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WHEN STARS LOOK DOWN by GEORGE W. VAN TASSEL THE KRUCKEBERG PRESS Los Angeles, Ca 90013 1976 To all those gallant folks who believe that “thinking out loud” is good therapy this book is affectionately dedicated Copyright 1976 by George W. Van Tassel all rights reserved INTRODUCTION This book is part of the compiled writings of George W. Van Tassel written over a period of 20 years, brought to the reader under one cover. In presenting this inspired material, it is not expected that every- one will understand it, or accept it. Those readers who have experi- enced phenomena of some nature in their lives will gather much from it. Some people may grasp a new sense of security from it. It is not an attempt to present a new religion, or science, but rather to expand upon those things that are already accepted. Reality, being so true, is often thrust aside by those who do not see reality close up. Whatever this book gives you, it is certain that it will not take any- thing away from those who read it. The effort alone is, many times, the reward of accomplishment. The book itself is sufficient unto itself as a record,

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