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UPH – Dr. Jose G.

Tamayo Medical University

Sto. Niño, Biñan, Laguna

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General Psychology (College) – Life-span Human Development

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Specific Objective Subject Matter Methodology Strategies Agreement

At the end of the Topic: Human A. Daily Routine A. Assignment:
learning period: Development - Attendance
The students - Decorum 1. What is sensory motor
should be able to: A. Periods of life stage?
span B. Motivation (Basically on actual perception
1. Identify the development of senses and external or
periods of life B. Theories of C. Lesson physical factors)
span human proper 2. What is Infancy?
development development (From birth to eighteen to
2. Explain the C. Importance twenty-four months or two
different of human years. Often referred to as
theories of development baby-hood)
human D. Cognitive 3. What is early childhood?
development development (Presents the time from the
3. Enumerate the theory end of infancy to about 5 or 6
importance of years)
development B. Evaluation
4. Identify the 1-5 Enumerate the theories of
different stages human development.
of cognitive 1. Oral stage
development 2. Anal stage
theory 3. Phallic stage
4. Latency stage
5. Genital stage