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Meet Jen y

Co llege Stu den t
Loves to
Hang out with college friends

…she knows what her

friends are doing 24/ 7
wherever they are.
col lege
She is struggling
with college
Ass ignmen ts
and Ho mew ork
Time for
su bm issi on of
assi gn ments i s
run ning out and
her teachers are
unable to help
@ hom e
She is too stres sed with the
Hom ework, Assignmen ts a nd
Co llege Stu dies
Is there someone who
can help me with my
curriculum and help
me get better grades
on my assignments?

she is too worried and doesn’t really

under sta nd what to do.
…she uses Google to filter the Internet for the information she
needs and comes across
Expert tutors at
HwA provide Online
tutoring services
at the most
affordable price for
all the subjects

Subjects covered include

Maths, Management,
Science, English,
Engineering, etc….

She conta cts Hw A for help

HWA provides seamless online tuitions in sessions of 30 minutes,
60 minutes or 120 minutes covering a variety of subjects
During her Online tutoring session, the
expert tutor interact with Jeny to solve the
problems at hand using state-of-the-art
whiteboard, presentations, documents
and chat.

With HwA, Jeny gets all her curriculum

doubts cleared and is ready to face the
@ col lege
She is more Confiden t, has more time
to hang out with Friends and Gra duat es
with flying colours……
…she refers HelpWi thAss ig
to all her friends in college……
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