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Social Science : Communication

Content Knowledge
o The concept of plagiarism and how to avoid it through the use of paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting and citing
Apply by being able to:
• Identify and use parts of speech correctly and consistently
• Use a variety of sentence structures in writing
• Present a coherent thesis when making an argument
• Support the thesis with appropriate evidence when making an argument
• Anticipate and answer possible objections when making an argument
• Present a concise, clear closing when making an argument
• Organize ideas to achieve coherence in communication
• Write research papers that incorporate processes appropriate to the topic being researched by:
o Integrating information from a range of appropriate sources
o Logically introducing and incorporating quotations
o Synthesizing information into a logical sequence
o Identifying different perspectives
o Identifying complexities and discrepancies in information
o Offering support for conclusions
Standards for Success (S4S)

Successful students:
A. Are able to communicate clearly and coherently