Visual Journals

Art I– Mr. La Londe
Below is a list of all the visual journal entries you must complete by the end of the school year. Complete them in the order they are listed in your journal (ex. assignment 3 should be on the 3rd page). Journals will be due and collected twice a quarter to be graded. Work at your own pace, but be sure to have the required assignments done at the collection dates. You will have some class time to work on these assignments, but working on them outside of school is highly encouraged.

Visual Journal Rules: 1) Respond to each word/phrase creatively, artistically and personally. 2) Avoid doing the first thing that comes to your mind, it’s probably cliché and overused. Instead consider what this word means to you, metaphorically, not literally. 3) You may only use the same combination of media twice during the year. (For example, only two pages in the entire journal may be done entirely in pencil)
Due: October 6th (1&2) 1. My Identity 2. I took a trip… Due: November 5thst (3-5) 3. Pattern 4. *Artist Inspiration #1 5. Trapped Due: December 2nd (6-8) 6. Symmetry 7. Emphasize 8. Warped Due: January 12th (9-11) 9. Movement 10. Home 11. Nightmare Due: February 9th (12-14) 12. Invention 13. *Artist Inspiration #2 14. Poetry Due: March 16th (15-17) 15. Creature 16. Power 17. Youth Due: April 21st (Cover, 18-19) **Cover Design 18. Striped 19. Aspiration Due: May 26th seniors (20-22) June 9th underclassmen 20. Time 21. Contrast 22. Through my window…

*Artist Inspiration – Choose an artist that is inspiring to you. You can find an artist inspiration from a book, the internet, or a gallery/museum. Create an artwork based on this artist. It should be a response to how their work makes you feel, in the same style as the artist, or about the same subject matter, do not just glue examples of their artwork in your journal. Due February 23rd (11-13) 12. Texture **Cover Design – You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but in this case, your Due Februarywill say a lot about your journal. How can you make your cover unique cover design and personalized? How will it tie into the theme of the book? Consider mixed media.

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