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Abstract: The purpose of this study is to identify human resource management best practice with regard to work/life balance

policies and practices in India and its relevance/importance to a HR Manager. Worklife balance is a modern concept which is still evolving. It deals with prioritizing between "work" on the one hand and "life" on the other which are two inseparable entities of a human life. I have mentioned that it is still evolving because this balance tips the scale based on the emerging technological advances, as I believe that much advanced the technology its much easier to balance work and life. In organizations and in the home, the challenge of work/life balance is rising to the top of many employers and employees consciousness. In todays fast-paced society, human resource professionals seek options to positively impact the bottom line of their companies, improve employee morale, retain employees with valuable company knowledge, and keep pace with workplace trends. This article provides with the historical perspective, present day scenario and the future of the work-life balance and possible solutions for organizations and employees alike. Also this study offers the perspective that HR Managers can assist their organization to capitalize on these factors by using work/life initiatives to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Key Words: Human resources, Work-life balance, Organization