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Angelic Seals and how they are used

The seal of an angel is a symbol that establishes a communicating link

between the angel and our physical world. The seal acts as a doorway for
the entrance and exit of the spirit. The universe is vast and is populated by
legions of angels that perform various functions for God. The seal narrows
down which particular angel is being communicated with. There are billions
of people on the planet but the cellular phone number of person is a unique
number that only calls that one person. Seals are like unique phone
numbers of angel that only calls that particular angel.

The seal is not only a doorway but it

also acts like a magnet that draws the spirit to wherever it is drawn. A seal
may be drawn on paper or on the floor, and it is only effective when
activated. Hence printing seals from a book or making photocopies of seals
from books have no effect.

Seals are activated by placing something of nature in the centre of the seal.
It is this combined effect that attracts the angel to the seal, and at the same
time executes our prayer request. The concept is similar to using a bait to
attract a fish, or honey that attracts bees.
As an example a person desiring to work matters pertaining to love
maychose the sixth seal of Michael and on Friday light a green candle and
place it in the centre of the seal. The person may write his request on small
piece of paper and place it underneath the candle and leave the candle
burning. The candle should be in a glass or placed on a saucer so that it will
not burn the paper. Underneath the candle you may also place something
that belongs to the two people that wish to join to together in love. Leave the
candle to burn overnight or until it extinguishes itself.

Another example a person, a student preparing to study or do some home

work, may choose a seal the fourth seal of Michael and light a white candle
and place it in the centre of the seal. Let the candle burn while you study or
do your home work. You will be surprised what ideas you get.

We accomplish our work through ideas and opportunity. To be at the right

place at the right time may mean the difference between life and death, the
difference between love and hate, the difference between success and
failure. Timing is everything, and timing is rule by the angels.

An idea or inspiration determines the success of a project. Whatever

projects we deal with, the ideas that come into our mind is what enables us
to accomplish our work. Inspiration is what makes music. Inspiration is what
creates inventions. Inspiration is what determines what we say. Angels are
the source of inspiration.

What we gain from the seals are inspiration and opportunities. An

opportunity determines whether you win or lose a game in sports. You may
be a good basketball player, or a good soccer player but it is by opportunity
that goals are scored.
Specific colored candles are used with each seal depending on the day of the week you start the
project. The starting day is what matters, when it ends does not matter.
The colors of the candles are:
Sunday = yellow, Monday = white, Tuesday = Red, Wednesday = purple, Thursday = Blue,
Friday = Green, Saturday = black.
1. For matters concerning money, business, commerce, health, use the
first seal of Michael on Sunday with a yellow candle.
2. Use the second seal of Michael on Monday for matters concerning
love, voyages at sea, works related to water, and experiments
concerning stolen property, and to have visions and answers in
dreams. White candle.
3. Use the third seal of Michael on Tuesday for matters regarding war,
military, police, army, air force, fights, battle, courage, overthrow
enemies, with a red candle
4. Use the third seal of Michael on Wednesday in matters concerning
games, sports, communications, writings, with a purple candle
5. Use the fifth seal of Michael on Thursday for matters concerning
money, finance, wealth, business, material prosperity with a purple
6. Use the sixth seal of Michael on Friday for matter pertaining to love,
romance, fertility, children, herbs, social life with a green candle
7. Use the seventh seal of Michael on Saturday for matters pertaining
to hostility, death, destruction of enemies, with a black candle.
The Seals are $5 per original seal. To use a seal simply light the appropriate colored candle and
place it in the center of the seal. You may also write any special requests and place it beneath the
candle and let it burn for a few hours or until it extinguishes itself. Download the SEVEN
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Sample seal of Michael

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