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Printetti Drifry Healthy Fryer Manual

Printetti Drifry Healthy Fryer Manual

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Printetti Drifry Healthy Fryer Manua
Printetti Drifry Healthy Fryer Manua

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Published by: ganguly147147 on Jan 07, 2014
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User Manual
Model No.: 41712
DriFry Healthy Fryer
Ù»²»®¿´ ײº±®³¿¬·±² ¿²¼ Í¿º»¬§ ײ-¬®«½¬·±²-
Please keep this instruction manual in a safe place, along with the
purchase receipt and carton for future reference. The safety
precautions enclosed herein reduce the risk of fire, electric shock
and injury when correctly adhered to.
1. Read all instructions before using the DriFry.
2. Do not use the DriFry other than for its intended purpose.
3. Before turning on, ensure the electrical voltage and frequency of
the circuit match those indicated on the appliance.
4. To protect against the risk of electric shock, do not immerse the
appliance, cord set or plug in water or any other liquid.
5. Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow to
cool before putting on or taking off parts.
6. Always check the power cord for damage before plugging the
appliance into the mains socket. Do not use the appliance if the
power cord or insulation is damaged. lf the power cord is
damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
7. The use of accessory attachments not recommended or sold by
the appliance manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock or
8. The DriFry is not intended to be operated by means of an
external timer, or any type of separate remote control system.
9. This appliance is for Household use only, do not use outdoors.
10. Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter, or touch hot
11. Do not place on or near hot surfaces (such as a gas or electric
burner, or in a heated ovenj.
12. Never move the DriFry while it is in use, or contains hot oil or
other hot liquid. Always ensure the appliance is switched off
and cooled down before moving.
13. Always unplug the DriFry when not in use. Ensure it is turned
off before unplugging the appliance. The power plug must be
removed from socket before cleaning, servicing, maintenance
or moving the appliance.
14. Do not touch hot surfaces, use handles or knobs only. Ensure
the appliance has completely cooled down before removing
any parts after use.
15. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
childrenj with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities
or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance
by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be
supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
16. Do not use an extension cord unless completely necessary with
this appliance. lf an extension cord is used, please ensure that
it has a rating equal or exceeding the rating of this appliance.
17. Do not leave DriFry unattended when it is switched on.
18. Please note that the heater and fan will automatically stop when
the lid is opened during cooking, and will only restart once lid is
ﮬ- Ô·-¬
ﮬ- Ü»-½®·°¬·±²
1. Lid Handle
2. Lid
3. Heating Element
4. Hinge
5. lnterlayer
6. Rotating Ring
7. Lid Open Button
8. Time Setting Key
9. Digital Timer
10. ON/OFF Switch
11. Bottom
12. Body
13. Mixing Arm
14. Pot
15. Detachable Pot Handle
16. Grill Rack
Lid Handle
Heating Element
Rotating Ring
Lid Open Button
Time Setting Key
Digital Timer
ON/OFF Switch
Mixing Arm
Detachable Pot
Grill Rack
Before using your DriFry, please ensure you read all safety and
operating instructions thoroughly, and follow the following steps
prior to using.
‹ Remove all packaging materials and literature from inside
gift box.
Uncoil the cord and straighten it to remove any kinks.
with a damp cloth, do not immerse it in water or other
liquids, then dry thoroughly.
‹ Prior to first use, wash the pot in warm soapy water, then
leave soaking for 30 minutes. Then rinse and dry the pot
then rinse and dry thoroughly.
‹ Attach the mixing arm detachable handle to the mixing arm.
‹ Select a flat, stable, dry surface to operate the DriFry.
NOTE: The DriFry may emit a slight burning smell when it is being
used for the first time. Do not be alarmed, this is normal.
Ù»¬¬·²¹ ͬ¿®¬»¼
1. Press the lid open button, the lid should open automatically.
2. Place the mixing arm on to the track inside the DriFry, and place the pot on to the rotating ring,
then fit the mixing arm into the pot.
3. Mix food with one spoon of oil evenly in a separate container and pour into the pot.
4. Close the lid.
Ü®·Ú®§ ײ-¬®«½¬·±²-
5. Plug the DriFry into the power outlet, the digital timer will illuminate blue and display •00Ž.
6. Press the time setting key to set the desired time (please refer to the cooking and baking guide
at the back of this manual for approximate cooking timesj, then press the ON/OFF switch to
start. The digital timer will illuminate orange, (halogen heating element will also turn onj and
start to count down automatically. lf there is a need to pause the cooking before the timer
has elapsed, press the ON/OFF button to stop, and then ON/OFF again to resume (please
note lid must be closed to restartj.
7. Once cooking time has elapsed, there will be a beeping sound, and the digital timer will
once again illuminate blue.
8. Press the lid open button to open the lid and take the mixing arm out of the pot. To do so, ensure
that the mixing arm handle is attached to the end of the mixing arm by pushing it firmly into the
slot provided. Never take the mixing arm out without attaching the handle, as it will be very hot.
9. Next, position the open mouth of the detachable pot handle over the edge of the pot. Press the
lever found on top of the pot handle to the forward position. The clamp at the end of the handle
will then close and it will now be attached to the pot. The lever will then return to its original
position and the pot can be lifted out of the DriFry. To release the pot handle, simply press the
round button found on top.
10. This appliance can also bake food by use of the grilling rack that has been provided. To bake
food under 20mm thick, please use the side of the grilling rack with the highest height to ensure
that the food is further away from the bottom of the pot. For food that is thicker than 20mm,
please turn the rack over and use the lower height.
Ú±±¼ É»·¹¸¬ ø¹÷ Ñ·´ ø-°±±²÷ Ì·³» ø³·²«¬»÷
Æ«½½¸·²· ëðð îíóîè
Í©»»¬ л°°»®- ìðð ïèóîë
Ó«-¸®±±³- ìðð ï ïîóïë
Ѳ·±²- ìëð ï ïîóïë
Ѭ¸»® Ê»¹»¬¿¾´»-
îñí ½«° ½±´¼ ©¿¬»®
õ ï ¬¿¾´»-°±±² ±º ±·´
îñí ½«° ½±´¼ ©¿¬»®
õ ï ¬¿¾´»-°±±² ±º ±·´
Ú±±¼ É»·¹¸¬ ø¹÷ Ñ·´ ø-°±±²÷ Ì·³» ø³·²«¬»÷
Ú®»²½¸ Ú®·»- ëðð ï îëóíð
б¬¿¬±- øÚ®»-¸÷ ìëð ï íëóìð
Ú®±¦»² Ú®»²½¸ Ú®·»- ìðð ï îìóíð
Ü·½»¼ б¬¿¬±»- éëð ï íðóìð
ݱ±µ·²¹ Ù«·¼»æ
The cooking time given in the charts below, are only a guide and
should be adjusted according to the quantity.
ݱ±µ·²¹ ¿²¼ Þ¿µ·²¹ Ù«·¼»
Please see below instructions which will assist you in making tasty,
crispy meals in your Prinetti DriFry.
Ú±±¼ É»·¹¸¬ ø¹÷ Ñ·´ ø-°±±²÷ Ì·³» ø³·²«¬»÷
Þ®»¿¼»¼ Ю¿©²- ïì ø°½-÷ ©·¬¸±«¬ îëóíð
Ì·´¿°·¿ íëð ï ïèóîî
Ö«³¾± Õ·²¹ Ю¿©²- íðð ©·¬¸±«¬ ïîóïë
ͳ¿´´ Ú®»-¸ Ю¿©²- íëð ©·¬¸±«¬ èóïî
Ú±±¼ É»·¹¸¬ ø¹÷ Ñ·´ ø-°±±²÷ Ì·³» ø³·²«¬»÷
©·¬¸±«¬ îðóîë
б®µ ݸ±°- ©·¬¸±«¬ ïêóîë
Þ»»º øÚ®»-¸÷ ìðð ï èóïî
Ѳ·±²- ìëð ï ïîóïë
ݸ·´´· ݱ² Ý¿®²» íëð ï ïëóîë
Í¿«-¿¹»- íðð ï èóïî
ݸ·½µ»² Ô»¹- éðð ©·¬¸±«¬ îèóíë
Ô¿³¾ ݸ±°- ©·¬¸±«¬ îðóîë
ݸ·½µ»² Þ®»¿-¬- íëð ï èóïë
б®µ Ú·´´»¬ ø̸·²÷ îëð ï èóïî
Ó»¿¬ б«´¬®§
ݸ·½µ»² Ò«¹¹»¬-
î ¬± í °·»½»-
ï ·²½¸ ¬¸·½µ
Ú±±¼ É»·¹¸¬ ø¹÷ Ñ·´ Ì·³» ﮬ-
ïð ³·²«¬»-
º±® »¿½¸ -·¼»
ë ³·²«¬»-
º±® ¾±¬¸ -·¼»-
íðóíë ³·²«¬»-
·² ±²» -·¼»
ïð ³·²«¬»-
º±® ¾±¬¸ -·¼»-
ïëóîð ³·²«¬»-
·² ±²» -·¼»
è ³·²«¬»-
º±® ¾±¬¸ -·¼»-
ݸ·½µ»² Ô»¹-
б®µ ݸ±°
̸·½µ²»--æ îð³³
̸·½µ²»--æ îð³³
Þ¿µ·²¹ Ù«·¼»æ
The baking time given in this chart is only a guide and should be
adjusted according to the quantity.
Ѭ¸»® Ë-»º«´ ײº±®³¿¬·±²æ
When adding herbs, garlic and other spices, please mix them with a bit of oil
before adding them to the DriFry.
the rotating arm if they are not sliced thin enough.
stir the pot once or twice during cooking. This will ensure that the food does
not dry out.
from the pan before seasoning to taste.
appliance. lt must primarily be used for frying and baking food only.
ltem # A14K0055

Distributed By:
Atico Australia PTY, Ltd.
Unit 1 No 4 Jabez St.
Marrickville, NSW 2204
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded
under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a
replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation
for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are
also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the
goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not
amount to a major failure.
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DriFry Healthy Fryer
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