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Published by: Jon Campbell on Jan 08, 2014
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New York has always been a wellspring for
progressive initiatives. The women’s rights movement
began here in the 19th century, and since that time the
State has continued to lead the way in protections for
workers, quality affordable housing, social equality,
environmental protections and safe energy sources—to
name just a few. Making our state more fair and just and
restoring New York to its traditional role as the
progressive capital of the nation are central goals of
Governor Cuomo’s administration, and he has made
great strides in areas including marriage equality,
respect for people with disabilities, juvenile justice,
hunger, economic opportunity, health care and housing.


In June 2011, New York passed the Marriage
Equality Act, becoming the largest and most influential
state in the nation to extend full marriage equality to
same-sex couples. For Governor Cuomo, the fight for
marriage equality was never just a struggle for rights
and benefits under the law. It was a fight for the
fundamental notion of equality and respect for

Because justice for every citizen is of paramount
importance to Governor Cuomo, under his leadership
New York created the Justice Center for the Protection
of People with Special Needs. The Center is
transforming how our State protects the over one
million New Yorkers living under the care of six state
agencies. The law also established the role of Special
Prosecutor and Inspector General to investigate reports
of abuse and neglect of people with special needs and
prosecute allegations of criminal offenses.
Governor Cuomo also remains committed to the
greater use of preventive services and community-
based alternatives to incarceration to help juvenile
offenders turn the corner to become productive adults.
The State has downsized its juvenile justice system by
more than 40 percent, with resources instead invested


Building our
communities as part of
a society rooted in
opportunity, fairness
and justice has been a
crucial goal of the past
three years.

in enhanced services for juveniles who remain in
custody. The Governor secured approval to close or
downsize 11 youth facilities, including the Tryon Boys
Residential Center in
January 2011. Fewer
juveniles were placed in
detention last year—a
continuation of the
significant decline in
juvenile arrests that
began in 2011—and a
greater number of youths were diverted from family
courts by local probation departments.
Under the Governor’s Close to Home initiative,
New York City youth requiring a non-secure placement
are being served in local settings administered by New
York City. These youth are no longer sent to State
facilities that are often located long distances from their
home communities. In addition, youth in limited-secure
placements will soon also start receiving services in
their communities. The administration launched these
efforts to keep young people out of detention centers to
prevent a revolving-door pattern of crime and ensure a
better future for New York’s youth.


Building our communities as part of a society
rooted in opportunity, fairness and justice has been a
crucial goal of the past three years, and the State will
continue to build on these achievements. New York
ended the finger imaging requirement for federal SNAP
(food stamp) benefits and established an Anti-Hunger
Task Force in order to better-combat hunger,
particularly among children. And under Governor
Cuomo’s leadership, New York created and then
expanded the FreshConnect program to help ensure
that all New Yorkers have access to fresh, healthy, local
and affordable food.

Economic opportunity for all New Yorkers has
long been a priority for Governor Cuomo. In 2013, the
Governor and Legislature increased the state’s
minimum wage law to better align it with the cost of
living. The law will raise the minimum wage from $7.25
to $9.00 over three years. The first increase to $8.00 per
hour took effect on December 31, 2013.

“Jobs Express,” a State website for New Yorkers

seeking employment, has helped more than 100,000
individuals find work since its launch. Jobs Express
currently has about 90,000 job openings listed, and has
averaged 97,000 hits a month. In January 2012,


The ability to live in
affordable and quality
housing is essential to
families throughout
the state.

Governor Cuomo launched a statewide NY Youth Works
Program to find employment for at-risk youth, offering
$25 million in hiring incentives and $62 million in
training and placement money.
In order to make our health care system the best
in the nation, the Governor established a statewide
Health Exchange, which will significantly increase
access to high-quality, lower-cost health insurance
coverage for individuals, small businesses, and local
governments. Health plans offered through NY State of
Health are on average 53
percent less expensive
than coverage New

directly last year. Over
480,000 New Yorkers had
completed applications and more than 241,000 had
enrolled into coverage as of the end of 2013.
Like universal access to health care, the ability to
live in affordable and quality housing is essential to
families throughout the state. In 2011, New York passed
the greatest strengthening of its rent laws in 40 years.
To ensure compliance from landlords with this
legislation, Governor Cuomo created a Tenant


Protection Unit. Additionally, the State worked to
protect the continued affordability of housing units
created under Mitchell-Lama and to provide counseling
and mediation services to homeowners at risk of losing
their homes to foreclosure. Governor Cuomo has
directed $1 billion in resources over five years to the
new House NY program, which will preserve and create
14,300 affordable housing units across the state,
including 8,600 Mitchell-Lama units. House New York
represents the largest investment in affordable housing
in at least 15 years.

No state knows better than New York the
invigorating power and gateway to opportunity that
immigration holds for our economy and social growth.
To assist legal residents and enable them to prosper,
Governor Cuomo created an Office for New Americans.
The State also opened more than 25 neighborhood-
based Opportunity Centers to provide advice and

In 2014, Governor Cuomo will continue to
expand and renew the State’s commitment to build
community, respect all New Yorkers, and create more
opportunities for success.


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