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Ge 1914 PROSPECTOR OF The Colorado School of ¢/Mines VOLUME III Published by” The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifteen a CT ME PROSPECTOR PRESS OF THE WAHLGREEN PUBLISHING COMPANY. DENVER, COLORADO Someone ee dX (iii, NULLA lt SMU MI — a MLL aaa, pit [ALOE EDEL EET » f ‘Se . ee SERRE TF cons SQM gy go Satine PROSPECTOR Foreword ‘Tuts, the year-book of the class of 1915, is simply a heterogeneous collection of facts and fancies regard- ing this class and the school in general. If the “fancies” be too far fetched, we hope the readers will accord the staff of editors leniency and remember that many late hours and much “cutting” of school have been necessary in producing the book. The sole purpose of the book is to preserve memories of friends and friendships, and if it should fulfill its purpose and thereby be a source of pleasure, we sincerely hope that, in giving credit, you will not forget the ones to whom we are deeply indebted, and without whose aid the book would have been an impossibility, namely: For Art Work Mr. R. G. Bowatay Me. J. R. H. H. Brucyarp Pror. E. J. Drrrus For Other Work Mr. L. L. Ware Mr. Janes Orp AANA AANA SAAT ccc, MLL LALLA Wl gS = 4 ss