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Briquetting Plant is A Recycling Technology
Briquetting plant is a recyclable and renewable project of India. We are live in busy world, where our clients a!ing different choices about how to anage their waste and recycle the in a better way. It is the latest technology to recycle your green or industrial waste in "co friendly way. #oday, Recycling the industrial waste or agro forestry waste with briquetting plant is the growing and de anding technology. $e and of briquette plant is growing day by day because this plant is environ ent friendly and need of any people in India as well as foreign. Recycling is the best technique to produce energy fro devastates aterials. Briquetting plant is the project to recycle the agriculture waste or industrial waste in predictable way. %oo! how this plant is wor!ing. &irst, bio ass, agriculture waste, industrial waste or other organic aterials are co pressed into briquette plant to recycle the and convert into useful bio fuel. Bio fuels are great substitute to bio coal, charcoal and other organic aterials which are replacing by these "co friendly bio fuel.

Bio fuel briquettes are none polluting, econo ical, less e'pensive, and stable in quality and "co (leasant in nature. )our trash, green waste, forestry leaves, industrial waste all are recycle and turn into reusable product through briquetting press. Before any years ago,

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Radhe Industrial Corporation


bio ass waste or agriculture waste are du ped into sea or burnt in efficient way. #hat+s why Indian technology finds a new way to recycle the and convert into useful product. ,sing bio ass can help reduce global war ing co pare to fossil fuels plants. #his whole process is being done fro briquetting press which is specially ade by briquetting machine manufacturers who have ability to a!e this type of achinery. #here are various types of bio ass briquetting achines that are able to recycle this waste and convert the into bio ass briquettes.


Briquetting Plant is Reused, Recycle and

Reduced Technology.

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