Steve Bresnen For Immediate Release Today, I filed a complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission against Empower

Texans, d.b.a. Texans for Fiscal Accountability, alleging that the corporation makes illegal political expenditures. These activities violate Election Code provisions that are clear and unequivocal. The complaint documents violations that are ongoing and have been for a long time. The complaint also alleges that Mike Sullivan, who is President and CEO of the corporation and the Campaign Treasurer of the PAC, coordinates between the two entities to make the illegal expenditures (by the corporation) and, in effect, receive in-kind contributions (to the PAC). Why did I file this complaint? Here is why: Either the rules apply to all of us or none of us—and then there are no rules. Let me make it plain and simple: Either Mike Sullivan is just a scofflaw who thinks he is above the laws that apply to everyone else or he gets paid $127,000 annually to conduct his business in an embarrassingly slipshod fashion. The state allows non-profit status for the daisy chain of entities he and his cronies control. The law should also hold him accountable to a standard that says: “You can’t abuse the privilege of operating as a nonprofit or the people who contribute to it in good faith.” Mike spends nearly full time calling people names who dare to challenge his conduct. That’s his right. But, that does not free him from obeying the laws that apply to individuals, businesses, candidates, officeholders and other PACs. Soon, there will be opportunities to engage the public in a discussion of the most egregious abuse of our State’s ethics laws in the modern era—THE USE OF DARK MONEY TO AFFECT ELECTIONS. Maybe then members of the media who’ve been sitting on the sideli nes while secret influence affects Texas elections--virtually unchallenged--will wake up and address the dark money issue. I know I have and I will. -- 30 -512.917.0011

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