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Social Studies Georgina DSanson 8a 5 Civil War Test Essay November 7 !

!"#$ WHAT FACTORS CONTRIBUTED TO THE UNION VICTORY? T%e &nions 'resident (bra%am )incoln once said *( %ouse divided against itsel+ cannot stand,- T%e Nort%ern and Sout%ern states o+ t%e Civil War era .ere very di++erent es'ecially economically, T%e Nort% .as more involved in industry and +actories .%ile t%e Sout% de'ended on agriculture and 'lantations, T%e Con+ederate states relied %eavily on t%eir agriculture to survive during t%e Civil War, (lt%oug% t%ey %ad trained and e/'erienced soldiers .ere +ig%ting a .ar o+ de+ense meaning t%ey +oug%t on t%eir o.n ground and lost less men t%at t%e &nion in most i+ not all o+ t%e Civil War battles t%ey .ere de+eated by t%e &nion, T%e &nion .as victorious during t%e Civil War because t%eir su''lies 'eo'le and money .ere bounti+ul 0resident (bra%am )incoln .as li1ed amongst t%e nort%ern states and )incoln .as a clever leader, Com'ared to t%e Sout% t%e nort%ern states .ere advanced in industry, Due to mass 'roduction more su''lies .ere made .%ic% meant more money, *T%e Nort% .as su'erior to t%e Sout% in nearly every resource, T%e &nion %ad most o+ t%e countrys +actories railroads ban1s minerals grain cro's and meat,- 2'g #3#4, T%is 5uote +rom t%e boo1 e/'lains t%e &nions abundance in resources, T%ey never %ad a s%ortage o+ su''lies because t%ey %ad +actories to ma1e t%em, T%an1s to mass 'roduction su''lies .ere made +ast, 6ailroads trans'orted needed resources 5uic1ly at least +aster t%an any ot%er ty'e o+ trans'ortation bac1 t%en , (lso because o+ mass 'roduction nort%ern armies never ran out o+ su''lies li1e clot%es or guns +or t%eir soldiers, 7mmigrants usually settled in t%e Nort% because its 8obs .ere 'lenti+ul immigrants could .or1 in +actories, )astly because o+ t%e increasing 'o'ulation t%e &nion (rmy %ad more soldiers to +ill in casualties a+ter battles, Secondly t%e Nort%s 'resident (bra%am )incoln .as .ell li1ed amongst t%e 'eo'le and because o+ t%is t%ey .ere usually obedient, 9or e/am'le i+ t%e army .as running lo. on soldiers t%ere usually .asnt a need to send out a dra+t, 7+ 0resident )incoln sent out 'osters saying t%at %e needed 'eo'le to become soldiers t%ere .ere 'eo'le t%at volunteered, *7n s'ite o+ violent attac1s in Congress and in t%e 'ress )incoln ins'ired a++ection and trust as s%o.n by t%e nic1names :&ncle (be: and :9at%er (bra%am,:- 2'g !";4, T%is 5uote goes on to 'rove t%at t%e 'ublic t%oug%t )incoln as +amily instead o+ a ruler, <e .as a 'eo'les 'erson, (bra%am )incoln .asnt an untouc%able man rat%er a 'erson you could 'ut your +ait% and trust in and because o+ t%is t%e &nion believed t%at %e .ould lead t%em t%roug% t%e Civil War to victory, 9inally 0resident )incoln mig%t %ave been tall and lan1y but %e .as also clever= *>y #8;# t%e telegra'% %ad made 'ossible ra'id communication t%roug%out t%e continent and across t%e (tlantic - 2'g #784, 0resident )incoln too1 advantage o+ t%e ne. invention t%e telegra'% and used it +or t%e +irst time in a .ar to communicate across t%e country, Since it made communication 'ossible +rom long distances )incoln used it not only to congratulate %is

Social Studies Georgina DSanson 8a 5 Civil War Test Essay November 7 !"#$ generals and soldiers li1e t%e Con+ederacys 'resident ?e++erson Davis but also to give advice and orders to lead armies into battles, (bra%am )incoln also used t%e railroad system to carry %eavy loads o+ su''lies and more soldiers to t%e battle+ield, 7n +act %e also allo.ed blac1 soldiers to +ig%t= T%ey .ere s1illed +ig%ters .%o .ere more motivated to %el' out t%eir enslaved brot%ers and sisters, To 'ut in 'lain .ords t%e &nion con5uered t%e Civil War +or t%eir great 5uantity o+ 'rovisions 'eo'le and money li1eable 'resident (bra%am )incoln and %is clever decisions during t%e .ar, Wit%out t%ese vital reasons t%e Con+ederacy could %ave .on t%e .ar and t%e &nited States o+ (merica .ouldnt be united, Since a great advantage o+ t%e &nion .as t%e +act t%at t%ey %ad elected (bra%am )incoln as t%eir 'resident .%y %ad t%e Con+ederacy elected ?e++erson Davis i+ %e .asnt good at ma1ing big military decisions@ W%y %ad t%ey not elected General 6obert E )ee or one o+ )incolns 'residential o''onents ?o%n C, >rec1inridge ?o%n >ell or Ste'%an Douglas@