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Stephanie Tansey Query for Listserv 2014 01

Stephanie Tansey Query for Listserv 2014 01

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Published by Scott Roberts
sustainability in Bloomingdale
sustainability in Bloomingdale

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Published by: Scott Roberts on Jan 09, 2014
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A question or two for Bloomingdale residents!

I am writing a book on what urban residents want sustainable in a sustainable community and looking at Bloomingdale in DC and a Beijing community called Fenglinlv hou! "ustainable# $hat do you want to be sustainable in Bloomingdale% I want to know what &eo&le really want and then tell the business community! I will be in the Bloomingdale community from 'anuary ()*+)! ,lease email me and tell me what you think! "te&hanie -ansey at sbtansey.yahoo!com

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