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2014 Cuomo Admin SOS Book

2014 Cuomo Admin SOS Book

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Published by alloveralbany
The briefing book for Andrew Cuomo's 2014 State of the State speech.
The briefing book for Andrew Cuomo's 2014 State of the State speech.

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Published by: alloveralbany on Jan 08, 2014
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New York’s airport system is one of the busiest
in the world, and JFK is the busiest international airport
in the country. JFK and LaGuardia are also major
economic engines for the New York City region,
supporting approximately 350,000 jobs, $18 billion in
wages, and nearly $50 billion in economic activity. An
estimated 20 million domestic and international visitors
came to the region by air last year.
However, JFK and LaGuardia have consistently
been rated among the worst airports in the country in
terms of design and overall passenger experience. Both
were initially built during a different era in aviation
travel: prop planes were common, jet travel was only
beginning, and flying anywhere was a formal,
momentous occasion.

Assume Management Responsibility for Airport
Construction from the Port Authority for JFK and

It is time to upgrade these Gateways to New
York. Just as Governor Cuomo’s leadership ended years
of delays to build the Tappan Zee Bridge, he will ensure


that these critical transportation hubs are modernized
efficiently and rapidly by assuming management control
for airport construction at JFK and LaGuardia from the
Port Authority.

Build a New Central Terminal at LaGuardia and Develop
a State-of-the-Art Passenger Experience at LGA and JFK

LaGuardia remains frozen in time. LaGuardia’s
Central Terminal Building is antiquated and ill-suited to
meet today’s demands. This year, it will serve 12.5
million passengers, over 50 percent more than its
original designed capacity of 8 million passengers. By
2030, traffic is projected to grow to 17.5 million
passengers. The Central Terminal Building’s amenities
have barely improved, and as a result, passengers must
endure cramped, poorly lit, and overcrowded terminals.
Governor Cuomo is advancing the construction
of a new LaGuardia Central Terminal Building as the
centerpiece of a comprehensive plan to modernize the

In addition, the State will identify opportunities
to re-imagine and dramatically improve the passenger
experience at both LaGuardia and JFK. This includes


bringing state-of-the-art amenities such as high-quality
affordable retail shopping, satellites of high-end and
popular NYC restaurants, on-airport hotels, showers,
expanded, cleaner bathrooms, free Wi-Fi service, rapid
charging stations, and other new technologies.

Re-establish JFK as a Major Air Cargo Hub

Historically, JFK has been one of the pre-eminent
air cargo gateways in the country. However, over the
past decade, JFK’s air cargo volume has declined by
almost a third.

The stagnation and decline in JFK’s air cargo
business has serious implications for jobs and economic
development, as cargo has a significant economic
impact and supports approximately 34,000 jobs, $2.1
billion in wages and $6.3 billion in economic activity.
At the Governor’s direction, the State will
develop and implement an ambitious plan to redevelop
current aging cargo infrastructure to remake JFK into a
premier air cargo gateway.


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