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Pe at ee “THIS 1S TO CERTIFY shat atthe National Convention of the Democrat Party ofthe United States of America, eld in Boston, Masachusets on July 26thoush 2, 204, flowing were daly rominate as candidates of said Party for Present and ‘Vice Preset of the United Stats respectively For President ofthe United States ‘don F Kerry 19 Lovisburs Square Bosto, Massachsets 02108 or Vice President of the United States ‘John Fawr 3323 Alloghany Drive Raleigh, Noth Carolina 27609 Convention Convention CConnonweath of Massachusets ) 6 County of Sul } fore men his 2h day of July 2004 personally appeared BILL RICHARDSON AND ALICE TRAVIS GERMOND, ie kown or prove fo me on th basis of satifctoryevidene, which were fr each — to be the persons who exevied fhe Torgoingistaament as Chair and Seretary, ‘especivelyof the 2004 Dernoratie National Cannon, in behalf the 2004 Democratic National Convention, aid each having aeksovledged that they executed dhe Same ester fe at and ed, aid the fie act and dee of said 2004 Denice bya i My commission expires: yon Geos, Noy ale ay sn Ee Page 28, 2008 omen Pry Healuates © 40a Gps SE * Vso, 2as » C02) SoA wT ZOD 3