Dear distinguished alumnus/alumna of AdDU, School of Nursing

The School of Nursing of Ateneo de Davao University is currently conducting a graduate tracer study of its alumni. Please fill in the necessary information by either choosing your desired choice and typing necessary information in several text boxes. Rest assured that we will treat all the information that you had furnished to us with utmost confidentiality and all the data will be strictly for research purposes. Thank you for your support.
Roy Cresencio R. Linao Jr., RN, MN. Community Extension and Advocacy Head AdDU - School of Nursing

Questionnaires for Tracer Study I. General Information Title Last Name First Name Middle Name Residence Civil Status Philippines Overseas-country? Single Married Widow / Widower Mr. Ms. Dr. Hon. Atty. Sister


Year Graduated in AdDU II. Nursing Career Information Do you have a? PRC Nursing License PNA Membership ANSAP Membership
Nursing License Abroad

Yes Yes Yes Yes

No No No No

Active Active Active Active

Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive

State and Country

Other Licenses Profession 1. 2. 3. Status Active Active Active Inactive Inactive Inactive

No other options others Do c to r al te rs er gr ad ua . Availability of course in chosen institution 11. Influenced by role models/well-known individuals 6. Influenced by peers 5. Scholarship grant 14.III. Zeal for the profession 8. Career development 10. Affordability of the program 12. NSAT compatibility scores 2. Good grades in high school 3. Influenced by parents/relatives/benefactors 4. Prestige of the profession 7. Availability of employment 9. Educational and Professional Information According to date of graduation also please specify on-going educational degrees Course Institution Degree te Year Un d M as Licensure Examinations Taken Name of Examination Date Rating/Results Reasons for having taken BS Nursing (you may select 2 or more choices) 1. Overseas opportunities 13.

2 Medical and Surgical Nursing A. Accessibility of the school 4. Faculty profile 5. Nursing Research D.1.Reasons for choosing AdDU School of Nursing (you may select 2 or more choices) 1.1 Continuing Education Department B.2 Nursing Training Office B.2. Nursing Education B.2.4.2. Track record of the school in the licensure examinations 2. Prestige of the institution 9.2 Pediatrics A.1. Managers.3 Oncology A.1 Clinical Research D.1 Community Health Nursing I.2. Inspired by alumni 3.2 School Nursing I.6 Rehab B. Affordable to the family 7.1 Obstetrics A. Nursing Management and Leadership C.5 Surgery / Operating Room A.2.1.3 Occupational / Industrial Health Nursing .2. Availability of the chosen program 8. Entrepreneurial Nursing F.3 Nursing Leaders (Officer in an Nursing Organization) D. Clinical Nursing A. Emergency and Disaster Nursing I. Influenced by parents/relatives/benefactors 6. Scholarship grant 11. Public Health Nursing I. Geriatric Nursing/Gerontology G. Psychiatric Nursing H.2 Ward Nursing A.1 Intensive Care A.3 Faculty (University/Colleges) C. No other options others Professional Experience in Nursing (you may select 2 or more choices) A.4 Renal/Dialysis A.4. Aesthetic appearance of the school’s environment 10. Maternal and Child Nursing A.2 Nursing Administrators (Supervisors. Chief Nurses) C.1 Nursing Informatics C.2 Basic Research Other Professional Experience: E.

2001-2500 13. 3001-3500 2. 4501-5000 For retired alumni. <250 8. Regular / permanent / tenured 2. refer your answers to your LAST occupation before retirement Name of Company Job Description Nature of the Company 1. what are the reasons why you are unemployed 1. Currently on leave for advanced/graduate studies 2. Educational institution 5. Job fair other reasons: . Health related institution 2. Recommendation by former boss/professors 4. Managerial 4. 1501-2000 12. Insufficient work experience 5. Personal or family issues 3. 5001 and above Others 1. base your answers regarding your occupation CURRENT if UNEMPLOYED. Industrial/Corporate 3. Decided to retire early First Job Details When did you have your first job What was your FIRST JOB? How did you find your FIRST JOB? before taking the boards after taking the boards during the time that you were a student in AdDU even before a student in AdDU Where was your FIRST JOB? 1. Temporary 3. Referral by friends/peers/colleagues 5. Volunteer 2. Volunteer Approximate Gross Monthly Income (in US $$) optional 1. Consultancy 6. 251-500 9. Contractual 4. Rank and file 2. Part-time 5. Government Organization others Job Level Position 1. School’s career placement 6. Self-Employed 6. Did not look for a job 7. refer to the question regarding reasons of unemployment if RETIRED. Occupational and Career Information Occupational Status Employed Unemployed Retired if EMPLOYED. 501-1000 10. Non-government organization 4. 2501-3000 If UNEMPLOYED. presently are you engaged in… 5. Walk-in applicants 3. 4001-4500 4. No employment opportunities 6. Family business 7. Health-related concerns other reasons: 4. Classified ads 2.IV. Community-based 6. Technical 3. 3501-4000 3. Business 7. 1001-1500 11. Self-employed Employment Status 1.

Work-related conflict 6. skip the next two questions. Human relation skills 3. what competencies learned in college did you find very useful in your first job? 1. Related to inherent competencies other reasons: 4. Unrelated to inherent competencies other reasons: 4. Unsatisfactory salaries and benefits 2. are you in your first job? Yes No If NO. Salaries and benefits 2. Entrepreneurial skills other skills: 4. Physical and/or health related factors 7. how many months/years did it take for you to land on your FIRST job What were the reasons for accepting the job (you may select 2 or more choices) 1. Proximity to residence 5. Dedication and service to the profession 6. How long did you stay in your FIRST job? What were the reasons for leaving your FIRST job? (you may select 2 or more choices) 1. Communication skills 2.After taking the board exam. Career challenge 3. Far from residence 5. Critical-thinking skills 7. Retirement Was the curriculum you had in college relevant to your first job? Yes No If YES. Clinical skills If NO. please answer the next two questions. Professional and personal growth Presently. Problem-solving skills 6. To gain work experience 7. If YES. Information technology skills 5. list down suggestions to improve the program and curriculum of our institution . Challenges in the career 3.

please list down the names of other graduates (especially in SY 2005-2013) whom you know including their addresses. e-mails and contact numbers. & E-mail address THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING Please email back this form at rcrlinaojr@addu. Being one of the alumni of AdDU School of Nursing. Their participation is also needed.Contact Information Address Philippines Street Brgy/Town City/Municipality Province Postal Code Overseas Street Town/City State/Province Country Postal Code Home Office Mobile Email Contact info Thank you for taking time out to fill this Name(s) Full Address Contact .

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