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Babarao Savarkar

Babarao Savarkar

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Babarao was a stickler for purity of language. He worked hard to popularize native
Marathi or Sanskrit words instead of Arabic, Persian and Urdu words that had crept
into Marathi. The word ‘dinaank’ was coined by Babarao instead of ‘taarikh’ for
Babarao would write in the reformed Devnagari script as suggested by Tatyarao.
Babarao would always be on the look out for individuals who could be brought back
into the Hindu fold. When Shrimant Tukojirao Holkar of the Indore dynasty married
Miis Miller, the latter was brought to the Hindu fold by Shankaracharya Dr. Kurtakoti
on 13 March 1928 at a function in Nashik. Babarao had met the Shankaracharya in
this regard.
Similarly, the shuddhi of a European lady Miss Aroha Moana
Hardcastle was organized by the Hindu Mahasabha on 02 October
1937. Shankaracharya Dr. Kurtakoti gave his blessings on this
occasion. The arrangements for this function were made by
Babarao desired to bring Nawab Ali Bahadur of Banda, a descendant
of Peshwa Bajirao I to the Hindu fold. He had met several zamindars and princes in
this regard. He wanted to organize this function on a grand scale at the
Shaniwarwada in Pune. But the plan did not succeed due to lack of funds.

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