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Reflection Through the process of this assignment I have learned a great deal about the importance of children’s’ literature

, not only in education but also in a child’s general life. As a result there are a number of changes I will make to my own reading experiences and additionally those that will involve others especially my future students I have found many references and also materials that I can use, both articles but also the literary texts that I cannot wait to share with the children. These texts were an important part of my own childhood and I have found that they are useful for me in my lessons in the times to come. Besides that through this coursework I have come to understand and appreciate the abundance of children’s literary genres. I have now experienced a much greater variety of this literature and have realised the importance of exploring a wide range of styles and themes when using literature in a classroom setting. Thus, I will learn more and try to absorb all of the genres which can be the threshold of my success as a good nglish

!anguage teacher. I think that this will be important if I am to reach outside my own personal experience and experience different forms and styles of literature. I have also become aware of my own love of children’s literature while doing the portfolio and the picture book. I have rarely been able to walk past the picture books in bookstores and have always en"oyed reading and engaging with them. I feel that this is a good #uality and will be helpful for me in my chosen profession. Thus, I will continue to read, collect and en"oy children’s picture books. I think that this will not only be useful in a practical sense, but will also help me engage

and empathise with children when I am in the teaching profession. In completing both the portfolio and the picture book , I have come to realise that there are many innovative ways to teach and learn through the use of children’s literature.. As a result I feel that this is an important area that I need to both explore and experience more for myself. This will be exceedingly helpful to me in my future career and will allow me to use a wide range of resources to create engaging learning opportunities. I will start to consider ways in which I can do this each time I teach a class. In addition I will ensure that I note down potential learning opportunities that I have read.