I, ____________________________________, with B.A. No. ________________ of legal age, Filipino, residing at __________________________________________________________________ do hereby NAME, CONSTITUTE and APPOINT _____________________________________, with B.A. No. _________________ of legal age, Filipino, residing at __________________________________________________________________ to be true and lawful ATTORNEY-IN-FACT, for me and in my name, place and stead, to do the following acts and things pertaining to my Business Account No. __________________________ with First Vita Plus: 1. To claim and receive my First Vita Plus Power Pack, ID, Sales Commission, Sales Override Commission (SOC) claim stub, Sales Commission Qualifier (SCQ) Claim Stub, to purchase First Vita Plus products with the said SOC and SCQ Claim Stubs, and to secure computer printout of weekly group sales “genealogy”. 2. To transact business with First Vita Plus pertaining to aforementioned account; and to do any and all acts and to execute and sign and any and all documents pertaining to or in connection with the said account. HEREBY GIVING AND GRANTING unto my aforementioned attorney-in-fact full power and authority to do and perform all acts and things requisite and necessary to be done hereunder, hereby ratifying and confirming all that my said attorney-in-fact shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of these presents. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have to affixed my signature this in ________________________in _________ Philippines. _______________________________ Principal SIGNED IN THE PRESENCE OF __________________________ ___________________________

Republic of the Philippines ) ______________________) S.S. BEFORE ME, A NOTARY PUBLIC for/in __________, this _______________________ personally appeared the aforementioned person with CTC No. _____________________issued on ____________ at __________________ known to me and to me known to be the same person who executed the foregoing special power of attorney and acknowledged to me that the same is his/her true and voluntary act and deed. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL the day and place first above written.
Doc No. _________________ Page No. _________________ Book No. _________________ Series of

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