Tropical Rainfores t!

By Armaan Khaninya!

Tropical Rainforest Vegetation !
Some animals need fig trees because their foods are in it. Fig trees give more oxygen than normal trees. !

Most of the medicine that we eat and drink is made from the plants or trees in the tropical rainforest.

! Tropical Rainforest Animals!
Tigers are the largest hunters in Asia. Monkeys,Tigers,Leopards,Lions and parrots live in the tropical rainforest. Tigers eat deers and monkeys. There are four kinds of monkeys that live in the tropical rainforest. Parrots live in the tropical rainforest with a lot of birds but there are less parrots then birds.!

Tropical Rainforest Climate!
The temperature in the tropical rainforest never falls below twenty five degrees. The tropical rainforest has the most rain every season in the world that's why the name is tropical rainforest.!

Tropical Rainforest Landscape !
One tropical rainforest is located in America. My biome is a place where there's a lot of dark wooded trees,plants and has a lot of rain every season,and it's really wet. It has the most rain in the world and it's mostly flooded and there's a water fall in the middle of the tropical rainforest!

Lions behavior!
This is one place where a lion lives in the tropical rainforest. To travel, the lions roar to scare other animals and to get a lot of space.!

Lions discription!

Lions eat zebras,giraffes,buffaloes,antelopes and wild beasts!

Lions interesting facts!
A group of lions is called a pride and when there in a pride it means there eating something together or helping each other. Lions are the fourth biggest cats in the genus panthara.!

Lions super power!

Lions power is about seven times stronger then ours. Ten lions can kill twenty buffaloes.

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