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Primary Source Activity


Lesson 2 The Israelite Kingdom
The Prophets
After a period of fighting, the Chaldeans reclaimed Jerusalem in 586 B.C.The Chaldean king
he destroyed the temple. He also captured the king and took thousands of people from Judah to Babylon.
people were saddened to live so far away from their homeland.
During this time, the prophets played a crucial role. They offered hope during a period of great sorrow. The
prophets also provided guidance to those in need. They pointed out when the people were not obeying God.
They encouraged people to change their lives for the better.
The prophets also focused on making the world a better place. They wrote about the Jewish goal of a just
society in which all people are treated fairly. Their words influenced both Christianity and Islam. In 1963, Dr.

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The Israelites: Primary Source: Lesson 2 The Israelite Kingdom

1. Analyzing Primary Sources
Identifying WhatdoesthewritingfromAmossuggestwillhappentothosewhobreakGodslaws?

2. Analyzing Primary Sources
Identifying Point of View What prediction does the passage from Amos offer about Israelite society?

3. Analyzing Primary Sources
Describing What kind of leader does God promise in the passage from Jeremiah?

4. Analyzing Primary Sources
Evaluating How would you characterize the tone of the writing from Jeremiah?

5. Critical Thinking
Comparing How are these two passages similar?

Name: Class: Date:
The Israelites: Primary Source: Lesson 2 The Israelite Kingdom