Mark Tebboth


Not 4 Experts seminars



December: Christmas holiday
Wednesday 29th
January 2014

Dan Calverly (MANCHESTER)

Automobility and climate change. Please
note this talk postponed until later in
the year

Wednesday 26th
February 2014

Nem Vaughan (UEA)


Wednesday 26th
March 2014

Conor Walsh (MANCHESTER)

Life-cycle assessment and technoeconomic analysis research
methodologies in the context of bioenergy

Wednesday 30th
April 2014

Doug Crawford-Brown

Economics, governance and finance of
catchment-scale adaptation projects

Wednesday 28th
May 2014

Charlie Wilson and Rachel
Warren (UEA)

Integrated assessment

Wednesday 25th
June 2014

Andy Jordan (UEA)

EU climate change policy

Wednesday 30th
July 2014

Mark Tebboth (UEA)

Environmental migration

August: Summer holiday
Wednesday 24th
September 2014

Adam Corner (CARDIFF)

Communicating climate change

Wednesday 22th
October 2014

Sally Brown and Ivan Haigh

Causes of sea level rise and its impacts


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