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Calibration Blocks/Standard Test Blocks/ UT Blocks

Order Code Shape (Not to Scale) Type Description Standard Material Size /Application Made To I.I.W Calibration Standard. Calibration of Shear and B.S. 2704 compression wave DIN 54120 probes. Checking IIW Steel beam angle, emergent (International 25x100x300mm point and resolution. Institute of Calibration of time Welding) base and gain settings. Generally as V1. Thicker block Steel BS 2704 minimises side wall 50x100x300mm echoes. Small calibration BS 2704 block for site checking IOW of shear wave probes, Steel (Institute of 12.5x43x75mm time base and gain. Welding) 1.5mm or 5mm diameter hole target Generally as V2. Thicker block eliminates side wall Steel BS 2704 echoes. 1.5mm or 20x43x75mm 5mm diameter hole target. Beam Calibration Block. Beam profile and resolution checks for shear wave probes. Steel BS 2704 Sensitivity checks for 50x75x305mm shear and compression probes. 9 off 1.5mm holes. Evaluating dominant frequency, pulse, length, dead zone and resolving power for Steel BS 2704 shear and 25x50x150mm compression probes as BS4331 part 3, 1974. Checking shear wave probe resolution as Steel BS 2704 BS4331 part 3, 1974. 74mm radius Steps of 2, 3, 4 and 75mm thick 5mm.


A2 (BS)


A2 (BS)

V2 (Specify hole diameter)

A4 (BS)

V2/20 (Specify hole diameter)

A4 (BS)


A5 (BS)


A6 (BS)


A7 (BS)

Quadrant Tolerance of 0. 6. 1.5mm holes Determination of signal curve and beam characteristics of single crystal probes (longer range).040mm Steel inserts Plastic body 10x20x140mm Tolerance of +0.D. 8 and 10mm. 8 steps from 1mm to 8mm.000mm-0. Tolerance of +0. Determination of signal curve and beam characteristics of single crystal probes (longer range).2.6mm diameter hole. 3 off 1. Checking twin crystal probes for sensitivity. 8 steps from 1mm to 8mm.6mm diameter hole.004 inch Steel 20x25x165mm Steel 20x25x165mm ESI 98-7 Steel 50x75x305mm ESI 98-7 Steel 50x75x305mm ESI 98-2 Steel 50x75x305mm 50 RAD ESI Checking pulse shape ESI 98-2 and Steel of shear wave probes. As TBR 2 125(3) supplied with 5 off 1.5mm holes. 4. Metric Universal Block for general purpose checking as V1 block. 5 steps .LSW SPECIAL LSW/M SPECIAL CSW SPECIAL MU SPECIAL TBR 2 125 (3) TBR 2 125 (5) SPECIAL SPECIAL A5 Blank Type B ESI A5 Blank Type C ESI ESI-BCB N-A5 ESI Ladder step wedge for timebase calibration with thickness measuring compression probes.1mm Steel 20x50x150mm Tolerance of 0. Curved Step wedge for timebase calibration of thickness measuring probes.040mm Steel 100mm long x 30mm I.000mm-0.000mm-0. Radiused test block for calibration of boiler probes. Generally as LSW with 15mm diameter steel inserts mounted in plastic. 1. ESI 98-8 50x75x150mm .040mm Steel 8x15x120mm Tolerance of +0.5mm diameter holes to A5 block. Contains four additional 1.004 inch Tolerance of 0.

0004 inch on product thickness   . ASME Article Size dependent Sizes and locations of on weld 5 Fig T-546.ASME (Specify Thickness) ASME/M (Specify Thickness) ASME Setting sensitivity Steel levels for weld testing. Flaws typically 1. 40%.1mm on weld thickness SPECIAL Metric equivalent of (ASME) ASME block. Steel Tolerance of Size dependent 0. Setting DAC characteristics for shear wave and compression wave SPECIAL probes.1 flaws are dependent thickness on weld thickness. 60% and 80% of thickness.5mm diameter holes at 20%. DAC (Specify Thickness) Steel Tolerance of Size dependent 0.

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