. It ne'er o -rred to *e that that was the ase.in that #la e. A*eri a loo"ed di!!erent to *e. des#ite his areworn lothes. it was a heresy to say yo. )-t there is nothing slo##y or ha#ha+ard a)o-t hi*. He is *ost 'ol-)le and #assionate on the s-)3e t o! !il*.wanted to )e in *o'ies.an o -#y !o-r. the idea o! A*eri a as a #la e o! in!inite #ossi)ilities was de!ined !or *e thro-gh the *o'ies. Day-Lewis has an intense attra tion to the o##osite o! whate'er he a*e )y easily. )-t it 3-st wasn2t !or *e.( Day-Lewis ontin-ed. $. Why #-t a li*it on itD( Sin e 1998. He lo'es e'en )ad *o'ies and li"es to analy+e the wor" o! a tors #ast and #resent. a B-ality o! gra e. I2* glad I did the lassi al wor" that I did. #re!ers the 5i**y Stewart o! Aa#ra2s lassi #i t-res to the Stewart o! Anthony .( He #a-sed.a*e !ro*. )e it in a drawing roo* or in the g-tter.ann2s westerns and is !as inated )y Alint Eastwood.y lo'e !or A*eri an *o'ies was li"e a se ret that I arried aro-nd with *e. I always "new I o-ld straddle di!!erent worlds.( Day-Lewis la-ghed and dran" so*e gra#e!r-it 3-i e. $I2d stagger o-t at C in the *orning. I2d grown -# in two di!!erent worlds and i! yo. 0o. )-t ha'ing gone to s hool in the !ront lines in So-theast London. was that I )e a*e hal!-street--r hin and hal!-good-)oy at ho*e. whi h he o)s -res )eneath the tra##ings o! a )ohe*ian #irate. yo. and I 3-st hate doing the thing that2s the *ost o)'io-s. DeNiro 4 )-t he is intrig-ed )y all "inds o! #er!or*an es.ha'e to #ossess so*ething -tterly to #-sh it away.( Day-Lewis re alled. when he de!tly na'igated two identities as Haw"eye.

eng-l!ing wor" is ti*e. and I as" *ysel! i! I an really ser'e this story as well as it needs to )e ser'ed. %he tale it tells is. Day-Lewis #ortrays a *an who is sear hing !or his !ort-ne in oil in t-rn-o!-the. What !inally ta"es o'er.ent-ry Aali!ornia.y Le!t <oot.ess. %here are shades o! -rrent #oliti s in the !il* 4 the oil and the greed still resonate 4 )-t it is.re*ain -nsettled )y a #ie e o! writing. I! I don2t thin" I an do that. a story a)o-t what is right. a 'iolent "ing o! the ity. in $Last o! the . who is.( whi h o#ens ne&t *onth and was written and dire ted )y >a-l %ho*as Anderson.artin S orsese.EN%S LIEE %HESE that ha'e led 5i* Sheridan.( Day-Lewis has #layed *any A*eri ans.( in 8777.( When S orsese did. $%oo English. and wrong. I ta"e a resol-te ste# )a "ward.white !rontiers*an raised as a Nati'e A*eri an. %hat sort o! detailed. $%here Will Be Blood. When I2* drawn to so*ething. )e!ore they started wor"ing !or the *oney9. . $I was dee#ly -nsettled )y the s ri#t. what too" o'er with this *o'ie.( Day-Lewis s*iled. that is a s-re sign. he needs to !-lly e*)ody a hara ter. $%here Will Be Blood( is a)o-t the l-re o! the West.ons-*ing and ener'ating.. is an ill-sion o! ine'ita)ility. a $Aiti+en Eane(-esB-e hara ter st-dy a)o-t the orr-#ting desire !or #ower and ri hes. o! o-rse. who started o-t as an itinerant #ros#e tor loo"ing !or gold and sil'er and )e a*e the *illionaire who headed the >an A*eri an >etrole-* and %rans#ort Ao*#any. the dire tor o! three !il*s starring Daniel Day-Lewis 4 in l-ding 19G92s $. Whi h #artly e&#lains why Day-Lewis has long ga#s )etween roles and has only *ade !o-r !il*s in the last 17 years. it *eans yo. Instead. I! . no *atter how a##ealing. I! yo. with A*eri a. $I was ho#ing he2d as" *e to do so*ething *ore ro-gh-and-t-*)le.( !or whi h he won the A ade*y Award !or Best A tor 4 to re*ar" that Day-Lewis $hates a ting. with $@angs o! New 0or". in *any ways. In his latest !il*.are not wat hing the story !ro* the o-tsideF yo-2'e already ta"en a ste# toward it. I will de line. the into&i ating sense o! !reedo* and o##ort-nity that an )e !o-nd in new lands and the osts o! h-ge and s-dden s. *ostly.( Day-Lewis e&#lained. the dire tor o! $%a&i Dri'er.( Sheridan says he )elie'es that Day-Lewis o*#letely re3e ts the idea o! $a ting( an e*otion or *o*ent. $I thin".( he wo-ld ha'e t-rned it down.( had not )een the one to a##roa h hi* a)o-t the role o! the 'ag-ely E-ro entri Newland Ar her in $%he Age o! Inno en e. li"e the greats he ad*ires 6Brando and De Niro.ohi ans. Day-Lewis thrilled to the han e to #lay Bill the B-t her. %he hara ter is loosely )ased on Edward Doheny.( Day-Lewis said. Aan this really )e tr-eD Is this ha##ening to *e againD Is there no way to a'oid thisD( I% WAS A:. $<or *e.

So*ehow. B-t that resear h.ost o! the *o'ies that I do are leading *e toward a li!e that is -tterly *ysterio-s to *e.tion. as he !inished his sandwi h. He was !irst attra ted to $. at least initially. the onstr.>art o! Day-Lewis2s hesitation o*es !ro* the "nowledge that his *ethod o! wor"ing de*ands near-total i**ersion in the li!e o! his hara ter. learned to tra " and s"in ani*als and #er!e ted the -se o! a 18-#o-nd !lintlo " g-n.( Day-Lewis said. )y the o#ening s ene o! the s ri#t. Ahristy2s le!t !oot #-ts a re ord on a t-rnta)le. whi h he too" e'erywhere he went.ohi ans. $It2s 3-st that #eo#le ha'e s.( he st-died the histori #eriod !or nearly two years and )e a*e o*!orta)le with the tools o! Aali!ornia oil*en ir a 1977.( As a teenager. there2s a s"i# and the !oot #i "s the needle -# and then #-ts it down again. he wanted to )e o*e a ra!ts*an 4 a *a"er. the Bristol :ld ?i 6$I #i "ed 3-st one )e a-se then it wo-ld )e a sign !ro* the gods i! it was not *eant to )e. $and that intrig-ed *e. Day-Lewis st-died woodwor"ing and. he is -nwilling to e&#ose the *e hani s o! his a ting #ro ess. tr-e to the di'ide in his nat-re. e'en to a Ahrist*as dinner.( he )-ilt a anoe. %hey thin" the hara ter o*es !ro* staying in the wheel hair or )eing lo "ed in the 3ail or whate'er e&tra'agant thing they hoose to !o -s their !antasies on. .h a *is on e#tion a)o-t what it is I do. a *an with ere)ral #alsy who )e a*e a renowned #ainter and writer in Ireland. Des#ite the !a t that he is the *ost eloB-ent o! *en.( Day-Lewis said.( Day-Lewis e&#lained9. <or $%here Will )e Blood. he o**itted hi*sel! !-lly to a ting. <or his !il*s. When he was a e#ted at dra*a s hool.( A!ter wee"s o! #ra ti e and eight wee"s s#ent with ere)ral#alsy #atients. he a##lied !or an a##renti eshi# with a well-"nown a)inet*a"er. D-ring $Last o! the . the wor"sho#. as well as the "it hen ta)le he )-ilt !or $Ballad o! 5a " and /ose( and the hea'y "ni'es he learned to throw !or $@angs o! New 0or"( and the s ent that he tho-ght Newland Ar her wo-ld !a'or in $%he Age o! . i*agining the li!e o! his hara ters o!ten in'ol'es a "ind o! #hysi al in'ention o! their world. it always see*s to ha'e a sel!-!lagellatory as#e t to it. a)le to s#ea" e&te*#oraneo-sly in !lowing #aragra#hs witho-t the -se o! olloB-ialis*s. Be!ore he a##lied to theater s hool. He en3oyed the tools. rather than a designer.( the story o! Ahristy Brown. $I "new it o-ldn2t )e done. o! !-rnit-re.y hie! goal is to !ind a way to *a"e that li!e *eaning!-l to other #eo#le. . $It2s not that I want to #-ll the sh-tters down. Day-Lewis *astered the s ene on the !irst ta"e. )-t Day-Lewis ne'er ga'e -# his interest in the #ro ess o! honing a s"ill. B-t that2s 3-st the s-#er!i ial st-!!.y Le!t <oot.

#.ontgo*ery Ali!t. that he was so arti -late.( is all 3-st a #reli*inary inB-iry into what. as he sat on a low des" hair. so-nding a little *is-nderstood. $He wanted to )e nearer to -s.ay)e it2s a *iddle. had le!t his )ed -#stairs and sle#t there. He #i "ed -# a olander !-ll o! washed herries and headed into a s*all o+y den o!! the large re tang-lar li'ing roo*. $%hat was a gi!t !ro* /e)e a. Strewn on the !loor aro-nd hi* were se'eral *otor y le *aga+ines.Inno en e.2 I ha'e no idea )y what *eans he arri'ed at that )-t.tion.( A )ea-ti!-l )lea hed-wood grand!ather lo " stood against the "it hen wall. are li"e *ood lighting 4 they set the stage !or sed. !inally. Aashel. Day-Lewis )ristled when I *entioned. )-t they do not e&#lain how Day-Lewis *elds with the hara ters he on3-res. he )orrowed a @SH/ 1777 )i"e and rode at 187 *.oto@>. $I did that one. When Day-Lewis s#o"e a)o-t /ossi. whi h is #o#-lar e'erywhere 6altho-gh so*ewhat less so in A*eri a9.( he said. there is always that intangi)le as#e t that goes )eyond the #ra ti al !ra*ewor". I dare say. and a large #ainting o! a 'i'id garden h-ng in the entry to the *aster )edroo*. the legendary ha*#ion ?alentino /ossi.( >art o! what Day-Lewis ad*ires so *. it was in the sa*e ad-latory tones he reser'ed !or De Niro. $%his wor" reB-ires an -n-s-al o*)ination o! B-alities.( Day-Lewis re*ar"ed. $:ne o! the !ew things I did with *y dad was sail a )oat in the ro-nd #ond at Hyde >ar". Brando had that 4 the !reedo* that he had was *ore the instin ti'e !reedo* o! an ani*al at ti*es than a h-*an. $I2* a gro-#ie. e*erges on s reen. Brando and .h o! the theater. )-t I #re!er the a)stra t on e#t o! in oheren e in the !a e o! great . And De NiroI %he world he o!!ered in his #er!or*an es had a #al#a)le h-*anity. howe'er interesting. at so*e #oint.( he said. ad*iringly. %here are so*e #arallels )etween what he does and what those a tors do 4 his wor" reB-ires )oth a great deal o! dis i#line and a wildness o! s#irit.h was #iled with !olded )edding 4 his yo-nger son. %here was a large.( Day-Lewis said. !-lly drawn. or the British gi!t !or lang-age. $/ossi is a geni-s. %he o. $. %his s-**er. %hose details.( Day-Lewis said. %he a#art*ent was s#arsely de orated with o*!orta)le hairs and a well-worn #ale )l-e so!a. he on'in ed hi*sel! that he was that *an too. $I a* *ore greatly *o'ed )y #eo#le who str-ggle to e&#ress the*sel'es. the o*#etiti'e )i"e to-rna*ent. !ro* Los Angeles to Lag-na Se a to heer on his hero. I was -tterly s-re that he was that *an in 1%a&i Dri'er.h. With a ting.( Day-Lewis said.h a)o-t A*eri an *o'ies is their la " o! insisten e on the "ind o! )rilliant dialog-e that hara teri+es *. #er!e tly reali+ed *odel sail)oat #la ed on a low ta)le. He dis#arages the idea o! le'er tal".lass British hang-#. one o! Day-Lewis2s #assions is .

B-t in A*eri a.ated New Englander i! he hose to. whi h stars H-*#hrey Bogart. In E-ro#e. !ollows three A*eri ans as they h-nt !or gold and !ind wealth in . he holds his hands li"e a *an who swings an a&.adre. $It2s a)o-t greed and a*)ition and #aranoia and loo"ing at the worst #arts o! yo-rsel!.( Day-Lewis s*iled. in l-ding $%he %reas-re o! the Sierra . 'ery ast-tely.adre.adre2 on )e!ore I went to )ed at night. o! o-rse. in a )oo"store in London. they $stew in their own 3-i e.( $It2s *y !a'orite *o'ie. Anderson has always see*ed interested in how !ate interse ts with hara ter. that *any o! the #eo#le who are going to 'ote !or hi* wo-ld regard hi* less highly i! he "new how to #-t words together.( the writerdire tor >a-l %ho*as Anderson s-ggested he wat h a n-*)er o! !il*s. He wo-ld no longer )e one o! the*.( a*ong other !il*s.( WHEN DANIEL DA0-LEWIS agreed to star in $%here Will Be Blood.( whi h is a "ind o! e&istential western. to B-ote !ro* the !il*2s dire tor 5ohn H-ston. the tradition is one o! oratory. a *an2s *an is ne'er s#endthri!t with words. B-t any)ody who o*es !ro* an essentially yni al E-ro#ean so iety is going to )e )ewit hed )y the sheer enth-sias* o! the New World. $It was always ass-*ed that the lassi s were a good line o! wor" !or *e )e a-se I had a de ent 'oi e and the right nose. %he writer-dire tor o! $Boogie Nights( and $>-n h Dr-n" Lo'e. And in A*eri a. Loo" at the #resident.!eeling to )ea-ti!-l.( Anderson told *e one a!ternoon in early : to)er. $%his. the *o'ie is *oralisti at heart. is *.( Anderson )egan writing the s ri#t when he a*e a ross the *. $All o! li!e2s B-estions and answers are in 1%he %reas-re o! Sierra . the arti -late -se o! lang-age is o!ten regarded with s-s#i ion.2 I wo-ld #-t 1%he %reas-re o! the Sierra .e&i o. When I was writing 1%here Will Be Blood. Instead.( He ended -# ada#ting only the !irst 1C7 #ages o! $:ilI( whose *ain hara ter was a .2 ( he said. B-sh -nderstands. $I was ho*esi "."ra"ing no'el $:ilI( )y K#ton Sin lair. !-ll senten es that on'ey little e*otion. the hara ter o! the *en is tested )y their s-dden good !ort-ne and. Li"e *any westerns. He o-ld tal" li"e an ed. $and the )oo" had a #ainting o! Aali!ornia on the o'er. %he 19JG !il*. es#e ially in the o#enness o! Aali!ornia.( Day-Lewis #a-sed and ate a !ew herries.h *ore a##ealing in the *o'ies than it is in #oliti s. Es#e ially in the West.( he re alled. 3-st to !all aslee# to it.

He s#ent nearly all that ti*e in Ireland.( Day-Lewis said. I started to get a sense o! the !il*. still *ore were red. always with the idea that ne&t ti*e they2ll throw the di e and the *oney will !all o-t o! the s"y. And they started loo"ing !or oil -sing *any o! the sa*e te hniB-es that they had -sed to loo" !or sil'er. eno-gh #eo#le had a*eras. si!ting thro-gh !ilth to !ind )right.( Day-Lewis was str. $*en wo-ld get the !e'er. %hey all !led West !or a sni!! o! hea# *oney. and they too" a lot o! #i t-res. )-t they still )elie'ed in the #ro*ise o! the West. It was *an at his *ost ani*alisti . %he *-se-*s are largely trailers with a lot o! oil eB-i#*ent lying aro-nd the yard. s#ar"ly things.h o! the year in a ho*e in the o-ntryside o-tside D-)lin. $A!ter a !ew tri#s to Ba"ers!ield. $I read a lot o! orres#onden e dating !ro* that #eriod. Daniel >lain'iew. Initially. :il !ields were an interesting thing to #hotogra#h.( $%here Will )e Blood( #resents a B-intessentially A*eri an story o! *ani!est destiny twinned with the lessons o! a #ara)le.e&i o territory to *a"e their !ort-ne. .( Anderson ontin-ed. %hey wo-ld "ee# digging. the !e'er an gri# an a tor too. It "illed a lot o! *en.( he told *e in his a#art*ent. $I li"e to learn a)o-t things. %hey were )an" ler"s and shi##ing agents and tea hers. $Ba " then.lass li'es with wi'es and hildren were a)andoned to #-rs-e this el-si'e #ossi)ility. as re!le ted in a "ind o! !rontiers*an.( %he *o'ie on entrates on the !inan ial as ent and s#irit-al de line o! a Doheny-li"e !ig-re.o*#osite o! *any *en.y . $Doheny set o-t !ro* the East Aoast at the tail end o! the wild. Ba " in the day. in $%here Will Be Blood.( is in ertain ways a -rdled 'ersion o! the *an #laying hi*. where they ha'e *-se-*s de'oted to the early oil*en.en !ro* all o'er the o-ntry were o*ing o-t to the New . I didn2t "now anything a)o-t *ining at the t-rn o! the ent-ry in A*eri a. $It was 3-st a great ti*e trying to on ei'e o! the i*#ossi)ility o! that thing. a*ong the* Edward Doheny.( In the *o'ie wor" he hooses to a e#t.ed to des#air and #o'erty. $De ent *iddle. And they *ade it -# as they went along. It was di!!i -lt to raise the *oney !or $%here Will Be Blood." )y their +eal. where he and his !a*ily li'e !or *. $. and that resear h *ade it easy to #-t the #ie es o! their ti*es together. it )ro"e others. No one "new how to drill !or oil.( Day-Lewis said.e#ans. wild West.( whi h ga'e DayLewis al*ost two years to #re#are !or the role. they s oo#ed it o-t o! the gro-nd in sa. Day-Lewis is o!ten drawn to the #-sh-#-ll o! a*)itio-s drea*s and their onseB-en es.

)oarding s hool in Eent didn2t e&a tly tea h that.( :! o-rse. Ae il Day-Lewis. He grew -# on Sha"es#eare. :N AN KNKSKALL0 WA/. Whi h is *ore or less what the West has always allowed. $%he ran h. We were drilling !or oil. whi h has an in-ho-se )owling alley and whi h is lo ated in Be'erly Hills9 were within the on!ines o! the 'ast ran h. and as a res-lt. $It 3-st wasn2t the right !it. Day-Lewis hinted.( DayLewis re alled.( He loo"ed al*ost glee!-l. #ros#e tors and their il". the #oet la-reate o! England. %e&. in so*e !-nda*ental way. heading -# a stee# li*) toward a s#ot alled L-ggala.o'ered *o-ntains so-th o! D-)lin.to ha'e the ill-sion o! an ad'ent-re that2s shared to the e& l-sion o! all other things and #eo#le.( When !il*ing started in 5-ne 8776 on a ran h in .( Hal!way thro-gh the 67-day shoot. Ae il.. who #lays >lain'iew2s ne*esis. where the 'iew. Leonardo DiAa#rio. )-t three wee"s o! s enes with Day-Lewis needed to )e reshot. We too" a rossroad alled Sally @a#. wo-ld. $In the )eginning on 1%here Will Be Blood. he is not stee#ed in li hLs a)o-t oil )arons. and that was that.2 ( Day-Lewis re alled. and )right day in Se#te*)er. Day-Lewis arri'ed in the hara ter o! Daniel >lain'iew. Anderson reali+ed that the se ond lead a tor. $It2s always what doesn2t wor" that is *ost -se!-l. $we were str-ggling.ar!a. He )egan 'isiting Ireland with his !ather. *irroring the ontentio-s dyna*i that these *en had in the !il*. Anderson tried to shoot the s ri#t in seB-en e and *ost o! the sets 6with the nota)le e& e#tion o! the real Doheny *ansion. )eat--# B.( Anderson e&#lained di#lo*ati ally. when he was J. Day-Lewis was dri'ing his )la ". this so-nds *ore li"e a Brit than an A*eri an.( Day-Lewis wo-ld stay in hara ter and deli)erately glare at his o-star. was not strong eno-gh. D-ring $@angs o! New 0or". -nde'elo#ed tree. While DiAa#rio withstood the #ress-re 6and Dano thri'ed on it9 there are re#orts that the !irst a tor s-!!ered !ro* inti*idation. Knli"e an A*eri an a tor who *ight ha'e a##roa hed the #ro3e t with )ig ar hety#es in *ind. %here2s a s-)tlety in Day-Lewis2s #er!or*an e in this *o'ie that *ay ste* !ro* his o-tsiderness. .W thro-gh the narrow o-ntry roads in the gorgeo-s. Day-Lewis in'ented the hara ter. not westerns. He was re#la ed )y the 'ersatile yo-ng a tor >a-l Dano. $allowed yo. e&#lain all that he lo'ed a)o-t this o-ntry.

( Day-Lewis ontin-ed. <inally. was the head o! Ealing St-dios. )-t the !il* was ne'er *ade. $<ro* the day we arri'ed here. I "new that I wasn2t #art o! that world. one o! England2s #redo*inant !il* st-dios.=As tho-gh *an"ind2s )eg-n=Again in yo-. Ae il Day-Lewis was a Ao**-nist in his M7s and was lose to W. Ae il Day-Lewis was CM. $*y sense o! Ireland2s i*#ortan e has ne'er di*inished.li"e Daniel.( Day-Lewis said.ated *iddle lass. o -#ied *any worlds.( In #art. was ada#ted !or the *o'ies )y :rson Welles. He learly lo'ed the road and was an e& ellent dri'er.( he re*ar"ed. $We ti*e-worn !ol" renew=:-rsel'es at yo-r en hanted s#ring. He had wor"ed as a translator and had written #-l# no'els -nder an alias. where he was *isera)le. )-t I was intrig-ed )y it. #ants in a !aded *-stard he " and a )elted oli'e green rain 3a "et that was so weather)eaten the thi " otton had so!tened to s-ede.h o! his ti*e there. E'erything here see*ed e&oti to -s. a!ter s#ending *.( whi h -nders ored his an estral ties to the o-ntry. He was wearing a )-rg-ndy ord-roy shirt. When his #arents reali+ed that Daniel was not )eing #ro#erly ed. $I dare say it was still onsidered to )e an a)andon*ent o! England.( Ae il Day-Lewis was also dee#ly drawn to Ireland and wrote $%he Whis#ering /oots and :ther >oe*s. A-den and Ste#hen S#ender. B-t I2'e o**itted so *any heresies that there2s no sense in not *a"ing the !inal gest-re. it reads. $)-t I identi!ied with the wor"ing lasses. was his !ather2s se ond wi!e and an a tress whose !ather. $I a*e !ro* the ed. Day-Lewis2s a ade*i tra'ails introd. H.( At the ti*e o! Daniel2s )irth.ed hi* to a wide range o! British so iety. %hey had a di!!erent way o! o**-ni ating. li"e a good so ialist. %he lads whose !athers wor"ed on the do "s or in shi##ing yards or were sho#"ee#ers. Daniel2s *other. Daniel and his older sister. Ae il. :ne.i hael Bal on. %hose were the #eo#le I loo"ed -# to. >eo#le who delight in on'ersation are o!ten -sing that as a *eans to not say what . he was )orn in Ireland. 5ill Bal on. they enrolled hi* in )oarding s hool. 5-st the so-nd o! the west o! Ireland in a #erson2s 'oi e an a!!e t *e dee#ly.( Day-Lewis said. %a*asin. as he neatly #assed a B-i "ly on o*ing ar. were ta"en to li'e in o-ntry inns along its western oast. and e'ery s-**er. Day-Lewis also o)tained an Irish #ass#ort and now holds d-al iti+enshi#. $A )etrayalI A heresyI It is not e&#e ted that so*eone !ro* *y )a "gro-nd will lea'e England.( a s#y thriller with a #oliti al the*e. $It was glorio-s.( In 199M.=%his is yo-r )irthday and o-r than"sgi'ing. $%he S*iler With the Eni!e. sent Daniel to a #-)li s hool in So-th London rather than a #osh a ade*y. When Daniel was )orn. his !ather anno-n ed his )irth )y #-)lishing a #oe* entitled $%he New)orn. Daniel attended a #rogressi'e s hool alled Bedales. Sir .ated.

"ill it . %here was s. %hat2s the idea yo-2re always sear hing !or.( he said. Day-Lewis #er!or*ed a one-)oy 'ersion o! Harold >inter2s $D-*) Waiter.h *ore a e#ted )y A*eri an a tors.( and he was an e&tra in the !il* $S-nday Bloody S-nday. the sa*e h-r h where I sang in the hoir. and s rat h -# a row o! ars 4 a 5ag.( $I was 3-st a lo al "id.lass writers. yo.( Day-Lewis said with annoyan e. I get #aid !or thisI 0ears later. as he whi++ed #ast a )-sload o! to-rists o-t to see the o-ntryside.de!ine it. I don2t rehearse at all in !il* i! I an hel# it.( he said. $:li'ier was a re*ar"a)le a tor. )-t it )e a*e less and less interesting to #on e aro-nd the #la e. $%he thing that Stanisla's"y lays o-t is how yo.de!ine it. It was o!ten a)o-t the inarti -late.h. At s hool.y Bea-ti!-l La-ndrette. And i! yo. a Bentley 4 #ar"ed in !ront. When I )e a*e interested in theater. %oo *.2 I #lay a hooligan #-n" in that too. $It was li"e ha##ening on -to#ia.h #oetry in that !or *e. E'en now. when I so*eti*es thin" o! doing a #lay. Day-Lewis i**ediately )ristled at )eing )o&ed into the lassi s 6$:ne tea her was always trying to throw a loa" aro-nd *e(9 )-t too" re!-ge in the wor" o! Barrie Eee!e.( DayLewis #a-sed.( Sir La-ren e :li'ier !a*o-sly dis*issed Stanisla's"y2s tea hingsF the te hniB-e was *.( In 197C. Day-Lewis also st-died a !or* o! a ting rooted in the Stanisla's"y Syste*. I said to S hlesinger. who wrote 'i'id dis#at hes !ro* wor"ing. It2s )oth 'ery to.( When he was in his early teens. )-t he was entirely *issing the #oint onsistently.do the thing the !irst ti*e e'ery ti*e 4 1. $:li'ier *ight ha'e )een a *. yo.hing and it *a"es *e a little na-seo-s and la-stro#ho)i . In tal"ing a hara ter thro-gh. He !elt that !il* was an in!erior !or*.is on their *inds.lass li!e. $I got to o*e o-t o! the h-r h. 5ohn S hlesinger.777 ti*es.h tal". I later saw that sa*e thing in De Niro2s early wor" 4 it was the *ost s-)li*e str-ggle o! a *an trying to e&#ress hi*sel!. the wor" I ad*ired was )eing done )y wor"ing. where we were showing 1. at the Edin)-rgh !esti'al. I g-ess I ha'en2t #rogressed *.h )etter a tor on !il* i! he hadn2t had that !li##ant attit-de. $<or a !ew years at s hool I tried to #lay the roles they wanted *e to #lay. I saw the dire tor. $I tho-ght *y heart wo-ld )rea" i! I didn2t get in. as we ontin-ed -# the *o-ntain. he re'ised his #er!or*an e in $%he D-*) Waiter( and a-ditioned !or the Bristol theater s hool. I tho-ght. a %hat her-era #laywright.( he told *e. I thin" o! rehearsal roo*s and #eo#le h-gging and e'eryone tal"ing o'er -#s o! o!!ee )e a-se they are ner'o-s.

And I did the -ns#ea"a)le thing o! !leeing !ro* 1Ha*let.2 ( His 'oi e trailed o!!.dead. to any other. $Nothing I say will )e *ore eloB-ent than this *-si .y Bea-ti!-l La-ndrette( and a s-)seB-ent #art in . tr-ly. %he so-ndtra " was a #er!e t a o*#ani*ent to the endless gray s"y. In 19GC. whi h see*ed to ollide with the )rilliant green o! the trees. I *a"e !il*s in A*eri a. and the ar was !illed with layers o! *andolins and g-itars. 1Se'eral generations o! g-ests in . %he 'iew was *agni!i ent. $Why wo-ld I want to #lay *iddle-aged *iddle. who died o! #an reati an er when Day-Lewis was 1C. )-t it learly was a *o*ent o! de*ar ation. Day-Lewis wanted to tell Irish stories. and $.lass English*enD( Day-Lewis re*ar"ed as we sat in H-nter2s Hotel in a town alled /athnew. a!ter his )rea"thro-gh role as the gay street #-n" in $.( BE<:/E HE BE@AN telling A*eri an stories.y Le!t <oot( was a)o-t to win hi* an :s ar. $She said. %he s*all roo* was o+y. $B-t. He got o-t o! the ar and stood in the wind.h. there2s a B-ality o! wildness that e&ists in Ireland that oin ides with -tter solit-de. $It has the s*ell o! earth.er hant-I'ory2s $A /oo* With A ?iew.( Day-Lewis ordered tea and s ones and re*o'ed his tweed a#. I li'e in Ireland. D-ring the #lay. and I didn2t. A!ter !i'e *in-tes o! *-si and nat-re and in reasingly stee#. to date. #-tting o-t the !la*es. he had a strange sensation that he was tal"ing to his !ather. not England. narrow roads. $It2s easy to lo'e h-*anity when yo-2re this !ar away !ro* it. %he last ti*e he was onstage was d-ring a 19G9 #rod. Day-Lewis had already )eg-n a##earing in !il*s. %his #la e has always ontained the s#ell !or *e.tion o! $Ha*let( at the National %heatre in London.( Day-Lewis #a-sed. he reali+ed his #la e was elsewhere. who threw -# in the !ire#la e. he wal"ed o!! the stage and ne'er ret-rned to that stage or. Day-Lewis neatly #ar"ed the ar near the )ri* o! a li!!. $Eno-gh tal". %hose lose to Day-Lewis warned *e not to )ring -# the $Ha*let( in ident.( Day-Lewis said as we roared *ore B-i "ly -# the *o-ntain.o'ered hairs. $It2s a )og !ire. staring o-t at the o-ntryside.( Day-Lewis said. He slid a AD o! Irish !ol" *-si )y the )and >lan&ty into the so-nd syste*. When he was yo-nger. Knner'ed.( he hal!-3o"ed.( Day-Lewis resisted the idea o! #laying English *en in English *o'ies. and a !ire was )-rning. And now I2* )anished !ro* the theater )e a-se I2'e slagged it o!! so *. the #ro#rietor s olded Daniel and a dr-n" !riend. with hint+.( Day-Lewis e&#lained. $I2'e *anaged to reate a sense o! )anish*ent in so *any di!!erent areas o! *y li!e.

In 19G9 or so.( He has had )l-e #eriods 4 de#ressions and retreats. the writer o! $.ess o! the early *o'ies. So.( he said. $I need to !ind the right "ind o! silen e or light or noise. I thin" I #ro)a)ly !elt I2d *ade a !-nda*ental error in agreeing to do that *o'ie e'en tho-gh it was the #art and the !il* that e'eryone wanted to do.( And that sealed it 4 he too" his areer to Ireland and A*eri a. and he too" to wearing a red ord aro-nd his ne " that had )een )lessed )y the . In England.an dis o'er a)o-t yo-rsel!. D-ring the *a"ing o! $. that is. *ade ordinary. a reason not to do so*ething. *eti -lo-s way that he o-ld wor". I "now it so-nds a little !-ssy and a little ridi -lo-s. B-t I o-ldn2t do this wor" at all -nless I did it in *y own rhyth*. )-ttering a s one. $I was e&tre*ely -nha##y *ost o! the ti*e. sno))ish Ae il ?yse in $A /oo* With A ?iew. And @od hel# -s. a wo*ani+ing A+e h s-rgeon rel. %hey #lant so*e little ele trode in yo-r head at an early stage and yo. #erha#s he !eared he wo-ld )e sB-el hed. old. in itsel!. Be grate!-l.y Bea-ti!-l La-ndrette.thin". $ 1I ho#e yo-2re not going to lower the tone. As a tors. And yo. A!ter the !il*ing o! .2 ( Day-Lewis re alled. Day-Lewis e'ent-ally too" o!! and wandered tho-gh E-ro#e with a s*all water olor "it. in 199C. )e grate!-l.( Day-Lewis !o-nd a slow.y Le!t <oot.2 ( He la-ghed at the *e*ory. Day-Lewis onsidered gi'ing -# a ting.tantly drawn into the o-ntry2s #oliti s.( wo-ld tele#hone ea h other and share dar" #assages !ro* . $I needed 4 and I still need 4 to reate a #arti -lar en'iron*ent. he )egan a ro*an e with the <ren h a tress Isa)elle Ad3ani 6another to#i I was instr. $I was ho#elessly at sea.( in whi h he #layed %o*Ns. It )e a*e a hoi e )etween sto##ing and ta"ing the ti*e I needed.ilton. and they had a son. Day-Lewis and Hani! E-reishi. Whate'er is ne essary 4 and it is always di!!erent.ha'e to o)ser'e it. She was a B-ddhist. we2re all en o-raged to !eel that ea h 3o) is the last 3o).ted not to *ention9.( he told *e. it2s not witho-t a sense o! gratit-de that I wor". e'en a!ter the s. )e grate!-l.( he said as the tea was #la ed on a low )rass ta)le.ilan E-ndera2s no'el $%he Kn)eara)le Lightness o! Being. He intentionally hose to #lay the #riggish. %here is so*ething a)o-t Ireland that reass-res and )olsters his re)ellio-s s#irit. @a)riel.#ro#er attire ha'e )een o*ing here. in order to $-nderstand what it is to )e that *an and there)y a'oid the #ossi)ility o! e'er )e o*ing hi*. )-t !inding yo-r own rhyth* is one o! the *ost i*#ortant things yo.( A!ter the *o'ie was o*#leted.

$It s ared the li!e o-t o! *e. who was i*#risoned !or an a t o! terroris* he ne'er o**itted.( he said. /onan 6who is 99 draws )ea-ti!-lly and has a de'astating right ross #-n hF Aashel 6who is C9 has a #otent i*aginationF they )oth lo'ed %e&as. )-t there2s an aw!-l lot o! #eri#heral st-!! that I !ind it hard to )e s-rro-nded )y. <or $%he Bo&er.ohi ans2 see*ed i*#ossi)le.iller and the )irth o! their hildren.y Bea-ti!-l La-ndrette( when he was in his 87s9. >osters !or $Last o! the . the dire tor o! $. Day-Lewis was also )eing #a "aged and sold )y a *a3or Hollywood st-dio.( <or $In the Na*e o! the <ather.y Le!t <oot. He !o-nd ertain #arallels )etween )o&ing and a ting.( He e'ent-ally *ade two *ore Irish !il*s with 5i* Sheridan. Day-Lewis was o!!ered $Last o! the . $ 1Last o! the . and will always )e. !or an interrogation s ene.( the story o! @erry Aonlon. )e a-se i! I didn2t lo'e the s#ort. It reB-ires resilien e and heart and sel!-)elie! e'en a!ter it2s )een "no "ed o-t o! yo-.y Le!t <oot.ohi ans.( he learned to )o& to #lay the *ain hara ter.Dalai La*a.( <or the !irst ti*e.ohi ans( sho-ted. And that2s )e!ore #eo#le start gi'ing yo. It2s a ertain "ind o! a test. $I wanted to see i! I lo'ed the s#ort.( whi h reB-ired hi* to ill-strate the history o! a o-ntry he "new al*ost nothing a)o-t. di!!i -lt !or *e. and Day-Lewis did not s#ea" to *e a)o-t hi*. and ea h #er!e ted their !ather2s a ent in $%here Will )e Blood. What he "new o! A*eri a a*e largely !ro* the *o'ies. And it2s hard. Day-Lewis wo-ld a ti'ely try to re*o'e hi*sel! !ro* what was !a*iliar.( DayLewis said. $At its )est.( Be!ore his *arriage to .( Day-Lewis said tightly. another Irish*an a-ght -# in the %ro-)les in Bel!ast. B-t the relationshi# with Ad3ani was t-*-lt-o-sF @a)riel li'es with his *other. I wo-ldn2t want to tell the story. I li"e things to )e . o! trying to a hie'e so*ething that was -tterly o-t o! rea h. Day-Lewis had )arely 'isited A*eri a 6the !irst ti*e was on a day tri# to Seattle !or $. $%hat was.( with a lose--# o! Day-Lewis2s !a e. ta"ing a )ite o! s one. Day-Lewis s#ent ti*e in #risons and. went three days witho-t slee#. With the role o! Ahristy Brown in $.( Day-Lewis told *e. $>laying the #art o! Ahristy Brown le!t *e with a sense o! setting *ysel! on a o-rse. $%he wor" itsel! is ne'er anything )-t #-re #leas-re. going where'er his wor" or hara ter too" hi*.( he !o-nd a "ind o! re!-ge. $I learned how to so-nd#roo! *ysel!. )o&ing is 'ery #-re. He is learly de'oted to his two yo-ng sons with .iller.a dig. the training alone will "ill yo-.( In 1991. $the !irst A*eri an hero. and he had ne'er st-died the o-ntry in any detail. He re#eatedly *ar'eled at their a)ilities.

to do so*ething. He is a *ighty *an.( He #a-sed.artin S orsese when the dire tor was #lanning to dire t $S hindler2s List. I2* not s-re I an do this again. as he #o-red a -# o! tea !or *e. Arth-r .tion and design o! the shoes9. I re*e*)er that )e!ore I was going to start .( Day-Lewis said now. Day-Lewis see*ed in no h-rry to go )a " to wor". $B-t then the #ro3e t went to S#iel)erg.iller attended a s reening o! a do -*entary a)o-t a Laotian who i**igrated to the Knited States a!ter the Ao**-nist ta"eo'er o! his o-ntry in the 277s. $I was in dread when I "new . $Be!ore I start a !il*. When I *et .iller. . Day-Lewis *et .iller2s !irst !il*. <or !i'e years.( Day-Lewis said. Altho-gh she had wor"ed as an a tress. )-t )e a-se o! . . he e'en )rie!ly a##renti ed as a o))ler in Italy 6at the . I a e#ted the role in 1%he Age o! Inno en e. Day-Lewis see*ed #arti -larly *o'ed )y the losses the *an and his !a*ily end-red.9 At the end o! the !il*.want to do it. $I was not thin"ing a)o-t going )a " to wor". ha'e. A!ter the )irth o! their hildren.artin. who was the ine*atogra#her on .ha'e is on entrated and an )e !leeting. )e a-se the energy yo.iller ran her hand thro-gh his hair. in *any ways. as well as "indness. $%he Ballad o! 5a " and /ose. She and Day-Lewis.iller. .( the story o! a tro-)led yo-ng girl.iller has a B-iet.( was one o! the dire tors. there were those he yearned to wor" with. 6Ellen E-ras.( And yet.( he ontin-ed. Day-Lewis and . Al*ost instin ti'ely. had 3-st written and dire ted her !irst !eat-re !il*. It was a gest-re o! o*radeshi#.i)le. and when he as"s yo. Day-Lewis has )een "nown to s#end an ho-r st-dying the onstr. I ha'e ne'er had a #ositi'e rea tion to all the st-!! that s-##osedly #ro*otes the !il*. )oth hildren o! renowned writers.( $I tho-ght that wo-ld )e so*ething 'ery interesting to do.artin at the Be'erly Wilshire Hotel. $Angela.( whi h was )ased on the #lay written )y her !ather. intense only-girl-a*ongthe-g-ys B-ality.iller a!ter he o*#leted the !il* 'ersion o! $%he Ar. he #-rs-ed 'ario-s interests. I was str-ggling to es a#e !ro* English drawing roo*s. %he tho-ght o! it will *a"e *e hesitate to do any !il*s at all. I wanted to #i " hi* -# and -ddle hi*. %he great *a hinery o! !il* an wor" against that.swi!t. $there is always a #eriod where I thin". %hey also share a !as ination with !il* 6they wrote a o*edy together9. /e ently.anolo Blahni" store in New 0or".artin was loo"ing !or *e. who is tall with dar" hair and )right )l-e eyes.2 ( In 1996. yo. he *et /e)e a . And that2s how it wor"s. a shared #ast. I was in dread o! the thing that I2d )een *ost ho#ing !or.

Day-Lewis has only in!reB-ently #layed *en o! the #resent day. and e'en i! it2s -n o*!orta)le.( >a-l %ho*as Anderson told *e. d-ring the wee". $I was.1%here Will Be Blood. $%here2s a terri)le sadness. $Daniel lo'es a ting so *.h that it an ta"e years )e!ore yo. $%his was a *an whose so-l was torn. as always.wishes to lea'e that hara ter )ehind. wary o! ta"ing on the role.iller and their hildren. he agreed. the )elie! #ersists that Day-Lewis is indi!!erent or not o*#letely o**itted to re*aining an a tor. In so*e ways. Day-Lewis li'ed a#art !ro* . 0o-r *ind. When . %he sense o! )erea'e*ent is s. B-t e'en then. yo-r s#irit are not in any way #re#ared to a e#t that this e&#erien e is o*ing to an end.( )-t he t-rned it down.2 I wanted to hange #la es with that *an.h o! yo-r ti*e to -nleashing. she as"ed hi* to star in $%he Ballad o! 5a " and /ose. So*ething a)o-t #laying a dying *an who has a nearly in est-o-s relationshi# with his 16-year-old da-ghter 6and the !a t that his wi!e was the dire tor9 engaged hi*.( he told *e. yo-r )ody.2 I wondered why I had said yes.!eel #ro!o-nd e*#tiness. Be!ore he *et . Day-Lewis has a 'ery di!!i -lt ti*e disengaging !ro* a #art. $%he last day o! shooting is s-rreal. $%he Ballad o! 5a " and /ose( was another !il* a)o-t the attra tion o! the West. no #art o! yo.iller.( We !inished o-r tea and headed o-t into the large garden o-tside the hotel. I2* not s-re I an do this again. $%hat is an a*a+ing *is on e#tion. I did not say yes right away. While *a"ing the !il* on >rin e Edward Island.h that it )e o*es a B-est !or #er!e tion. I 3-st an2t -nderstand how anyone o-ld do it any other way.( Day-Lewis re alled.( Sin e he o!ten a)sents hi*sel! !ro* the *o'ies !or years. in an -n ons io-s way. yo. >eo#le don2t "now how Daniel an do this 3o) the way that he does it. and on e yo-2'e ado#ted that "ind o! internal on!li t. and *y !eeling is. $%he West has always )een . it2s di!!i -lt to B-iet. 5a " Sla'in. In the *onths that !ollow the !inish o! a !il*.( Strangely.artin told *e a)o-t Bill the B-t her in 1@angs o! New 0or". 0o-2'e de'oted so *. in a little h-t on the )ea h. Day-Lewis2s hara ter. I "e#t thin"ing. In 877J. is a S ots*an who le!t his o-ntry in the 267s to !orge a new identity in the #ossi)ly -to#ian wilds o! A*eri a.( Be a-se o! his o**it*ent to a hara ter.an #-t it to rest. li"e *any o! Day-Lewis2s !il*s. so*e sort o! s#irit-al t-r*oil.

*. $Li!e o*es !irst. It2s to do with at hing the s-n )e!ore it sli#s )ehind the hori+on. DayLewis s*iled enig*ati ally. I !irst try to see in li!e. and the day was dar"ening.( Lynn Hirs h)erg is editor at large !or the *aga+ine.the e#i enter o! #ossi)ility. It was C #.( he said !inally. $:ne o! the ways we !orge against *ortality is to head west.. .( I as"ed hi* i! he loo"ed !or that B-ality in the hara ters he #lays. $What I see in the hara ters. Her last arti le was a)o-t the stylist /a hel Ooe.( He gest-red toward the s"y. $We all "ee# *o'ing toward the s-n.( Day-Lewis said as he strolled thro-gh the garden #ointing o-t its 'irt-es. wishing to get the last ray o! ho#e )e!ore it sets.

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