Getting to Know Ninjutsu Ninjutsu or Ninpo is a kind of Japanese martial strategy, art and the tactics used in guerrilla

and unconventional warfare. Espionage was also a part of Ninjutsu. The shinobi used Ninjutsu as part of their duties. Outside Japan the shinobi was popularly known as the ninja. number of Ninjutsu or Ninpo styles are to be found today, the proponent of each style claiming to be the e!clusive legitimate heir of the martial art. Schools of Ninjutsu/Ninpo One of the very first schools to be set up to teach Ninjutsu"Ninpo among others was the #ujinkan organi$ation in %&'(. )t was started by *asaaki +atsumi, a martial arts e!pert. The others include Jinenkan, which is the art form that is propagated by ,umio *anaka, who was one of +atsumi-s original students and was given dan in #ujinkan. The other two famous schools include /enbukan, as taught by 0hoto Tanemura, also a pupil of +atsumi, and #ujinkan #rian 1ojo. The latter was founded by #rian *c2arthy who trained in the #ujinkan. There are many organi$ations and schools including 3uest 2enters started by 0tephen 4 +ayes, also +atsumi-s pupil and 1u! 5yu Ninjutsu. Eighteen Skills of Ninjutsu ll Ninjitsu styles re6uire their members to master eighteen skills. They are7 %. 8. 9. :. ;. <. '. (. &. %.. %%. %8. %9. %:. %;. %<. %'. %(. 0eishinteki kyoyo or spiritual refinement 4enjutsu or sword techni6ues 0ojutsu or spear techni6ues 4usarigamajutsu or kusarigama techni6ues 4ayakujutsu or pyrotechnics 0hinobi=iri or stealth and entering methods 0ui=ren or water training 2hoho or espionage Tenmon or meteorology Taijutsu or unarmed combat #ojutsu or stick and staff techni6ues Naginatajutsu or naginata techni6ues 0hurikenjutsu or throwing weapons techni6ues +ensojutsu or disguise and impersonation #ajutsu or horsemanship #oryaku or tactics )ntonjutsu or escaping and concealment 2hi=mon or geography

The literal translation of taijutsu is >body skill? or can be >body art?. )n traditional Japan, the word is fre6uently used interchangeably with jujutsu and refers to a swathe of grappling skills. History of Ninjitsu

Ninjitsu was first developed by people living in 4oka, 0higa province and )ga @rovince of Japan. The shinobi had the reputation of spies, assassins and scouts and was famous for their use of deception and stealth. number of different schools have imparted their particular version of Ninpo or Ninjitsu. )n short Ninjitsu owed its creation to a number of survival techni6ues in the warring states era of feudal Japan. Ninjas used their art to survive in a time of violent upheaval. The martial art of Ninjutsu included techni6ues of information gathering, methods of non= detection, misdirection and avoidance. Training was given in escape, free running, disguise, archery, concealment and medicine. Ninjitsu thrived in feudal japan as skills in assassination and espionage were e!tremely in demand by all the warring factions in those days. )n fact, specialists in these fields were literally termed >non humans?. @eople who speciali$ed in such skills came to be known as >shinobi no mono?. Weapons Used in Ninjitsu There are a great number of Ninjitsu weapons including conventional ones like long and short swords, the yari and the naginata among others. #esides conventional attack instruments, there were also a large range of unconventional weapons like concealed weapons, special bladed weapons, floating devices and collapsible ladders. There is a common misconception that the aim of a Ninja in medieval Japan was to gain e!pertise in all the weapons. )n fact, there was an effort towards speciali$ation in a certain weapon and if possible, general e!pertise in others. )t is to be noted that family position was very important in feudal Japan. *any samurai Aor non=samurai evenB were dependent on their families for specialist and basic weapon training. Meaning of Ninpo Chile contemporary Japanese uses the word to mean the legal system or the law, the true meaning of Ninpo can be understood in the philosophical sense as the ultimate reality of covertness. The term is suggestive of the elevated state when martial arts and spirituality come together. Ninjutsu"Ninpo has many positive influences on oneDs health. Not only can you learn to beat stress, you can also learn how to handle situations of conflict. Chat this art also teaches is the power of concentration and discipline. t /o84arateE we list a large amount and variety of martial art schools that will serve your needs in the category of Ninjitsu or Ninpo mi!ed martial arts. )f you have a keen sense of history and want to be fit for life, then enroll at any of the institutes mentioned in the website.

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