Weston Park International Model Air show

13th 14TH 15 TH June 2014
Weston Park Weston Under –lizard M54 Junction 3 and 8 Miles o M! Junction12

"ara#an and "a$%in& 'ookin& (or$ th 13 14th 15h June 2014
"a$%in& is made available at Weston park for those wishing to stay over the weekend and Will be available from 12th till the 16th June. )n*one +ishin& to ca$% ,e ore this date %lease rin& (or $ore in or$ation Please note 2014 +ill ,e a 3 da* e#ent startin& (rida* 11-00 %$ (acilities: Fresh cold water on site !oilets and washing facilities. "#lease note there are no electric hook ups on site$ "har&es. %&&.'' pre booked and %6'.'' on the gate per (aravan or !ent this rate includes admission !o the show and Weston park )ardens for * people e+tra occupants will be %1'.' e+tra for the weekend. !here is no e+tra charge for children. /ecurit*: We have over night security over the weekend patrolling the grounds Friday and ,aturday night. #lease: 0on1t lea#e litter on site2 and don1t %la* on the horse 3u$%s0on1t &o into the +oods surroundin& the sitePlease e$%t* che$ical toilets in 4lson %oints $arked(or e#er*one1s sa et* the s%eed li$it on the site is 5-M-P-H !hank you for your support and have a pleasant weekend. ----------------------------------------------#lease reserve me one space for (aravan !ent for Weston park "please tick as necessary$

Please 4nclose a /ta$%ed addressed 4n#elo%e
(aravan .. /otorhome !ent %&&.' "*$ 0ccupants %&&.' "*$ 0ccupants

1+tra occupants %1'.'' 2ame------------. (ar 31)------..1mail-----------. 4ddress: -----------------------------------.. ---------------------------------------. --------------------------.!el 2umber-------5 enclose my fee in full for %--"per (aravan or !ent$ #lease return to J 6ishop 7* south drive /adeley !elford ,hropshire !F8&96 !el '1:&2 &;82:; mobile 0560555!883 or 1mail stevenbishop<blueyonder.co.uk Please $ake all che7ues %a*a,le to Wrekin Model (l*in& "lu,

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