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als, YMAN FOR n lival. Labor The Cinema of Attraction: Early Film, Its Spectator and the Avant-Garde NOTICE: THIS MATERIAL MAY BE | PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAW | (TITLE 17 U.S. CODE) | Lita | min By Tom Gunning ‘Waiting in 1922, flushed with the excitement of secing Abel Gance’s La Rowe, Femand Léger tried to define something of the radical possibilities of the cinema, The potential of the new art did not “the mistaken path” ofits resemblance to theater Tis unigue power was a “matter of making images seen." It is precisely this hamessing of visibility, fay in tating IDE ANGLE ‘his act of showing sa exhibition which J fel Cinema before 1905 crplaye mot ines. 1 Itgpation for heaved of te uty Socades ths cnay seed go be reeaponee Witte by they meri (Foust, Dudas td Suet) on the cen oom 3 pte st lato ger: emtuslacn for thsnew medi sad 1h pots, and daappeintnent a fe way thas aia veloped tr eadeenent fo ional ie forms, pardulty fewer od Werte. 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