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Name: Karen Foerch


Technology Professional Development Plan 1. I have participated in the following professional development activities: Title of Event, Date and Length Brief Description incl!de if this was online" face#to#face" or a $lended learning environment and if it incl!ded a glo$al comm!nit%& Leading Edge Certification *his was the initial face#to#face meeting %arch &', &'() for m% +,- class. In attendance were 13 teachers from m% district. Comments on Applying New Knowledge !"ills to #o$ 'ow did this (D impact st!dent learning in %o!r classroom) 'ow did it change how %o! !se digital tools and reso!rces) *his co!rse had an impact on m% st!dents $eca!se I ta!ght in a 2.// laptop program. It changed the wa% I !sed digital tools and reso!rces in that it was m% first e0pos!re to a learning management s%stem and e0posed me to the possi$ilities of how +12 can ma3e m% teaching in a $lended environment more effective and efficient. *his session of m% co!rse impacted m% instr!ction $eca!se it has $een instr!mental in helping me to create a (+N. I have since gained m!ch insight in teaching strategies" teaching with technolog% and meeting teachers on a glo$al level. I am in comm!nication with teachers as far awa% as 5!stralia that I might on *witter66 *his session impacted m% teaching and the !se of digital tools and reso!rces in m% classroom $eca!se m% st!dents and I were $etter e:!ipped to !se the 8oogle search engine more effectivel% to narrow down o!r searches. I learned a$o!t how to !se 8oogle 5dvanced search and 8oogle news search to enhance lessons and research for m% st!dents. 5t this conference" m% colleag!es and I did a session on i(ad apps in the classroom. ;e spo3e on how to effectivel% !se apps in different content areas. 5ttending and spea3ing on apps helps to 3eep me !p on new apps that I can !se to enhance m% teaching. David *heria!lt was spea3ing on $logging. *his had a $ig impact on me" and there were several wa%s this has an impact on classroom teaching. 'e shared his philosoph% on getting 3ids read% for the f!t!re when we sho!ld $e thin3ing more a$o!t the present. *his applies to $logging" $eca!se it is more meaningf!l than the reg!lar classroom assignments we !s!all% give o!r st!dents. 2t!dents toda% are more willing to share in writing what the% won<t share $% raising their hand in the classroom. *he glo$al a!dience is reall% motivating.

NET!*T #+ne ((, &'()

!,-C.E /cto$er (0, &'()

*his is an online co!rse that I am c!rrentl% enrolled in to displa% m% 3nowledge in the !se of technolog%. *his session incl!ded less than a do4en participants from m% local school district. 5t this mini tech fair" I attended a session called 78oing 8oogle to (rep for -ommon -ore9. 5ttendees incl!ded three do4en people from areas in so!thern -alifornia. *his is a conference held at the (alm 2prings -onvention -enter. 5ttendees incl!de ed!cators from all over -alifornia. *witter e0tends the conversation to ed!cators glo$all%. 5t this technolog% fair" there were teachers from aro!nd so!thern -alifornia. *here were also more glo$al conversations via *witter.

C.E %arch (1*(2, &'(&

eLearning !ymposi+m Decem$er 3*4, &'()