Art 140B – Introduction to Graphic Design


INSTRUCTOR: carter leblanc Lesson website

Computer Graphics I introduces the study of basic to intermediate graphic design. Students will learn techniques utilizing a modern computer lab with the latest Adobe software suite used by graphic designers in the industry today. The class offers a hands on learning atmosphere. The “in class” exercises and take home projects facilitate applicable skills for designers and the foundation for a career in graphic design for continuing students.

Credits: Schedule: 3 th st Monday evenings from 6:30 9:30. September 14 – December 21

Attendance is extremely important and will affect the student’s grade. Unexcused absences will result in a failure of the weekly grade. Missed assignments must be completed on the student’s own time. Take home assignments must be completed by the due date. Late submissions may affect your grade. Students will be required to complete in class exercises. Participation is essential for visual and interactive learning. Constructive, applicable dialogue among students in encouraged. A weekly grade will be given for successful completion of in class exercises. Weekly in Class Assignments Graded Projects Final Project Class Participation 20% 50% 20% 10% 90 100 80 89 70 79 60 69 50 59 A B C D F

You will be removed from this course if you miss more than three classes during a semester. This does not constitute an official withdraw from the course. Students who do not follow up with a completed withdraw form from LCCC Enrollment Services risk receiving a failing grade for the course. Excused absences are accepted with a note from a doctor or employer.

Note taking is encouraged but not required. Bring a notebook for jotting down any complex manipulations or occasional sketching of ideas.

Storage Device (pen drive, external hard drive, or a CD ROM)

The Baum School of Art | 510 Linden Street Allentown, PA 18105 | | 610 433 0032

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