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Saint Clare of Assisi

The Writings of Saint Francis to Saint Clare


The Form of Life given to Saint Clare


Because you have by divine inspiration made yourselves daughters and handmaids of the Most High and Highest King the Heavenly Father and have espoused yourselves to the Holy Spirit by choosing to live according to the perfection of the Holy !ospel" # $ant and promise that # and my Friars $ill al$ays e%ercise a diligent care and special solicitude concerning yourselves &ust as for them'



St. Francis' Last Will written for St Clare

# Friar Francis the tiny one (parvulus) $ant to follo$ the life and poverty of *ur Most High +ord ,esus Christ and of His Most Holy Mother and to persevere in this even to the end- and # beg you my ladies and # give you counsel that you live in this most holy life and poverty al$ays' And guard yourselves very much lest by the doctrine or counsel of anyone you retreat from this in any manner forever'




Audite Poverelle The song Saint Francis $rote for The Clares
In 1225, St Francis' death was approaching. He was living in a wattle hut in the precincts of the Friary by San a!iano's. It is while he was there he wrote this song for St "lare and her sisters.


+isten little poor ones $hom the +ord has called $ho have come together from all parts of the $orld.

May the truth unite you so that $hen you die on complete obedience your trust may rely' +oo4 not to the outside for the life you livebetter far the bounty that the spirit $ill give'


#n great love # beg you- use !od5s gifts $ith grace and that those $ho suffer ills may bear them in peace'

6ou $ill sell your burdens at a higher price and as 7ueens in heaven you $ill $ear cro$ns of life'