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TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor)

MØ, T-cells

Endothelial: activation (inflamm, coag, vascular leak) Neutrophils: activation Hypothalamus: fever Liver: synth acute phase proteins Muscle/Fat: catabolism (cachexia) Many cell types: apoptosis Endothelial: activation (inflamm, coag) Hypothalamus: fever Liver: synth acute phase proteins Recruits leukocytes via chemokine production Effector T-cell: proliferation** T-Reg: growth and survival NK cells, B-cells: proliferation and differentiation Promotes expansion of immature marrow progenitors of all blood cells TH2 cell differentiation from naïve CD4+ precursors Stimulation of IgE from B-cells Suppression of IFN-γ dependant MØ fxns Eosinophils: growth and differentiation and activation of mature eosinophils B-Cells: promotes differentiation and IgA class switching Liver: Synth of acute phase proteins B-cells: proliferation of Ab producing cells Neutrophils: recruitment Macrophages: inhibition of IL-12 production, ↓ expression of co-stimulators and MHC-II NK and T-cells: IFN-γ synth, ↑ cytosolic activity T-cells: TH1 differentiation NK and T-cells: proliferation NK and T-cells: IFN-γ synth All Cells: antiviral state, ↑ MHC-I expression NK cells: activation Macrophage: activation Stimulation of some Ab responses Suppress IL-4 T-cells: inhibit proliferation and differentiation MØ: inhibit activation Counteract effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines Phagocyte recruitment and activation Microbial killing Lyse microbes Bind to microbes and enhance phagocytosis, stim phagocyte recruitment and activation

Acute inflammatory response to Gram(-) bacteria


MØ, endothelial cells, some epithelial cells TH cells T-cells (CD4+)


IL-2 IL-3

T↑↑ expression of B7 Multilineage Colony Stimulating Factor (Multi-CSF) Bone StE-


TH2 cells


TH2 cells, mast cells


IL-6 IL-8 IL-10 IL-12 IL-13 IL-15 IL-18 IFN-α, -β IFN-γ TGF-β Complements Eicosanoids, NO, ROI Defensins Acute Phase Reactants

MØ, endothelial cells, Tcells MØ MØ, T-cells (TH2) MØ, dendritic cells

“clean up on aisle 8” Potent antiinflammatory

MØ MØ α- MØ β- Fibroblasts NK cells, T-cells Activated T-cells (CD4+), MØ, others Phagocytes, MØ, others Phagocytes, MØ, others Liver (from IL-6 stim)

Small cationic peptides

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