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Faith Gazette & The Faith Indepndent Since 1910
Volume 85 •
No. 18

January 8, 2014

Genesee & Wyoming
buys DM&E Railroad
The Canadian Pacific (CP) railway announced on Thursday,
January 2, that it will sell the former Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern (DM&E) rail line, west of
Tracy, Minn., to Genesee &
Wyoming, Inc., for $210-million
Genesse & Wyoming is a
Greenwich, Conn., based rail
company that is the nation’s
largest operator of short-line
rails. The sale involves 660 miles
of track.CP will retain the former
DM&E holdings east of Tracy.
The announcement comes
shortly after the Surface Transportation Board (STB) issued a
decision on the state of South
Dakota's Canadian Pacific petition requiring CP to produce documentation of capital investments made to improve the line.
“I am hopeful this sale to a
short-line operator is in the best
interest of the state,” said Governor Dennis Daugaard. “With the
recent decision from the Surface
Transportation Board, I am also
hopeful that our questions about
the Canadian Pacific’s obligations
to improve the line will be answered. As I’ve said before, South
Dakotans deserve to know
whether CP kept its promises.
The line is too important to our
state for our questions to go unanswered.”
Last year, Daugaard set forth
four values that he would use to
determine whether or not to support any future sale of the line.
Those values are:
•The buyer’s ability and willingness to maintain and operate
the line between Pierre and
Rapid City.
•The buyer’s ability to maintain healthy competition, both as
to shipping rates and access to
•The buyer’s ability to provide
a high level of service to South
Dakota shippers and producers.
•The buyer’s commitment to
providing long term service in
South Dakota.
“The fact that the proposed
sale is to a well-known short line
operator appears to be a good step
in the right direction,” the governor added.
The STB rendered their decision on December 19, which will
also require the Canadian Pacific
to answer written questions and

produce further documentation
requested by the state.
After CP indicated that it may
sell the line west of Tracy, Minn.,
the governor filed a petition with
the STB. The petition requested
that the STB look into whether
CP fulfilled the representations it
made while seeking to acquire the
line. Based upon CP’s representations, the STB approved the company’s purchase of the DM&E
Railroad in 2008.
After filing the petition, the
governor traveled to Washington,
D.C. to discuss the importance of
the line with United States Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack
and United States Transportation
Secretary Anthony Foxx.
Since the fall of 2012, Daugaard and members of his administration have been in contact
with CP to examine whether CP
had fulfilled its promises to the
STB. Though there has been
some communication with CP,
the governor’s questions have still
largely gone unanswered.
The deal is expected to close by
the middle of 2014, provided it receives approval from the U.S.
Surface Transportation Board
and meets other conditions.
Genesee & Wyoming Inc.,
which operates short-line and regional freight railways in the
United States, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium.
According to a story in The
Canadian Press, Calgary, “G&W
will rename the line the Rapid
City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad
and will hire 180 employees, most
of whom will have already been
working on the line. It will be able
to link up to the networks of CP
and other major North American
The Canadian Press also reported, “As a result of the transaction, CP is expected to record a
net after-tax writedown of about
$240-million in its fourth-quarter
2013 financial statements. The
sale is expected to be cash positive for the Calgary-based railway
and have no material effect on future earnings.”
According to reports from “The
Street,” “It (Genesee & Wyoming)
expects the acquisition to generate annual revenue of $65 million
and boost earnings per share immediately.”

What a difference in a 24 hour period. Monday was below zero and today is a

2013 in review
The FHS Student Council
sponsored a blood drive on
March 7th in memory of their
former teacher, Patti Storm.
Mrs. Storm and her students did
one blood drive a year for the
past several years and they are
carrying on this tradition.
The Faith Longhorns brought
home the championship trophy
from the District 16B Tournament on Saturday.
Peggy O’Connor is the newest
face at the Faith Clinic. Peggy, a
certified nurse practioner, has
been working here several
For the second straight year,
the District 16B champions
Faith Longhorns were defeated
by the District 15B Dupree
Tigers for the Region 8B title
and the berth to the State B
Tournament. The match-up in
Mobridge on Tuesday, March 5th
drew big fan supporters for both

Faith High School Alumni
Assn., which has been struggling
the last few years because of a
lack of local support, has asked
the Booster Club for help. The
Booster Club will be discussing
this in more detail with the
Alumni Assn. at a March 13th
meeting. Local interest has been
hard to find and at the present
time none of the Booster Club
members are FHS Alumni.
We had some great weather
the middle of the month, although windy most days, our
warmest day reached around
70º, but Sunday was entirely different. Temperatures only got to
about the mid 30s but it was
quite windy.
On Tuesday, March 12th,
2013, the kids took part in a
speech contest sponsored by
Modern Woodmen of America, a
fraternal financial services organization. Students shared
their presentations on this year’s
topic: “A person who has over-

come”. The winners for 5th & 6th
grade were: 1st-Hugh Groves,
2nd-MiKenzy Miller, 3rd-Brooklyn Hanson; 7th & 8th grade:
1st-Shali Sheridan, 2nd-James
Ulrich, 3rd Brooke Lemmel.
Each of them received a trophy
and a gold award pin, and their
names will be engraved on the
school’s speech contest plaque.
City council held a lengthy
meeting on March 19th. Items
on the agenda included a new
pit at the liandfill, the number of
liquor licenses that can be issued, and the influx of new people from the pipeline.
Congratulations to Cody
Trainor for being named to the
Little Moreau Conference 1st
Team, Reggie Rhoden to the 2nd
Team, Tearnee Nelson 1st Team,
Shanna Selby 2nd Team and
Marissa Collins Honorable Mention!
Deaths: Denisse Lutz, Gene
Escott, Ilma Gabriel,

Page 2 • January 8, 2014 • The Faith Independent

SDSU Extension Helps With Estate and Farm
Transition Planning through state-wide Workshops
BROOKINGS, S.D.-SDSU Extension staff offers two unique
workshops to answer questions
involved with estate planning and
aid in planning for farm transitions. The Sustaining the LegacyEstate Planning and Farm
Transitions Conferences, developed for all parties involved in the
farm or ranch operation, will be
held in several locations throughout South Dakota beginning Feb.
7, 2014. Another program, designed for women in agriculture
and held as part of the Annie's
Project entitled, Managing for
Today and Tomorrow course for
Farm and Ranch Women begins
Jan. 15, 2014 in Kadoka.
These workshops will provide
attendees with information on
how to pass their operation on to
the next generation, to develop a
fair estate plan for all heirs; reduce family friction due to the
transition of assets; develop a
plan that maintains privacy; and

develop a plan that fulfills their
goals for the operation.
Why a transition plan is necessary:
As the average age of South
Dakota producers continues to
climb; the value of the estate
climbs as well, creating situations
where the next generation to the
operation could not afford to buy
it outright without some type of
business plan, purchase plan,
and/or estate plan, explains
Heather Gessner, SDSU Extension Livestock Business Management Field Specialist.
"Producers have invested years
in their operation. I know three
days is a lot to be away, but think
of it as an investment in the future of your operation. Just like
the time you invest selecting your
next herd sire, or seed variety,"
said Gessner.
Managing for Today and Tomorrow
The Managing for Today and

Tomorrow: Farm Transition
Planning program, a new Annie's
Project course, has been scheduled for January and February in
Kadoka on Wednesday evenings;
January 15, 22, 29, February 12,
and 19.
A fee will be charged per person, which includes a 300-page
workbook with fact sheets, handson activities, and presentations. A
light supper will be served before
each class at 5:30 p.m. Course
size is limited, so please register
Designed for specifically for
farm and ranch women, participants will learn about business,
estate, retirement and succession
planning from SDSU Extension
Field Specialists and area professionals. In addition to brief presentations,
discussions based on participant
questions and follow-up activities
for family members to complete at

Need Health Insurance? Please Join Us
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend our
Open House Regarding the Affordable Care Act.

Monday January 20th, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Legion Hall – Main Street – Faith, SD
Whether you are curious, want more information, or would like help enrolling.
Join us for a presentation to see what the New Health Care Law is all about
and how it may change your current Insurance coverage or
may help you get Insurance coverage.
We will have refreshments and plenty of Information!
We look forward to seeing you on Monday January 20, 2014.
Presented By: Prairie Community Health
Certified Application Counselor:
Krissy Johnson – 605-967-2644

"We're happy to be a partner in
bringing this valuable program to
JacksonCounty," said Adele
Harty, SDSU Extension Cow/
Calf Field Specialist, "This farm
transition course is an opportunity for farm and ranch women to
meet with others who share similar issues and concerns. We limit
the size of the class to make it
comfortable for everyone to speak
up and get questions answered."
Annie's Project, an agricultural
risk management education program for women, has successfully
reached more than 9,000 farm
and ranch women in 30 states.
"This new program emphasizes
the role women play in helping
transfer farms and ranches from
one generation to the next," said
Harty. "Managing for Today and
Tomorrow: Farm Transition
Planning will empower women to
take ownership of the future of
their farms," said Harty. "Farm
Credit Services of America is a
statewide sponsor of Annie's Project courses."
Managing for Today and Tomorrow is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher
Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture,
2011-49400-30584. More information can be found on the Annie's
Project website at www.AnniesProject.org.
For more information and to
register contact Adele Harty,
SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field
Specialist at 605-394-1722 or
adele.harty@sdstate.edu; or Belinda Mitchell, local contact at
Sustaining the Legacy-Estate
Planning and Farm Transitions
The conference provides farmers and ranchers with three days
full of information on creating
their plan no matter how big or
small the operation. The conference will also cover the following

topics: business structures, goals,
asset distribution, wills and probate, retirement planning and
funding, fair versus equal distribution, taxes, life insurance, long
term care insurance and trusts.
All members involved in the
operation encouraged to attend
Sioux Falls - Feb. 7, 14, 21 at
SDSU Extension Regional Center
in Sioux Falls, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
CDT. Registration is due January
Pierre - Feb. 7, 14, 21 at SDSU
Extension Regional Center in
Sioux Falls, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
CDT. Registration is due January
Watertown - March 17, 24, 31
at SDSU Extension Regional
Center in Watertown, 10 a.m. to
4 p.m. CDT. Registration is due
March 10.
Rapid City - March 17, 24, 31
at SDSU Extension Regional
Center in Watertown, 10 a.m. to
4 p.m. CDT. Registration is due
March 10.
More reasons to attend:
• Preservation of assets in case
long-term care facilities are
needed for any of the family members involved in the operation.
• Many producers do not have
heirs coming back to the operation. In these cases the disposal of
the assets needs to occur in a
manner that provides income and
stability throughout retirement.
• Large operations have tax
concerns that must be addresses
to help preserve the operation.
• Confusion and uncertainty
about the tools available and
where to go for assistance putting
the plan together is high.
To learn more and to register,
contact Gessner at 605-782-3290,
Make checks out to SDSU Extension; 2001 E. 8th Street, Sioux
Falls, SD 57103. These conferences are sponsored in part by the
South Dakota Soybean Research
and Promotion Council.

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Faith Community Health Center
Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday 8 am – 12 pm
and 1 – 5 PM

Verna Schad, CNP
Darci Harper, CNP
For appointments call:
605-967-2644 or

January 8, 2014 • The Faith Independent •

Cold Temperatures Induce Cold
Stress in Calves & Lactating Cows
BROOKINGS, S.D. - As temperatures continue to drop, dairy
and beef cattle and their offspring
are at increased risk for cold
stress said SDSU Extension
Dairy Specialist Alvaro Garcia.
"With daytime temperatures in
the double digits below zero for
next week, Dairy producers
should be prepared for cold
weather conditions that can affect
young stock and lactating cows,"
Garcia said.
Lactating cows that are adequately fed should withstand cold
conditions provided they are kept
dry and not exposed directly to
winds. Keep the housing area dry
and free of manure and provide
ample supply of dry clean bedding
Garcia noted that teat skin
chapping (frostbite) can become a
problem in lactating cows during
cold, windy weather. Chapping
makes the teat more susceptible
to bacterial infections, particularly Staphylococcus.
"Mastitis is a possible outcome,
and the cows affected will have to
be monitored closely," Garcia
said. "If injury has already occurred, skin chapping and loss of

at least the teat end is likely.
When the teat end is damaged,
the sphincter that closes the teat
canal is also non-functional, predisposing the quarter to bacterial
Recent research indicates teat
dipping should be continued during cold windy days. Pre- and
post-milking teat dips should include skin conditioners like glycerin and lanolin.
Producers should dry teats and
udders effectively. Cows should
not be turned outside on cold and
windy days until the teat dip has
dried for 1 minute. Garcia also
pointed out the cold weather
guidelines from the National
Mastitis Council. They include:
• In very cold weather it may
be advisable to dip just the teat
• When teats are dipped, dip
only the end and blot off any excess with a single-use paper
• Teats should be dry before
turning cows out of the barn.
• Warming the teat dip reduces drying time.
• Windbreaks in outside holding areas provide some protec-

• Fresh cows with swollen udders are more susceptible to chapping.
• "Always remember that prevention is the key," Garcia said.
• Calves & Cold Stress
• When it comes to caring for
calves, Tracey Erickson, SDSU
Extension Dairy Field Specialist
reminds producers that cold
stress starts in calves who are
less than 21 days of age if the
temperature drops below 60 degrees; and that cold stress begins
in calves greater than 42 days of
age at or below 42 degrees.
• "Obviously, we are experiencing some serious cold stress
right now," she said.
• Some tips to care for calves
as well as mature cattle that she
shares with beef and dairy cattle
producers are as follows:
• Get them off to a good start
in the first 48 hours of life - following proper protocols for newborn calves, especially getting
into them warm, high quality
• Get calves dry & keep them
• Deep & Dry bedding - Provide a proper nest; when they are
laying down one should not be
able to see the feet & legs of the

USDA/Farm Service
Agency News
The Dewey, Meade, Perkins &
Ziebach County FSA offices would
like to keep you informed of the
following items important to
USDA programs. If you have any
questions please contact the
Dewey County office at 865-3522
ext 2, Meade County at 347-4952
ext 2, Perkins at 244-5222 ext 2
or Ziebach County at 365-5179
ext 2.
JANUARY 15 – Final date for
late filling 2014 winter wheat,
rye, and perennial forage where
the fees will be waived
JANUARY 17 – Last day to
return COC election ballots after
received new ones mailed December 20
MARCH 15 – Last day to purchase NAP for 2014 Spring
Planted and Forage Crops

Interest Rate for Commodity
and Marketing Assistance Loans
is 1. 125%
Interest Rate for Farm Storage
Facility Loans is 2.250 7 YEAR
Interest Rate for Farm Storage
Facility Loans is 2.875 10 YEAR
Interest Rate for Farm Storage
Facility Loans is 3.000 12 YEAR
FLP Farm Operating Loan Interest is 1.875%
FLP Farm Ownership Loan Interest is 4.125%
Farm Changes for 2014
To prepare for the upcoming
year, FSA is requesting that all
farm changes be reported to the
office. Changes include any land
that has been bought or sold, any
ground that has had an ownership change or if you are farming
different land than you did the
previous year, changing from
cash to share rent or share to
cash rent, and any corporation,

Place a Classified Ad...
in The
Faith Independent
967-2160/FAX 967-2160

LLP, LLC, Trust or other entity
that has been formed in the last
year that now owns or operates
ground. New mailing addresses
or direct deposit accounts need to
be updated. Please report any
changes now to avoid delays.
USDA is an equal opportunity
provider, employer and lender.
To file a complaint of discrimination, write to USDA, Assistant
Secretary for Civil Rights, Office
of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington,
DC 20250-9410, or call (866) 6329992 or (toll-free Customer Service), (800) 877-8339 (local or
Federal relay), (866) 377-8642
(/relay voice users).

Opal Hall
Annual Meeting

Tuesday, Jan
14, 1:30 PM

• Calf blankets - even though
they add extra expense, they are
reusable and provide an extra
layer of protection for calves
• Proper ventilation is important but you must also prevent direct drafts from hitting young
• Additional feedings per day 3 times a day feedings which will
provide 1.5 pounds to 2.25 pounds
of milk replacer powder per day
with 20% fat are necessary to provide adequate energy intake
daily. Be consistent in feeding
times. Make sure milk is warm
but yet does not scald the calves'
• Other options of increasing
caloric intake; When it is extremely cold feed 0.25 pounds per
day of additional 60% fat supplement milk during the first 14
days of life. Many commercial
products are available. Taper off
feeding the supplement slowly as
they start to consume starter.

Page 3

• Provide warm water above
102 degrees F about 30 minutes
after feeding. Be careful not to get
it too hot though and scald the
calves' mouth.
• Provide a high quality, fresh
starter daily (free of mold and
fines), to encourage daily intake.
• Lastly, producers/employees
should take care of themselves so
they can be vigilant and observant as they care for the animals.
iGrow.org Forecast Tools
To learn more about how to
care for and protect calves as well
as mature dairy and beef cattle
from cold stress, visit iGrow.org.
There is also a six-category scale
developed to identify the risk of
hazardous conditions for newborn
livestock, ranging from None
(green color) to Extreme (red
color) available by visiting:

Page 4 • January 8, 2014 • The Faith Independent

Faith News

Marcus News

By Loretta Passolt

South Dakota had the coldest
temperatures on Sunday that
they hadn't had in decades. Temperatures were in the -20s with
wind chills near -50. Monday
morning's wind chill was still
near a -40. Many area schools
were closed or had late starts.
Faith canceled school for the day.
We are supposed to warm up to
the 30s by mid-week. Certainly
hope so!
Dave and Eldora Fischbach
left for Lanesville, IN on Dec 20th
to spend Christmas with daughter Susan and Dean and boys.
Daughter Laurie, Mike and
Samantha joined them there.
They had a great Christmas and
enjoyed visiting, catching up,
playing games and eating too
much. They returned to Rapid
City Dec. 30th. They attended the
Sewing Center Christmas party
when they got back.
According to FB the Arlen and
Betty Hulm family celebrated
Christmas at Darla's house in
Spearfish. Sounded like they had
a good time.
Marge Hoffman had two
Christmas' again this year. She
celebrated with granddaughter
Bobbie Paul and family on the
20th, then again later with
daughter Lynda and Gary from
Arizona and granddaughter
Christy from Washington. Lynda,
Marge and Christy also brought
in the New Year in Deadwood,
watching the ball drop at the
Franklin Hotel.
Paul and I had Christmas with
our kids at Dave and Eldora's

Opal Hall
Soup Supper and
Pie Auction
Sat., Jan. 18th
start serving
at 5:30 PM

house in Rapid City. We got in
lots of visiting, eating and even
got some card games in. All in all,
we had a great Christmas. Hope
you did too!
Richard and Sherry Kokesh
hosted Christmas dinner for Kay
Kokesh and baby, Alicia Kokesh
and friend, Josey and Sara
Hauser and tom and Carole Sternad. Delicious prime rib was enjoyed by all!
Grandma Hintz chose to stay
home. Carmen and John Heidler
were at Grandma Dorothy Heidlers. Carmen delivered dinner to
Irene. Thanks Carmen!
Danny Miles spent Christmas
Eve with his mother, Esther
Miles and brother Ron Miles in
Spearfish. Raymond and Diane
Isaacs joined them for Christmas
Danny Miles spent New Years
Day in Spearfish with Esther
Miles, Ron Miles and Darren and
Dorine Miles.
Arlene Martin, Dupree, spent
Christmas Eve and Day with her
daughter, diane Humble.
Diane Humble and Arlene
Martin were Christmas Day dinner guests of JR and Sandy Rasmussen.
Diane Humble spent Christmas weekend in Miles City, Montana with Bruce and son, Blaine,
of Wyola, Montana.
School students and staff are
back in school after about two
weeks of vacation. I imagine the
boys and girls basketball teams
will be busy with games again
The Tree, Wreath and Goody
auction raising $635 for the Faith
Ambulance Service. Thanks to all
who donated and purchased.
Want to wish you all a happy,
healthy 2014!

Legal Advertising
Friday noon before
Wed. publication
The Faith Independent

By Vicky Waterland
Friday night as I prepared for
bed I thought of my mother. The
wind, in typical South Dakota
style, was howling and shaking
the house. The weather man had
predicted a drop in the temperatures and the afternoon’s rain had
turned the prairie to glass. The
only thing we were missing was a
good rip snorting South Dakota
blizzard. On nights of intense cold
and storm my mom never undressed and often never went to
bed. If you wandered out in the
night she was sitting in the old
rocking chair crocheting. Sometimes the power was out and she
worked by the light of a kerosene
lamp but still she stayed busy
and vigilant. She said it was
stormy nights when houses were
more likely to burn. In later years
we had propane heat but I also
have memories of my dad staying
up all night watching the small
coal stove in the basement of our
home at Timber Lake. If the
weather got very cold it would
over heat and begin to glow red
all over. God, daddy and momma
kept their vigil over us and we
never had a fire. How times have
changed. We have all electric heat
in our home so there is no open
flame. We could have an electrical
short but it's not as nerve wracking as sitting all night by a red
hot stove. Still I thought,
"Momma would have stayed up.
Should I?" I chose bed but find
myself up at 1:45 writing this and
listening to the wind. The thought
of heat also reminded me of trips
dad made to the Firesteel Coal
Mine for a pick up load of coal.
The pickup was a 1949 Chevrolet
with a set of wooden sideboards
and end gate. When dad came
home, he and my brother, Bub,
had to shovel the coal into the
basement. In those days every
child could finish the saying,
black as .......... nowadays most
have probably not seen coal let
alone shoveled it and observed
the leaf prints that Bub saw as he
shoveled. How much did the coal
cost? I have no idea. Did the mine
run out of coal or out of customers? Was the advent of

propane heat the end of the coal
mine? I don't know the answers. I
do know that much of the land
around Isabel and Firesteel have
or had coal beds under them. I
have wished we could have preserved some of the leaf imprints
Bub and dad saw. Now we would
use a digital camera but it didn't
occur to us back then, developing
film was expensive. As I look at
the way our homes have been
heated in the past I wonder what
our future will bring. I had great
hopes for solar and wind energy.
Both methods should lessen our
dependence on power companies
and make it easier to make ends
meet when it is bill paying time.
Who knows what inventions will
occur in home heating but I do
know South Dakota will need efficient, reliable heating methods
that are strong enough to outlast
our winters. My great grandmother, Anne Thompson, came to
Dakota Territory as a young bride
with a 6 week old baby. As an elderly woman they had to take her
visiting somewhere if they ever
were going to clean up around the
place and burn wood. She had
spent so many years twisting
grass for the fire that she would
rant and rail in Norwegian and
English about the wood they
wasted! I’m glad Grandma can’t
see our waste now. What will we
fuss about our offspring wasting
in years to come?  
Sunday dinner guests at
Tucker and Bev Hudson's were
Gene and Marilyn Secrest, Larry
and Drus Kellogg of Spearfish,
and Carl and Ramona Williams of
Rapid City.
New Years Day guest at
Tucker Hudson's were John Powell and Tina Hudson. Tucker's
nephew and wife that were suppose to come out from Spearfish
were unable to come due to a flu
bug going around.
All of our family have experienced that bug as have some of
the Kilness family.
Lacey, Robert and Quirt Wondercheck were in Rochester, Minnesota on Monday and Tuesday,
December 30 and 31. Quirt had

email us at: faithind@faithsd.com

surgery for a cochlear implant to
his left ear on Tuesday. It will not
be activated until a later date.
They drove home that same day
despite adverse road conditions.
Wednesday they went to Nick
and Lila Caspers at Elm Springs
to pick up Rio Wondercheck who
had stayed there. Harold and I
started for Rochester on Monday
but after two icy road incidents
ending with a run in the ditch we
came home. We did visit at Marv
and Norma Williams home while
their children and families were
home for Christmas vacation.
In my travels over vacation I met
Jody Beer Kammerer while in
Phillip. I knew she lived there but
did not realize she had been the
post mistress there for 11 years.
So nice to see her and catch up on
her family news. While passing
through Newell Harold and I
stopped for a quick lunch and met
Lila Tibbs Taton. Again we had a
nice visit and spent some time
catching up on family.
Thursday Lacey, Quirt and Rio
Wondercheck rode to Faith with
us. Rio went to the clinic while
Quirt and I stayed at the house
and unloaded some items we’d
brought from the country. Harold
and I have purchased Mark and
Marlene Gustafson’s house. We
are not moving from the country
and no one will be living on our
place but us. I work in Dupree
and Faith two days a week and
there are many times we’ve
missed having the old house in
town so here we are. Our town
phone number is 967-2014 and
the country is still 985-5318.
The Annual Winter Extravaganza sponsored by the Marcus
Church will be held Sunday January 19th at the Union Center
Community Building.  Soup and
dessert bar starting at 12 noon
with a silent auction. There will
be fishpond, and face painting for
the kids. Everyone is welcome.
Take your wife out to dinner after
church and tell stories with the
neighbors. Questions  call Bev
Hudson, Denise Weyer, or Kerri
Got any news? E mail vickywaterland@hotmail.com or call 9855318 or 967-2014.

January 8, 2014 • The Faith Independent •

Opal Area News

Central Meade County News

By Kay Ingalls
Spud and Bernice Lemmel
hosted their family at home for
Christmas. Had a houseful and
good time, then on New Years
Eve Spud and Bernice went into
Sturgis and went to the Vet's
Club for the evening with Mary
Hanzlik Murray. Bernice said a
real good old western style dance
band and they stayed the night at
Monday Nathan Ingalls had
appointments in Rapid City so
took Loman Bestgen back to his
home after spending time visiting
with the Rod Ingalls family.
Nathan and Jason Ingalls and
Taylor Miller accompanied Cole
Elshere over to the rodeo event in
Gillette, WY on Tuesday. They
came back on Wednesday after
having breakfast with Chancy
Tuesday was Dale Ingalls 80th
birthday so we hope he had a very
happy birthday with family in
Arizona. Sounds like they had a
little party for him, so happy
birthday from the cold country.
Tuesday Marlin and Ethel Ingalls went into Faith, and nephew
Gary Palmer called on them on
Thursday afternoon. Other than
that they have stayed home and
stayed warm.
Carmen Heidler's Christmas
present from John arrived on
Tuesday. It was a new JD baler.
He used to buy her roping steers
for Mother's Day but he always
complained about how much
she'd feed them, so stopped buying her steers. John told her when
the hay is right this summer she
can feed this new baler as much
hay as she wants to. Hope it is a

New Years Day Dwayne, Zona,
Hope, JT, Kelsey and Brixie Vig
enjoyed dinner and visiting at the
church building in Faith.
Thursday Dwayne and Zona
Vig attended funeral services for
Robert Bruce Hale held in Sturgis. Dwayne and Bruce were in
the same graduating class in high
school in Sturgis. They stopped to
visit a bit with Hazel and Janet
Vansickel at the hospital, did a
little shopping and home again.
Spud and Bernice Lemmel
went to Belle Fourche to attend
funeral services on Thursday for
a friend and fellow wool board
member from Alzada, Montana.
Rod and Tracy Ingalls went to
Rapid City on Friday for shopping. They got home just before
the wind hit with a blast. They
said it had been raining in Rapid
City when they left.
Carmen Heidler went into
Faith on Thursday to help
Dorothy Heidler with some
Friday Spud and Bernice Lemmel left early for eye appointments in Rapid City for Spud.
Due to the extreme cold ,
windy, and low chill factor there
was no church services at the
Opal Community Church or the
Faith Church of Christ. Zona said
Dwayne (with a little help from
her) worked on the water system
trying to find out why Hope didn't
have water at her house. 'Twas
just a bit chilly out on the top of
that hill.
Sunday the trapper friend of
the Lemmel's from Rapid City, accompanied by a friend, were out
checking things out in the cold

Rep. Kristi Noem’s
Weekly Column
Noem Responds to USDA’s
Loosening of School Lunch
Author of school lunch reform
proposal says USDA ruling is a
step in the right direction, but
permanent legislative fix still
Rep. Kristi Noem issued the
following statement after the U.S.
Department of Agriculture permanently loosened meat and
grain requirements in school
lunches, which have come under
increased scrutiny since their implementation in 2012:
“Making sure our kids are
healthy is a top priority, but making sure they don't go hungry is
critical as well.  The USDA's announcement comes after a
tremendous amount of pressure
from parents, school administrators, and Congress. What they are
offering is a step in the right direction and adopts some of the
provisions offered in my bill to

give relief.  A more permanent
legislative fix and even greater
flexibility is still needed, however,
in order to give parents and
school administrators the tools
they need when planning our
kids' lunch programs."
In December 2013, Rep. Noem
introduced the Reducing Federal
Mandates on School Lunch Act,
which was endorsed by the National School Boards Association,
the School Superintendents Association (AASA) and the Council of
the Great City Schools.  The legislation would:
·  Make the USDA’s easing of
the meat and grain requirements
permanent through a legislative
fix, allowing schools more flexibility in serving meats and grains
while still staying within calorie
· Give administrators flexibility on some of the rules that have
increased costs for school districts

Page 5

By Sandy Rhoden
Last Week
Mother Nature was fairly kind
to us in Central Meade County
over the Christmas holidays.
After Christmas dinner Cody,
Jesse, and Tristen Rhoden
headed out with Casey and Jenny
Spring and girls to go sledding on
the snow covered hills. By Friday,
the temperatures were well into
the 50s which melted some of the
snow that provided so much fun
just a couple of days before. Other
families in the area enjoyed sledding over the holidays as well.
Family members of Sandy
Rhoden took a tour of the new
home of Kasey and Jenny
(Schnell) Spring on Christmas
Eve. The painting on the upper
level is complete and awaiting
cupboards, flooring, and bathroom facilities. They will hopefully be moving into their new,
beautiful home very soon. Leo
Schnell has spent several days
helping with the painting process.
Wes and Sue Labrier still had
a full household with family as of
Sunday afternoon. Wes has been
helping his son, Shane, on their
garage at their new home located
west of Spearfish. Shane and
Amanda Labrier have settled in
nicely to their new home in the
Spearfish area.
Cody Rhoden made it home
after a long drive from Ft. Rucker
Alabama. He found the cold temperatures a bit of a shock after
leaving temperatures around the
80 degree mark. He's enjoying
spending time with family and
friends, and hopes to make it to
the slopes for skiing one day before he leaves.
The tumbling girls had a practice during Christmas vacation on
Friday. This allowed Katie Sheridan, from Faith, to attend as it is
a bit of a drive from there to
Union Center. Kristi Cammack
was able to fill in for Sandy Rhoden while Melanie Cammack took
the group that day. Sandy Rhoden wound up needing to take
some tests and monitor some
meds over night in the Rapid City
Regional hospital. She returned
home on Friday and has been
enjoy having all four of their sons
at home.
The Faith boys basketball
team will be playing McLaughlin
on Saturday, January 4 at 2:30
pm. in McLaughlin. Their next
home game is on Thursday, January 9 against Hettinger, ND at
6:00 pm.
Students from Faith as well as
Meade 46-1 will resume classes
on Monday, January 6. This
Christmas vacation is one of the
longest ones with 16 consecutive
days off from school. This should
give parents and school aged children, as well as teachers, a good
amount of time to go skiing, sledding, and the many things one
loves to do during the winter
months on days off.
This is the time when we re-

flect back at 2013 in review, and
look forward to what lies ahead.
Most of us have survived some
sort of loss, tragedy, or disappointment in the last year. I am
in hopes that we have all come
through this year stronger than
before, and are looking forward
with high hopes for the future. I
would like to wish all readers of
the Central Meade County News
a very blessed and prosperous
New Year in 2014. Happy New
This week
Mother Nature added on another day to the already healthy
Christmas vacation for students,
teachers and staff. Temperatures
were cold enough to call off
church in Union Center which
hung around -7 to -14 degrees on
Sunday. School was called off on
Monday for the Faith School and
it was a two hour late start for
Meade 46-1 on Monday.
Larry Rhoden attended the Ag
Chairs Summit in Oklahoma this
week. He was elected as the president of SARL, which stands for
'State Ag and Rural Leaders'
made of up Ag Chairs all across
the country's state legislatures.
Cody Rhoden has been spending time with family and friends
during his time back home for the
holidays. He returns to Alabama
where he will graduate from
Flight School at Ft. Rucker on
January 23. He will be certified
to fly Black Hawk and Dakota
helicopters at that time. Sandy
and Larry Rhoden have plans to
attend the graduation near
Ozark, Alabama.
The Faith boys basketball
team played in McLaughlin on
Friday and won both games.
We were saddened by the news
of the passing of Nancy Richter,
of Enning. Our sincere condolences go out to her husband,
Dick, and family. More details to
follow with more information.
The 2014 Sturgis Brown High
School Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony for this year’s
class of honorees will be held on

Friday, Jan. 31, at halftime of the
home boys basketball game in the
west gym at the high school. This
year's selections for induction are
athletes Jay Long, Greg Keszlern,
Bill Shetler, Boyce Voorhees and
Miaken Zeigler; coach Larry
Hines; coach and administrator,
Tim Drone; and administrator
Barry Furze.
Jay Long, a SBHS1995 graduate, was a three-sport athlete,
earning a total of 10 varsity letters in football, wrestling and
track. Jay is the son of John and
Dede Long of Red Owl. Jay and
his wife, Kresi, have three children and reside in Chadron, Nebraska where he is head football
coach for his college alma mater.
The last day of school for
Meade 46-1 will be Friday, May
23. As of Jan. 1, three snow days
have been used so they have been
added to the end of the calendar.
Congratulations to Ryan Murphey per his engagement to his fiancé, Madison. His wedding will
take place on June 8 in Columbus, Georgia. Ryan is the son of
Ross and Debbie Murphey.
Ryan's grandfather, Ralph Murphey, and Mildred Rhoden were
brother and sister

email us at

Vilas Pharmacy & Healthcare Store
Prairie Oasis Mall, Faith, SD

Has 3 new wines
“14 Hands”
“Carlo Rossi Sangria”
“3 Rednecks”

Page 6 • January 8, 2014 • The Faith Independent
Grand River Roundup
By Betty Olson
Is it cold enough for ya? Sun-

day was absolutely miserable. It
was below zero when we got up
and by afternoon the mercury had
dropped to 20 below with a forty
mile an hour wind. I about froze

my face off when I went out to
take care of the chickens. Not exactly the weather I’d hoped for to
start the New Year. Church services around here were canceled on

Faith Livestock Commission Co.
(605) 967-2200
Sale Time: 10 AM
Expecting 800-900 bred cows, 800-1000 feeder cattle,
and 500-600 sheep
Consignments: Calves & Yearlings

Smith – 180 Char x steers HR 800-825#
Smith – 130 Char x heifers HR 775-800#
Smith – 110 Angus steers HR 800#
Henderson – 180 Char & red x steers HR 800-850#
Henderson – 110 Char x heifers HR 800-825#
Verhulst – 180 Angus steers HR 625-750#
Miller – 110 Angus steers HR 800-850#
Wilkenson – 100 Angus steers HR 800-850#
W Palmer – 60 blk & bldy steers HR 850#
Goddard – 100 blk & bldy heifers HR 600-650#
Rosenow – 80 blk & bldy calves HR hfr BV 700-750#
Smith – 60 Angus heifers HR BV 650#
Beckman – 100 Angus steers HR (green) 475-525#
Storm Inc & S Storm – 80 Angus x calves HR 600-675#
Varland Girls – 230 Char x calves HR 700-775#
Peck – 75 Angus heifers HR 500-550#
Jorgenson – 35 red x heifers HR 600-650#
Reder – 50 blk & Char x calves HR 600-650#
Peck – 25 Angus steers HR 600#
M Storm – 35 blk & bldy heifers HR 550#
Laurenz – 80 1st x & Angus heifers HR 600#
Ryen – 20 Hereford & Angus hfrs HR 600#

Consignments: Bred Heifers

Archibald – 120 Angus heifers HR bred Angus calf 3-15
J Maher (DISP) – 200 Angus heifers HR AI'd Angus calf 2-1 (3-20 day calving periods)
F Tomac – 45 Angus & 1st x baldy hfrs HR AI'd Angus VDAR Really Windy
calf 3-1 (3-20 days)
Lindskov – 100 Angus heifers 1100# (Fancy) AI'd Angus LT Sundance 0057 EA Substance 2144
calf 2-10 (2 days)
Reeve – 25 Angus heifers HR bred Angus calf 2-20

Consignments: Bred Cows

J Maher (DISP) – 300 Angus cows 3-5s bred Angus calf 2-5 (ultrasounded)
3-20 day cavling periods
B Williams (DISP) – 190 Angus cows 3-6s bred Lensegrav Hybrid bulls calf 4-1
More bred cows, bred heifers & feeder cattle expected expected by sale time.


Monday, January 20: Special feeder cattle and sheep sale
Monday, January 27: Regular cattle and sheep sale
Monday, February 3: Regular cattle and sheep sale
Monday, February 10: Special replacement heifer, feeder cattle sale
Sletten Angus Bull Sale

Gary Vance – (605) 967-2162 OR Scott Vance – CELL: 484-7127
OR Max Loughlin – 1-605-645-2583 (cell)
OR Glen King 1-605-390-3264 (cell)
We appreciate your business. Give us a call at 605-967-2200
or www.faithlivestock.com if you have livestock to sell.
We would be glad to visit with you.

Sunday, most of the area schools
were closed on Monday and we
postponed the Monday meeting of
Great Western Cattle Trail meeting until Wednesday in Spearfish
at the Heritage Center. The governor of Minnesota canceled
classes in all the schools in the
state for Monday. Now that’s cold!
Did you hear about the Russian ship, Akademic Shokalskiy,
that got stranded in the ice in the
Antarctic while on a mission was
to find evidence of global warming?†A group of climate change
scientists were rescued by helicopter after being stranded in the
ice since Christmas morning.
Three rescue attempts had been
thwarted by growing levels of sea
ice and weather conditions. On
January 2nd all 52 passengers
were airlifted to a nearby Australian icebreaker ship which had
tried, and failed, to plow through
the ice and free the ship on December 30. Two more ships are
headed south to try to free the
Russian ship and crew, as well as
the Chinese ice breaker that got
stuck trying to free the Global
Warming bunch.
Chris Turney, the expedition’s
leader, is a†professor of climate
change†at the University of New
South Wales. Before their ship
got stuck in ice, the researchers
were following the trail of the explorer Douglas Mawson, who was
stranded in Antarctica for more
than a year, beginning in December 1912. I guess there were no
rescue helicopters back then? According to†news reports, Turney
admitted “we’re stuck in our own
experiment.” Well, duh!! The only
thing that would make this even
funnier is if Global Warming advocate Al Gore was stranded with
It’s been too cold to work on the
new shed, so the guys spend most
of their time feeding livestock and
building feed bunks in the shop.
Casey took a tractor down to
Sandy Dan on Tuesday and
picked up the steel for the new
shed. Hopefully it warms up before lambing and calving starts so
they can get it finished!
We had a good bunch here for
supper on New Years Day. Roger
and Judy Nash, Dennis Nash,
and Russell Beld joined the Olson
crew that evening for a real good
visit. Judy brought a big batch of
fresh lefse she just made that day
and it was absolutely delicious!
Missy had the flu so she stayed
home and both Bryce and Taz
were gone, but Casey and Trig
helped us polish off a lot of food.
Judy and Roger got a new
granddaughter on New Years Eve
and brought pictures of the little
angel to show us. Their daughter
Sophie and Ben Bengston are the
proud parents of a baby girl,
Emily Rose. Emily was born in
Sioux Falls weighing 5 lbs, 9.5 oz
and measuring 18 inches long.
The Harding County FFA seniors flew to Arizona on New Years
Day for their senior trip. The seniors attending were Bryce Olson,
Hattie Cramer, Ashton Gian-

nonatti, Tymber Teigen, Dalton
Hurst, and Dalton Jenkins. They
were accompanied by Jamie
Brown and Michelle Teigen.
Bryce said the weather was really
nice down there in Phoenix, but
she thought the Christmas lights
decorating palm trees and the
Nativity scenes set on green grass
just didn’t seem right. She was
glad to get back to the snowy
north country when they returned on Saturday. She’s probably rethinking that now. . .
Our old friend Maurice Hamilton, age 90 from Reva, passed
away December 21 in Spearfish.
His funeral will be at the Reva
Hall on Saturday, January 11 at
11:30 a.m. Interment will be 1:00
p.m. Monday, January 13 at the
Black Hills National Cemetery
near Sturgis. A memorial has
been established to the Reva Fire
Both Reub and I got treatments from Mary Eggebo in Hettinger Thursday and I got the oil
changed in my car to get ready for
those long trips to Pierre that
start next week. I have an Executive Board meeting on Monday
and Tuesday, January 14 is the
first day of the 2014 legislative
session. I sure hope the weather
improves before then!
Time just flies by when you get
older. I can really relate to this
New Year poem Joel Schell sent
us. Hope you enjoy it too:
Another year has passed
And we're all a little older.
Last summer felt hotter
And this winter seems much
There was a time not long ago
When life was quite a blast.
Now I fully understand
About 'Living in the Past'
We used to go to weddings,
Football games and lunches.
Now we go to funeral homes,
And after-funeral brunches.
We used to have hangovers,
From parties that were gay.
Now we suffer body aches
And sleep the night away.
We used to go out dining,
And couldn't get our fill.
Now we ask for doggie bags,
Come home and take a pill.
We used to often travel
To places near and far.
Now we get sore rears
From riding in the car.
We used to go to nightclubs
And drink a little booze.
Now we stay home at night
And watch the evening news.
That, my friend is how life is
And now my tale is told.
So, enjoy each day and live it up
Before you're too darned old!
all! May the Lord continue to
bless you abundantly, and 2014
bring you all the good health and
prosperity you can handle.

January 8, 2014 • The Faith Independent • Page

Symbolizing Life in South Dakota
The great seal of South Dakota does more than authenticate
official documents. It serves as a symbol of life in South Dakota.

Within the circle of the great
seal of South Dakota are representations of commerce, industry
and natural resources.
South Dakota became a state
on Nov. 2, 1889. A look back at
the history of the state’s emblems
and symbols is a fitting way to
commemorate the 125th anniversary of South Dakota’s statehood.
The history of the great seal goes
back to the days of Dakota Territory. As constitutions were drawn
and steps toward statehood were
taken, the description of official
seals to authenticate official documents had to be addressed.
Committees were created at constitutional conventions for that
State historian Doane Robinson, in his Encyclopedia of South
Dakota, stated, “The great seal of
South Dakota was devised by a
committee of the Constitutional
Convention of 1885, of which Dr.
Joseph Ward was chairman and
the device and motto are his suggestion.”
Ward came to Yankton in
1868. He was the first minister
called to the first Congregational
Church established in Dakota
Territory. In addition to being a
religious leader, Ward was a
leader in many civic and educational enterprises and in the
movement for statehood. He was
a member of constitutional conventions in 1883 and 1885.
Ward and his committee offered a description of the state
seal at the 1885 constitutional
convention. With a few changes,
such as changing the word
Dakota to “State of South
Dakota” and adding the actual
year of statehood, this description
was approved when South
Dakota’s constitution was ratified
on Oct. 1, 1899.
The state seal as described in
the South Dakota Constitution,
article 21, is: “The design of the
great seal of South Dakota shall
be as follows: A circle within
which shall appear in the left
foreground a smelting furnace
and other features of mining
work. In the left background a
range of hills. In the right foreground a farmer at his plow. In
the right background a herd of
cattle and a field of corn. Between
the two parts thus described shall
appear a river bearing a steam-

boat. Properly divided between
the upper and lower edges of the
circle shall appear the legend,
‘Under God the People Rule’
which shall be the motto of the
state of South Dakota. Exterior to
this circle and within a circumscribed circle shall appear, in the
upper part, the words, ‘State of
South Dakota,’ in the lower part
the words, ‘Great Seal,’ and the
date in Arabic numerals of the
year in which the state shall be
admitted to the union.”
Thus, the smelting furnace
represents the mining industry.
The plowman and the field of corn
symbolize farming, and the cattle
feeding on the plain portray
ranching and dairying, all representing agriculture. The trees indicate lumbering. The sky and
hills represent the Black Hills
and the state’s scenic beauty. The
steamboat stands for transportation and commerce, and the river
is the Missouri River that winds
through the state.
The state Legislature authorized Richard Cropp of Mitchell to
design an official colored reproduction of the great seal in 1961,
and it is stored in the South
Dakota State Historical Society -State Archives at the Cultural
Heritage Center in Pierre. In
1986, Gov. Bill Janklow commissioned John Moisan of Fort Pierre
to create a painted version of the
state seal. Current color reproductions are based on this version
of the state seal.
The secretary of state is designated by law as the “keeper of the
seal.” Anyone who wishes to use
the state seal in publications or
other purposes has to ask for and
receive permission from the secretary of state’s office in order to
do so. This protects the image of
the state seal and ensures its
tasteful and respectful use.
Instead of the seal being an
embossed image, a foil seal is now
placed on documents filed with
the secretary of state’s office.
About 30,000 documents a year
receive the foil seal.
South Dakotans do not need to
look at official documents to see
the great seal. The state seal, and
all that it symbolizes, is incorporated into the design of the state
This moment in South Dakota
history is provided by the South
Dakota Historical Society Foundation, the nonprofit fundraising
partner of the South Dakota
State Historical Society. Find us
on the web at www.sdhsf.org.
Contact us at info@sdhsf.org to
submit a story idea.

email us at


Longhorns bring home
a win over McLaughlin
The Faith Longhorns played
McLaughlin on Saturday, January 4th. Following is the results
Chaney Keffeler 8 pts., 3 reb.,
1 assist; Dalton Sheridan 5 pts., 2
reb., 2 steals; Jaelani Uthe 3 reb.,
2 assists, 1 steal; Jarius Halligan
22 pts., 5 reb., 5 assists, 4 steals;
Josh Afdahl 4 pts., 4 reb., 4 assists, 1 steal; Rio Hulm 11 pts., 4
reb., 1 assist, 2 steals; Tyen
Palmer 4 pts.; Tyler Hohenberger
13 pts., 8 reb., 1 steal; Wyatt
Schuelke 2 pts., 8 reb., 1 steal.
2 pts fg% 51%; 3 pt. fg% 38%;
Ft % 92% and To’s 15.

Quarter scores
19 34 56 69
6 13 22 46
Faith JV team over McLaughlin
Cole Trainor 1 pt., 2 reb., 3
steals; Wyatt Schuelke 21 pts., 3
reb., 5 steals; Connor Smith 1
reb.; Dalton Sheridan 2 pt., 2 reb.,
1 steal; Dustyn Eaton 2 pts., 2
reb., 2 assists, 4 steals; Glenn
Palmer 5 pts., 1 reb., 2 steals;
Jacob Ulrich 1 steal; Jake Foster
2 pts.; John Gropper 2 pts, 1 reb.,
1 assist; Joseph Ulrich 4 reb.;

Tristen Rhoden 9 pts., 9 reb, 1 assist, 3 steals; Tye Grubl 3 reb.;
Tyen Palmer 10 pts., 6 reb., 1
Quarter scores
13 31 44 54
7 15 22 31
The C team played 2 quarters
and came home with a win
Cole Trainor, 3 pts.; Garret
Drum 3 pts.; Connor Smith 2 pts.;
Jake Foster 2 pts.; Tye Gruble 6
pts.; John Gropper 4 pts.
11 22
7 7

Page 8

The Faith Independent • January 8, 2014

scholarships available
to South Dakota State
University students
$2,500 scholarships available to
juniors and seniors for 2014-2015
academic year

20,000 miles, AWD, heated leather
& more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $28,495

Nice, one owner trade-in, well
equipped . . . . . . . . . . . . . $27,995

PICKUPS • 4x4s • 4x2s

2011 RANGER SUPERCAB: 4 door,
XLT, 4x4, 8,900 miles .......$22,995

2013 ESCAPE SEL: Ecoboost, 4x4,
heated leather, sunroof & more,
16,500 miles . . . . . . . . . . $26,995

1996 CHEVY SUBURBAN: 3/4 ton,
4x4, very usable . . . . . . . . . $3,995

2013 LINCOLN MKS: Ecoboost, all
wheel drive, 16,000 miles, most all
the extras . . . . . . . . . . . . . $38,495

Mid-Sized & Family-Sizes Cars

2010 F-150 SUPER CREW 4X4:
Lariat, heated & cooled leather, box
cover & lots more, 34,000 miles,
town pickup, just in ..........$32,995
2010 F-350 SUPERCAB 4X4: Long
box, V-10, 6 speed, XLT, 67,000
miles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $23,995

2009 F-150 SUPER CREW XLT:
102,000 miles . . . . . . . . . $18,495
2008 F-150 SUPER CREW XLT:
AT, clean, good running . . $19,995

2008 SUPERCAB 4X4 XLT: Well
equipped trade, 93,000 miles, way
under book. . . . . . . . . . . . $15,995

2008 F-250 CREW CAB SHORTBOX: 72K miles, XLT, 4x4, diesel,
trailer tow pkg., clean. . . . $26,995
Supercab, 4x4, 5 speed, 4.0 V-6
engine, well equipped, 111,000
miles. Just traded.
One owner . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,995

2013 LINCOLN MKS: Ecoboost,
AWD, 16K miles, extras ....$38,495
2012 FORD FOCUS: 5 door hatchback, well equipped, 40,000 mile
economy rig ......................$13,495

2012 CHEVY MALIBU LT: 26,000
miles, very well equipped ..$15,995

Dovetail Tandem, 3500 lb.
Axles … $2,895

2013 F-150s & F-350s
Nice Rebates & Discounts!

F-150 4x4 Super Crew, XLT, longbox, 5.0 engine ~ Black
F-150 4x4 Super Crew, Lariat, shortbox, Ecoboost ~ Blue
F-350 4x4 Crew Cab, XLT, shortbox, 6.7 diesel ~ Blue
NEW F-150 4x4 Super Crew, Lariat, Ecoboost ~ White

2004 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature Series, very good, comfortable
car, 143,000 easy miles, $1,500
under book .........................$5,495

2003 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature, 170,000 easy miles, well cared
for car.................................$4,995
2003 FORD TAURUS SES: Sunroof,
power seat, good tires, 119K easy

2005 DODGE DAKOTA: 4x4, V-8,
SLT pkg., quad cab & more $7,995

4X4: 5 speed, good buy . . . $3,995

2009 FORD FUSION SE: 4 cyl., 4
door, sunroof, 57,000 miles, clean &

2010 GRAND MARQUIS LS: Ultimate pkg., good full sized car,
63,000 miles .....................$13,995

Sunroof, heated leather, 60,000
miles, call on this one! ......$13,895

New DCT 20 ft. Car Hauler: Tandem 3500 lb. axles ...$3,695
2005 Trailer:
2 place snowmobile, drive-on, drive-off ....................$1,995

MURDO FORD • 669-2391

(605) 669-2784 EVENINGS: 669-2881 • 669-2918 • Murdo, SD

Terry Van Dam: 669-2918 • Jim Butt: 669-2881 • Travis Van Dam: 406/239-8020

TOLL-FREE: 1-800-658-5585 • www.murdo-ford.com


SUVs & Vans



Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica), a customerowned financial cooperative,
announced it will offer $2,500
scholarships to juniors and seniors at land grant universities in
Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota
and Wyoming. 
FCSAmerica will provide
scholarships to six South Dakota
State University (SDSU) qualifying students studying agriculture
or ag business in the 2014-2015
academic year. 2014 marks the
18th year that FCSAmerica will
offer land grant scholarships
through its scholarship program.
Application information and
complete scholarship criteria are
available at fcsamerica.com/scholarships. Printed applications are
also available at the College of
Agriculture and Biological Sciences at SDSU, Ag Hall156. The
deadline for the SDSU scholarship application is February 15,
2014, and completed applications
must be sent to Dr. Don Marshall
at SDSU.
“These scholarships provide
needed financial assistance to eligible students and contribute
positively to the future of agriculture and rural America,” said Bob
Schmidt, senior vice president,
FCSAmerica, Pierre. “Providing
educational support to our future
producers and agribusiness leaders is one of the many ways we
support the South Dakota communities we serve.”
Other scholarship criteria include a grade-point average of 3.0
or higher, written essay, agriculture background or work experience in agriculture, career
interest and residency by state.
Students must be enrolled in
their university’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources with course work
emphasis in agribusiness or economics, or enrolled in the College
of Business Administration with
agribusiness, finance, accounting
or economics to be eligible for the
FCSAmerica scholarships.
Through its community involvement program, FCSAmerica
contributes more than $425,000
each year in educational scholarships and sponsorships for its
Young and Beginning Program,
4-H, FFA and other agriculture
leadership programs in its fourstate area. In 2013, FCSAmerica
and its employees contributed
more than 5,000 volunteer hours
and more than $2.2 million dollars in community involvement
support to organizations in Iowa,
Nebraska, South Dakota and

LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County
Proceedings of the
Common Council
City of Faith, SD
The Common Council for the City of
Faith, South Dakota met in regular session on December 17, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.
in the Council Room of the Community
Center. Mayor Haines called the meeting
to order, Brown called roll call, and
Mayor Haines led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Council members present: Riley, Inghram, Spencer, Lightfield, Hellekson
and Berndt.
Others in attendance were: Debbie
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to approve the agenda as
presented. Motion carried.
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Lightfield to approve the minutes of
the November 19, 2013 meeting. Motion
The following claims were presented
and read: Utility Department, Salaries –
$6,029.52; Finance Office, Salaries –
Salaries – $4,027.77; Bar & Liquor
Store, Salaries – $1,825.09; Janitor,
Salaries – $1,242.96; Ambulance Department, Salaries – $4,027.51; James
Crockford, Landfill Manager – $280.45;
Angela Ostrander, Library Supervisor,
$184.24; Kathy Schuchhardt, Library
Sub – $628.01; Amy Ulrich, Library
Aide – $36.83; First National Bank, Federal Excise Tax – $358.76; First National
Bank, Withholding & SS – $3,090.99;
Combined Insurance, Supplemental Insurance – $36.00; Bankcard, Collection
Fees – $115.55; SD State Treasurer,
Sales Tax – $4,176.79; AT&T, Purchase
of Accts Receivable – $113.85; Brosz
Engineering, Inc., Professional Services – $12,571.25; Business Forms &
Account, w2's & 1099's – $138.00;
Dakota Backup, Professional Services –
$35.00; Faith Independent, Publishing –
$665.32; Faith Lumber Yard, Supplies –
$571.65; Golden West Technologies &
Internet Sol, Internet Help Desk, HD
Subscriber Count Chg – $1,652.28;
Golden West Telecommunications, Special Access – $5,740.31; Joint Utility
Training School, Training-Jon – $200.00;
Johnson Western Wholesale, Liquor –
$423.35; Lynn's Dakotamart, Supplies –
$205.35; Maguire Iron, Inc., Water
Tower – $750.00; Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.,
Oxygen Tank Rentals – $15.55; Meade
County, Meade GEO Online GIS –
$65.00; Mid America Computer Corp.,
Toll Messages & Cabs Processing Chg –
$715.93; Physcians Claims Company,
Ambulance Billing – $1,351.54; Power
House, Saw Chain – $28.00; Prairie
Community Health, Meds for Ambulance – $6.90; Rick's Auto, LLC, Repair
& Maintenance, Supplies – $886.50;
Roy's Pronto Auto Parts, Repair & Maintenance

Uniform/Linen Co., Supplies – $268.65;
SD One Call, Locate Fees – $2.10; SD
Municipal Electric Assoc., Membership
Dues – $500.00; SD Municipal Liquor
Assoc., Annual Membership – $25.00;
SD Municipal Police Chiefs Assoc.,
Membership Dues – $95.59; SD Government Finance Officer's, Membership
Dues – $40.00; SD Human Resource
Assoc., Annual Membership – $25.00;
SD Municipal League, Membership
Dues – $404.95; SD Retailers Association, Membership Dues – $100.00; SD
State Electrical Council, Membership
Dues – $40.00; SDML Workers Compensation

$12,907.00; Tri State Water, Water –
$16.20; Vilas Pharmacy & Healthcare,
Supplies – $1.99; VISA, Library Supplies – $205.73.
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Riley to approve all claims as presented. All yes votes. Motion carried.

7:15 PM – Open Bids for Aviation
Locken Oil, LLC submitted a bid for
$.47 over invoice for 2014. Lightfield
made a motion, seconded by Hellekson
to accept the bid from Locken Oil, LLC
for $.47 over invoice for 2014. All yes
votes. Motion carried.
Lightfield introduced the following
resolution and moved for its adoption:
NO. 12-17-13-01
WHEREAS the City of
Faith needs to transfer and that
the Finance Officer be authorized to transfer funds as of November 30, 2013 in accordance
with the adopted Budget Plan:
General to Ambulance Restricted Cash
2,000.00.............. from
Electric to Capital Outlay
Water to Capital Outlay
1,000.00.............. from
Sewer to Capital Outlay
6,000.00.............. from
Telephone to Capital Outlay
1,272.78.............. from
Liquor to General
10,000.00.............. from
Telephone to General
10,000.00.............. from
Electric to General
Seconded by Spencer. All yes
votes. Motion carried.
Bob Drown with Northwest Area Conservation Districts in Bison sent a message about a possible grant for some 7-8
ft. trees. Council agreed to check into it.
Approve Fire and Ambulance List:
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to approve the following
Ambulance: Terry Bottjen, Kris Escott, Carmen Fees, Lila Fisher, Arlen
Frankfurth, Austin Frankfurth, Cindy
Frankfurth, Joseph Gould, Glen Haines,
Wes Heidlebaugh, Fred Hulm (Inactive),
Jana Johnson, Michelle McGraw (Inactive), Brandon Owen, Juanita Selby (Inactive), Michael Stocklin, Justin Haines
Fire List: Anthony Fisher, Charlie
Steen (Inactive Reserve), Glen Haines,
J.R. Holloway (Inactive Reserve), Justin
Haines, Arlen Frankfurth, Paul Peterson
(Inactive Reserve), Shara Haines, Scott
Gray, Fred Hulm, Bill Hibner, Mike Merriman, Brian Medrud (Inactive Reserve),
Joe Taylor, Lee Mortenson (Inactive Reserve), Brian Maloney (Inactive Reserve),
Reserve), Austin Frankfurth, Jeff Brown,
Wade Nelson, Scott Walters (Inactive
Reserve), Marty Niederwerder, Elson
Fischbach, Marty Shaff.
All yes votes. Motion carried.
2014 Salaries – Raises:
Spencer made a motion to do a 3%
increase for Arlen Frankfurth, Debbie
Brown, Gloria Dupper, Chuck Jones,
Patty Hauser, Cindy Escott, Cindy Frankfurth, Donn Dupper, Brian Medrud,
Glenda McGinnis and Jim Crockford.
Due to lack of second, motion failed.
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to retire into executive session at 7:26 PM to discuss personnel.
Motion carried.
Mayor Haines declared the Council
out of executive session at 8:01 PM.
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Inghram to give $600 a year increase
to the following: Arlen Frankfurth, Debbie
Brown, Gloria Dupper, Chuck Jones,
Patty Hauser, Cindy Escott, Cindy Frankfurth and to give $.35 an hour to Donn
Dupper and $.35 an hour and $129.26
daily to Brian Medrud and approve the
following salaries:
2014 Salaries

Arlen Frankfurth, $34,026.33 plus
$1,000.50, Monthly Amb., 100%/100%
Debbie Brown, $40,874.09, $19.65,
100%/100% Ins
Gloria Dupper, $25,428.84, $12.23,
100%/100% Ins
Chuck Jones, $25,004.52, $12.02,
100%/50% Ins
Jon Collins, $32,697.60, $15.72,
100%/50% Ins
Patty Hauser, $24,919.66, $11.98,
100%/50% Ins
Cindy Escott, $21,816.00, $10.49,
100%/50% Ins
$13.37, On with Spouse
30 Hour Week
Donn Dupper, $26.95 an hour
Brian Medrud, $12.90 an hour up to
8 hour day or $129.26 a day after 8
Glenda McGinnis, $10.46 per hour
Drivers License Examiner
Jim Crockford, $9.49 per hour Landfill
Debbie Henschel, Fill in landfill, $8.00
per hour
Bruce Humble, Fill in landfill, $8.00
per hour
Paul Passolt, Fill in landfill, $8.00 per
Marvin Jensen, Fill in landfill, $8.00
per hour
Angela Ostrander, Done by library
Kathy Schuhhardt, Done by library
Ambulance, $1.00 on call or $1.00 on
call backup
Ambulance, $1.50 on call after 280
Ambulance - Paramedic, $2.00 on
call or $2.00 on call backup
Ambulance - Paramedic, $2.50 on
call after 280 Hours
Ambulance Driver, $10.25 per hour
on duty
Ambulance EMT, $11.25 per hour on
Ambulance EMT I, $13.25 per hour
on duty
Ambulance EMT-SS/PARA, $20.25
per hour on duty
Fill In Bartenders
Michelle McGraw, $10.00 per hour as
fill in Bartender
Juanita Selby, $10.00 per hour as fill
in Bartender
Jozelle Fordyce, $10.00 per hour as
fill in Bartender
Lexy Hostetter, $10.00 per hour as fill
in Bartender
Sandra Rasmussen, $10.00 per hour
as fill in Bartender
Loretta Baier, $10.00 per hour as fill
in Bartender
Vicki Keough, $10.00 per hour as fill
in Bartender
Allison Grueb, $10.00 per hour as fill
in Bartender
Paul Peterson, $10.00 per hour as fill
in Bartender
Justin Haines, $10.00 per hour as fill
in Bartender
Mykal Shaff, $10.00 per hour as
package store attendant/runner/lottery
Special Events
Barbara Berndt, Fill in at the Lone
Tree Bar as need with duties as assigned at $10 an hour as needed pursuant to SDCL 9-14-16-1
Package Store Attendant/ Bartender, $7.25-$11.00 per hour
Laborer or Utility Part-time, $7.25$9.30 per hour
Library Aide, $7.25-$9.30 per hour
Part Time Office Clerk, $7.25$11.00 per hour
Police, Part-time, $12 an hour for
cert and $10 for non cert.
Pool Manager, Wait for pool committee
Lifeguards, Wait for pool committee
Pool Help, Ticket taker, Wait for pool
Jailer/Matron, $7.25 per hour

January 8, 2014 • The Faith Independent •
Landfill, Part-time, $8.00 per hour
Mayor, $60.00 per meeting
Council, $50.00 per meeting
Five - yes votes. Spencer – no. Motion carried.
School in Sioux Falls:
Jon Collins will be attending the Joint
Utility Training School in Sioux Falls on
January 21-23, 2014.
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to adjourn. Motion carried.
Glen Haines, Mayor
Debbie Brown, Finance Officer
Published January 8, 2014 for a total approximate cost of $118.58

Proceedings of the
Common Council
City of Faith, SD
The Common Council for the City of
Faith, South Dakota met in regular session on December 30, 2013 at 7:00 P.M.
in the Council Room of the Community
Center. Mayor Haines called the meeting
to order, Brown called roll call, and
Mayor Haines led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Council members present: Riley, Inghram, Berndt, Lightfield and Hellekson.
Council members absent: Spencer.
Others in attendance were: Debbie
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Lightfield to approve the agenda removing item #8. Motion carried.
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Lightfield to approve the minutes of
the December 17, 2013 meeting. Four –
yes votes. Riley – no. Motion carried.
The following claims were presented
and read:
Afdahl's Appliance, Repairs & Maintenance, Supplies – $131.85; Altec Industries, Inc., Repair & Maintenance –
$635.02; Avenet, LLC, Annual Service
Package – $350.00; Butler Insurance
Company, Elgin Street Sweeper –
$238.00; CenturyLink, Services Expenses – $5.10; Consortia Consulting by
Telec, General Consulting & Settlements – $1,797.88; CWD Aberdeen,
Supplies – $351.14; Dakota Business
Center, Printer-Library – $2,375.00; Dept
of Revenue, Water Testing, Drivers Licensing – $43.00; Emergency Medical
Products, Inc., Supplies – $52.55; Faith
Lumber Company, Supplies – $1,681.89;
Eddie Henschel, Ambulance Laundry –
$48.40; Jerome Beverage, Beer –
$4,299.00; Johnson Western Wholesale,
Liquor – $2,300.31; Lynn's Dakotamart,
Supplies – $179.63; Neve's Uniforms &
Equipment, Police Uniforms & SuppliesBrian – $175.00; Reliable Office Supplies, Office Supplies – $109.95; Riter,
Rogers, Wattier & Brown, LLP, Legal
Fees – $85.00; Schwans, Misc –
$201.27; Servall Towel & Linen, Supplies – $142.91; Sodak Distributing
Company, Liquor – $2,929.66; South
Dakota Network, 800 Database Landline – $8.78; Sysco-North Dakota, Supplies – $330.24; Tri State Water, Water –
$8.60; Verizon Wireless, Ambulance &
Police Cell Phones – $230.81; Missouri
River Energy Services, WAPA, Dues,
Supplemental Power – $22,003.57; Express Communications, Inc., Inter/Intra
Access Revenue – $1,077.81; First National Bank, Paypal (Exit Sign & Emergency Lights) – $310.00; First National
Bank, Bonus Bucks for Employees for
Christmas - $980.00; First National
Bank, 911 Surcharge – $356.25; Trout
Machinery, 2006 International Digger
Derrick Truck – $77,900.00; First National Bank, Withholding & SS –
$423.86; First National Bank, Withholding & SS – $725.10; Border States Elec-

Page 9

tric Supply, Electric Supplies – $167.27;
De Lage Landen, Copier Lease –
$44.46; Faith Independent, Publishing –
$188.57; M&D Food Shop, Gasoline –
$445.48; Northwest Beverage Inc.,
Beer – $11,240.15; Ricks Auto, Repair &
Maintenance – $155.00; Servall Towel &
Linen, Supplies – $141.55; South
Dakota Broadband Tech., In Kind technology grant portion – $1,165.60; Farmers Union Oil, Gasoline – $2,334.04;
Roys Pronto Auto Parts, Repair & Maintenance – $692.19; First National Bank,
Withholding & SS – $3,323.93; Bogue
and Bogue, Lawyer Fees – $5,000.00.
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to approve all claims as
presented. All yes votes. Motion carried.
The November revenues were
$183,549.57 and the November expenditures were $152,991.70.
Hellekson introduced the following
resolution and moved for its adoption:
WHEREAS the City of
Faith needs to transfer and that
the Finance Officer be authorized to transfer from the Contingency Fund in accordance with
SDCL 9-21-6.1:
Contingency Fund to General
Government Building
300.00.............. from Contingency Fund to Publishing
160.00.............. from Contingency Fund to Insurance and
171.00.............. from Contingency Fund to Library
Seconded by Inghram. All yes
votes. Motion carried.
Lightfield introduced the following
resolution and moved for its adoption:
RESOLUTION NO. 12-30-1302
A Resolution Passed Pursuant to Revised Ordinances,
Title 8 - Utilities Establishing
Rates and Charges for Utility
Services for the City of Faith,
South Dakota;
WHEREAS pursuant to
the Revised Ordinances, Title 8
- Utilities, the Common Council
is authorized to establish rates
and charges for all utility services by Resolution; and
RESOLVED, that the following rates and charges are
adjusted and added to those
rates contained in RESOLUTION NO. 12-31-91-02 which
the following new rates will be
effective on February 1, 2014
Residential Rate:
Service Charge – $11.60
per month
(Every Meter used by the customer will be billed a Service
June Thru August – All
Sept. Thru May – 0 - 750
Over 750 KWH – $0.083
Commercial/City Rate:
Service Charge, SingePhase – $18.00 per month
(Every Meter used by the customer will be billed a Service
Service Charge, ThreePhase – $24.00 per month
(Every Meter used by the customer will be billed a Service
June Thru August – 0 –
5000 KWH, $0.121
Over 5000 KWH – $0.102
Sept. Thru May – 0 –
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Page 10

• The Faith Independent • January 8, 2014

Continued from previous
5000 KWH, $0.107
Over 5000 KWH – $0.085
Home Occupational Rate:
Service Charge SinglePhase – $18.00 per month
(Every Meter used by the customer will be billed a Service
Service Charge ThreePhase – $24.00 per month
(Every Meter used by the customer will be billed a Service
June Thru August – 0 –
5000 KWH – $0.118
Over 5000 KWH – $0.102
Sept Thru May 0 – 5000
KWH – $0.103
Over 5000 KWH – $0.084
Metered Street and Security
100 watt HPS – $7.25 per
250 watt HPS – $12.00
per month
400 watt HPS – $17.00
per month
Seconded by Hellekson.
Riley, Lightfield and Inghram –
no votes. Berndt and Hellekson
– yes votes. Motion failed.
7:15 – Open Bids for Shelves:
No bids were received.
Berndt made a motion, seconded by
Lightfield to surplus the yellow digger
truck and two snow plows with Dave
Kilby, Jeff Brown and Gary Fisher as appaisers and surplus the telephone equipment to be disposed of. Motion carried.
Committee Reports:
Inghram stated that their committee
had met with Donn Dupper and discussed the priority list. Berndt reported
that their committee discussed ambulance door not working, CPR machine
under a grant, no EMT’s were interested
in taking a class from the advertisement
that was sent out, ambulance is fine on
the hardship clause for now and Arlen
had his second knee replaced and the
County is taking two days a week and
Brian Medrud is covering the rest.
Executive Session – Personnel:
Berndt made a motion, seconded by
Hellekson to retire into executive session
to discuss personnel at 7:30 P.M. Motion
Mayor Haines declared the Council
out of executive session at 7:35 P.M.
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to adjourn. Motion carried.
Glen Haines, Mayor
Debbie Brown, Finance Officer
Published January 8, 2014 for a total approximate cost of $110.46

Meade County
Commission Meeting
(Monday, December
23, 2013)
Generated by Lisa G Schieffer on
Monday, December 23, 2013
Members present
Robert Heidgerken, Linda Rausch,
Alan Aker, Bob Bertolotto and Galen
Meeting called to order at 8:30 AM
1. Call to Order at 8:30 AM
Procedural: A. Prayer
Procedural: B. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Items from Auditor
Action: A. Forest Service Payment to
Motion to approve signing the election form and going with the Title I Funding.
Motion by Rausch, second by Aker.

Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action: B. Amend Motion from December 3 & 4, Meeting
Motion to amend the original motion
from the December 3rd regular Commission meeting to state that the $35,000 allocation for the revolving loan fund come
out of 101-5-111-429.5 with no contingency money being used.
Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
3. Items from HWY Superintendent
Action, Discussion: A. ROW Debris
Removal - Contract Process
Action, Discussion: B. Stockpile
Agreement with DOT
Motion to approve the agreement.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: C. Annual Agreement with Carrier Enforcement
Motion to approve the agreement.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: D. Set Date for
Fuel Bids
Motion to set a date to open fuel bids
for January 22, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. for the
Highway Department.
Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: E. ATLAS Damage to County Roads
Action, Discussion: F. Truck Pull-Off
on New Underwood Road
4. Items from Commission
Action, Discussion: A. State Guaranteed Loan Program
Action, Discussion: B. Executive Session SDCL 1-25-2 (1)
Motion to go into executive session
due to personnel matters.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Motion to go out of executive session
and return to regular session.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by Aker.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
5. Dinner Break @ Noon
Minutes: A. Recess for Dinner Break
6. Scheduled Items @ 1PM
Action, Discussion: A. Reissuance of
two retail (on-sale) liquor licenses
w/Sunday sales for Glencoe Entertainment LLC.
Motion to approve the renewal of two
retail (on-sale) liquor w/Sunday sales license applications of Glencoe Entertainment LLC.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Bertolotto.
Nay: Aker, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: B. Transfer and
renewal of retail on-sale liquor w/Sunday
sales and Package off-sale (former
Mckee's Pub & Grill)
Motion to transfer the retail on-sale
liquor w/Sundays sales and Package offsale license application to Willard James
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Motion to renew the retail on-sale
liquor w/Sundays sales and Package offsale license application of Willard James

LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: C. Alcohol Transfer - H-S Holdings LLC
Motion to approve the transfer of a retail on-sale liquor w/Sunday sales license application from Hagg Hospitality
LLC to H-S Holdings LLC.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: D. Alcohol License Renewal - H-S Holdings LLC
Motion to renew the retail on-sale
liquor w/Sunday sales license application of H-S Holdings LLC.
Motion by Aker, second by Bertolotto.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: E. Alcohol Renewal for Hagg Hospitality, LLC.
No action needed.
7. Items from Commission Assistant
Action, Discussion: A. Supplement to
State's Attorney Budget
Motion to approve $2500.00 from the
Contingency Fund into line item 101-5152-411 of the State's Attorney’s Budget.
Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: B. Emergency
Manager Vehicle Purchase
Motion to authorize payment from the
Contingency Fund in the amount of
$27,853.00 into line item 226-5-222-434
of the Emergency Management Budget.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
8. Consent Calendar
Action (Consent), Discussion: A.
Consent Calendar
Motion to approve items on Consent
Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action (Consent): B. Bills for Payment

$1577.42, L Rausch – $190.30, G
Niederwerder – $109.15, BHWG –
$157.85, A Aker – $71.04, Sturgis Economic Dev – $35000.00
ELECTIONS: Postage by Phone –
$63.32, R Henning – $50.00, D Danielson – $64.80, J Carlson – $33.30, S
Trask – $69.20, Comm. Health Center –
$130.00, Language Line Services –
$47.60, Pizza Ranch – $116.35, J Howell – $936.20, R Haivala – $193.20, A
Chaffee – $50.00, P Chambers –
$68.50, A Chipowsky – $55.18, T
Erdos – $72.20, S Good – $56.66, H
Harmon – $60.36, B Higbee – $64.80, L
McNenny – $50.00, D Mulvehill –
$60.36, N Weston – $69.24, L Havemeier – $30.40, L Baker – $11.48, B
Bauer – $54.40, R Fox – $10.74, L Gravatt – $69.20, B Grumstrup – $24.80, T
Harter – $83.30, B Hull – $10.74, G Jobgen – $61.10, S Johnson – $54.44, J
Kramer – $81.08, B Lehmann – $69.98,
L Lewis-Akovenko – $13.70, T Lienau –
$62.58, C Mather – $23.32, A Mergen –
$68.50, V Morgan – $59.62, K Nelson –
$32.20, L Sabo – $66.28, A Shaw –
$94.40, J Williamson – $10.74, L
Yockey – $27.02, R Knutson – $68.50, B
Cross – $57.40, R Heikes – $50.74,

Penn Co. Sheriff – $1398.50, G
Biegler – $75.00
AUDITOR: Xerox – $236.46
TREASURER: City of Faith –
$180.57, Faith Independent –
$678.67, KT Connections – $1340.00,
Century Business Leasing – $109.02,
BHWG – $703.03, Rushmore Office –
$2652.02, Meade Co. Treas. – $8.66,
Postage by Phone – $1500.00
COMPUTER: Verizon – $200.39,
CDW Gov’t. – $3781.48
STATE’S ATTORNEY: J Carlson $32.80, L Cermak – $20.00, City of
RC – $1470.00, Verizon – $54.81,
A&B Business – $1643.48, C
Harkins – $579.90, RC Police Dept. –
$7.24, State Treas. – $35.00, SD
States Atty’s Assoc – $1413.00, State
Bar of SD – $1835.00
K Thompson – $4364.57, J Stielow –
$2548.34, J Hilpert – $2129.80, Wilde
& Hunt – $140.24, Fitzgerald Law –
$435.29, Grey Law $2366.00, R
Haivala – $889.85, Butler Law –
$8542.43, R Hymans – $14973.12
BLDG: BH Chemical – $451.94,
BHP&L – $8008.56, Crum Electric –
$2113.84, G&R Controls – $1122.45,
CBH – $385.04, Border States Electric – $516.90, EB Comm. – $6464.85,
605 Drywall – $3100.00, Johnston
Hardware – $17.18, MDU – $1271.09,
Menards – $1006.97, NW Pipe –
$3098.95, Sturgis Water $62.21,
Hills – $4543.06, Sherwin Williams –
$1035.71, Kone – $1272.44, Horst
Acoustical – $4975.00, Johnson Control – $6430.00, Riss Assoc. –
$1387.05, Meade Co. Treas. –
$372.09, Town and Country – $33.00
P&Z: L Quam – $16.28, CDW –
$963.45, Maplogic Corp – $250.00,

Packard – $6296.25, T Wieczorek –
$22.20, Pro-West & Assoc – $975.00,
CBH – $503.83, SDN Comm. –
$510.00, W McCarty – $17.02, Dell –
$188.59, R Mallow – $16.28, Pheasantland Ind. – $282.11, SDAAO –
$330.00, A&B Business – $318.97,
Schneider Corp – $3000.00, Marshalls – $5472.90, Quill – $534.29
Data – $359.90, Executive Mgmt –
$76.00, Xerox – $827.05
Assoc – $1018.47, SD Public Assur –
$40.01, Dakota Business Center –
$501.63, M Preys – $65.00, Unpainted
Furniture – $2033.00, Computer Village – $724.00, Thompson Info. –
$319.00, Redwood Toxicology –
$6.75, Quill – $38.77. Rushmore Office – $146.45
SHERIFF: Armstrong Ext. –
$140.00, J Quinn – $500.00,
Dataform – $1125.40, Richters Tire –
$12.00, Verizon – $1658.56, S
Regan – $1050.00, CBH – $5200.50,
LexisNexis – $3447.00, C Gehringer –
$150.00, Dales Tire – $498.64, Knology – $168.17, Logan’s Transmission – $2711.64, Nyacor – $185.44, R
Lehrkamp – $40.00, Peterson Auto –
$124.55, Quill – $172.88, State
Treas – $105.00, Centurylink –
$85.28, Western Comm. – $195.00,
Xerox – $272.52, Zylstra – $65.00, Pitney Bowes – $500.00
JAIL: Avera McKennan Hosp. –
$41.36, BH Chemical – $846.40,
County Drug – $6.60, Verizon –
$33.84, Penn Co. Jail – $408.00, US
Foodservice – $2933.81, Shopko
Pharmacy – $2677.87, Sturgis Regional – $221.10, Earthgrains –
$378.60, Cash Wa – $445.00, Sysco
Montana – $1359.89, Commercial
Kitchen Prod. – $92.92, TJ Loftus –
$1474.00, Penn Co. Sheriff –
$1302.60, Rushmore Office – $47.98,
Meade Co. Treas – $197.38

CORONER: Clinical Lab –
$2027.00, Regional Health – $142.20,
Owens – $310.80
Kinkade Funeral – $945.00
Thompson – $613.20, RC Regional –
$620.96, Yankton Co. Treas. –
$212.50, Penn Co States Atty. –
$215.00, Penn Co – $453.00, Behavior Mgmt – $375.00
MENTALLY ILL: State Treas. –
BHP&L – $68.82, Verizon – $53.46,
First Interstate Bank – $2099.40,
KRCS – $40.00

$234500.00, Michael Todd & Co. –
$126.50, Brosz Eng. – $26767.50,
BHP&L – $347.43, Kieffer Sanitation –
$53.21, Verizon – $254.80, First Interstate Bank – $73.80, Dakota Business – $98.26, CBH – $5891.17, Site
Work Spec. – $12888.69, Grand Electric – $83.09, Great Western Tire –
$30.07, G&H Dist. – $120.03, Hills
Matl. – $180001.22, Deere Credit –
$300000.00, Interstate Batteries –
$999.60, Sharpening shop – $30.00,
Knology – $128.19, Kimball Midwest –
$325.08, Lyle Signs – $203.65, Pacific
Steel – $275.11, Meade Co. Times –
$39.85, Rushmore Office – $49.76,
SDDOT – $42331.74, Sturgis Water –
COUNTY SNOW REMOVAL: Gossard Dirtwork – $13822.65, First Interstate Bank – $1298.74, CBH –
$559.00, Chain Saw Center –
$607.40, SD Wing Civil Air – $1117.34,
Sam’s Club – $1284.86, Meade Co.
Treas. – $44.39
Systems – $62434.23, Golden West
Tele – $592.00, International Academies – $110.00, Centurylink –
$1577.32, Western Comm. – $437.20,
Xerox – $419.69
Dakota Business Center – $61.08,
CBH – $88.37, Meade Co Jr. Leaders – $203.69
WEED & PEST: Sturgis Napa –
$11.07, Verizon – $53.04, ET Sports –
$682.88, Sturgis Yamaha – $5081.94,
N Jagim – $132.46, T Hotchkiss –
$344.30, K Lee – $166.60, Knology –
$53.94, Servall Uniform – $76.69, J
Schroeder – $200.00
9. Adjourn
Action, Procedural: A. Adjourn the
Chairman adjourned the meeting.
Robert Heidgerken, Chairman
Lisa Schieffer, Auditor
Published January 8, 2014 at the approximate total cost of $123.12

Home: (605) 837-2945
Cell: (605) 381-5568

Excavation work of
ALL types!

WTire Tanks
WCobett Waters

Brent Peters
Located in
Kadoka, SD

LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County
Special Proceedings
of the
Common Council
City of Faith, SD
The Common Council for the City of
Faith, South Dakota met in special session on December 31, 2013 at 1:00 P.M.
in the Community Room of the Community Center. Mayor Haines called the
meeting to order, Brown called roll call,
and Mayor Haines led the Pledge of Allegiance.
Council members present: Riley, Inghram, Berndt, Lightfield, and Hellekson.
Council members absent: Spencer.
Inghram made a motion, seconded
by Lightfield to approve the agenda as
presented. Motion carried.
Executive Session – Personnel:
Hellekson made a motion, seconded
by Lightfield, to retire into executive session to discuss personnel at 1:03 PM.
Motion carried.
Mayor Haines declared the Council
out of executive session at 2:35 PM.
Lightfield made a motion, seconded
by Hellekson to adjourn. Motion carried.
Glen Haines, Mayor
Debbie Brown, Finance Officer

South Dakota 57785 on or before 1:00
PM January 22, 2014 for the following:
Bid specifications and bid documents
are available at the Meade County Highway Department located at 20623 131st
Ave. Sturgis, South Dakota. Bids shall
be presented on the document provided
or in the format directed by Meade
County. Each sealed bid envelope shall
be marked with the words “Sealed Bid”
and shall specify the items, date, and

time of bid opening.
The Board of Commissioners of
Meade County reserve the right to reject
all or any part of the presented bids and
to accept the bid deemed in the best interest of Meade County.
Kenneth L. McGirr
Meade County Highway Superintendent
Meade County Highway Department

January 8, 2014 • The Faith Independent •

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email us at faithind@faithsd.com

Published January 8 & 15, 2014 at the
total approximate cost of $22.08

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produce Special
3 lb. Bag yellow onions
2 for $4.00
Spaghetti squash
99¢ a lb.

Published January 8, 2014 for a total approximate cost of $10.39

Sealed bids will be received by the
Meade County Commissioners at the
Meade County Auditor’s Office located at
1300 Sherman Street, Suite 126 Sturgis,

Dr. Jason M. Hafner
Dr. David J. Prosser
Faith Clinic
PH: 967-2644
910 Harmon St

Bogue & Bogue
Law offices
Eric Bogue
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H&H Repair–Jade Hlavka
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Equip. Repair/Maintenance Hydraulics - A/C - Tires
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This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which
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The Faith Independent • January 8, 2014 •

many other outdoor attractions.
We offer competitive salary and excellent benefits. Please call 605673-9418 for more information or
log on to www.regionalhealth.com
to apply. EOE.


GUN SHOW: Dakota Territory
Gun Collector’s Association Annual Winter BISMARCK Gun
Show. Saturday, January 18, 9
a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sunday, January
19, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. BISMARCK
CIVIC CENTER. Use South Entrance A. Roger Krumm 701-3367533 or 701-851-0129.
Countryside Apartments in Faith.
1 bedroom, carpeted throughout.
Laundry facilities available.
Handicap accessible. Rent based
on income. For information contact: MetroPlains management,
LLC 1-800-244-2826 or 1-605-3473077 Equal Opportunity Housing
trencher and backhoe, Livestock
Water Systems. 10 1/2 miles south
of Maurine, 605-748-2473 Merle


We sincerely thank each of you
for your kind words, cards, food,
donation to the United Methodist
Church, acts of kindness, your assistance, and outpouring of sympathy for our unexpected loss of
Thank you, Pastor Eichinger
and the U.M.C. for the service of
remembrance. What a wonderful
send off for Butch!
His beloved family
Kyle, Kenny, Karyl and families
Doris Reed and families
The Faith School Staff would
like to thank Mrs. Elsie Baye,
Dawn & Russell Simons and the
American Legion Auxiliary for the
wonderful goodies that we received from them!

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CITY OF PLATTE is seeking proposals from qualified firms to assist
City with designing, engineering
and constructing new Aquatic Facility for community. Copy of request for proposals available by
contacting City of Platte, Shauna
Meyerink Finance Officer, 605-3373921. Proposals shall be returned
to City Office on or before February
3, 2014, at which time review
process will begin.
THE MOODY COUNTY ENTERPRISE, located in Flandreau, is
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Box 177, Brookings, SD 57006 or
has full-time RN opportunities
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award-winning daily newspaper
should send a cover letter and resume, along with professional writing samples to: Jill Fier, PO Box
177, Brookings SD 57006 or email
DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders representing Golden Eagle Log Homes,
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Scott Connell, 605-530-2672, Craig
Connell, 605-264-5650, www.goldeneagleloghomes.com.
statewide for only $150.00. Put the
South Dakota Statewide Classifieds
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Friday noon before
Wed. publication

We would like to say Thank You for all your prayers,
cards, visits, and food as Norman is recovering.
We are thankful that God has allowed us
to live in a great community.
Also Thank You to whoever left the gift on our doorstep.
THANK YOU all so very much as
I am in the process of recovering.

The Faith Independent

Norman & Susan Delbridge

Legal Advertising