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Course Description The seventh grade English course uses a reading-writing approach to language acquisition.

It aspires to prepare students in the essential reading skills to make each student active and reflexive readers while at the same time develop and enhance the student’s writing ability. Special attention is given to vocabulary development throughout each reading unit. Also short grammar workshops are used to improve students’ proficiency in the language arts.

Course General Objectives At the end of this course of study the students will attain proficiency in the use of English as a second language through significant experiences in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 1.The achievement of this proficiency involves the ability to : a. Comprehend and report accurately that which is heard. b. Vary one’s use of spoken language to suit different situations with correct grammar, pronunciation and adequate intonation. c. Comprehend and interpret that which is read. d. Express oneself in writing with clarity and precision. 2. To develop in all students the necessary skills that will allow them to use English to communicate appropriately and effectively. 3. To develop in all students skills of reading English, this will prepare them to acquire information and knowledge as well as for the enjoyment of literature. 4. To guide students to develop a variety of critical thinking approaches for the evaluation of literary works. 5. To develop in all students an interaction between text and students experiences that will aid and develop reading comprehension. 6. To cultivate among students an awareness of humanistic values found in representative literary works in English. 7. To develop in students the ability to express their ideas in written form about literary pieces. 8. To develop in students creative ability to express their ideas in written form. 9. To promote among the students an understanding and appreciation for the cultures of English speaking countries. 10. To make students aware of the relevance of the English language in their career development and/or lifestyles.

English Teacher
José O. Rivas Otero

Office Hours : Monday – Friday 12:30 – 1:15

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Course Outline
(subject to revision) A. Unit 1 The Joy of Reading 1. Elements of the short story a. Plot b. Conflict 2. Reader’s Workshop a. Context Clues / b. Cause-Effect Relationship c. Sequence of events 3. Writer’s Workshop a. Retelling 4. SelectionsThe Library Card a. “Mongoose” b. “Brenda” c. “April” 5. Grammar- Nouns a. Classification of Nouns b. Possessive Form c. Pluralization of Nouns 1. Spelling rules B. Unit 2 : Understanding Fiction and NonFiction 1. Comparing and Contrasting Fiction and Nonfiction A. Fiction 1.Elements of Fiction 2.Type of Fiction B. NonFiction 1. Elements of Nonfiction 2. Types of Nonfiction 2. Reader’s Workshop a. Author’s purpose b. Prefixes c. Making Inferences 3. Writer’s Workshop a. Narration 4. Selectionsa. The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks b. Discovering a Paper Son c. The Fall of the Hindenburg d. My First Free Summer e. The Night the Bed Fell f. “The Dinner Party” g. “The Bear Boy” h. “Seventh Grade” i. “The Third Wish” 5. Grammar- Pronouns a. Pronoun Agreement b. Pronoun Case 1.subjective 2.Objective 3.Possessive

C. Unit 3 The Novel 1. Selection- Maniac Magee 2. Reader’s Workshop a. Analyzing Characters 1. Character Traits 2. Characterization 3. Writer’s workshop a. Descriptive Essay 4. Grammar- Kinds of Verbs a. Action 1. regular and irregular b. Linking 1. verb be and other verbs c. Verb phrase

D. Unit 4 The Short Story 1. Review of Elements of the short story a. Plot b. Conflict c. Setting d. Character e. Point of view 2. Reader’s Workshop a. Making Predictions b. Making Inferences 3. Writer’s Workshop a. Autobiographical Narrative 4. Selectionsa. “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” b. “Amigo Brothers” c. “Ribbons” d. “He-y Come on Out” e. An American Childhood f. Angela’s Ashes 5. Grammar- The Sentence a. Kinds of Sentences b. Subject c. Predicate

     Loose leaf paper Glue Color pencils Pencil Large manila envelope

A. Quizzes Reading Check of each selection Grammar Spelling and Usage B. Test There will be various tests for both reading and grammar based on skills discussed in each unit. C. Composition Writing in response to literature D. Reading –Writing Portfolio E. Special projects