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Facilities Management Report

Report for September and October 2008

Facilities management has had the opportunity to work on the following projects:

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

• Contract was completed for the new furniture for the fourth floor. All
furniture was delivered and stored on the fourth floor.
• Two new contracts have been advertised for minor construction and
asbestos abatement for the fourth floor.
• New carpet was installed in the A-5 meeting room.
• New supplemental A/C unit is being installed for IT staff area.
• Bearing replacement to the cooling tower was completed.
• All new fire extinguishers were installed throughout the penthouse
mechanical space.
• Several major repairs are being scheduled for the cooling system during
the winter months.


• All boiler unit preventive maintenance and inspections were completed

and the branches were transferred to heating operations on October 15.
• Minor plumbing repairs, including fixing leaks in kitchen sinks, restrooms,
and boiler rooms, were completed at Benning, Mount Pleasant, Cleveland
Park and Southeast.
• Completed needed ceiling and wall repairs at Mount Pleasant.
• Minor painting at Lamond Riggs and Francis Gregory was completed.

Miscellaneous Items

• Facilities welcomed two new third class engineers which will enable DCPL
to provide better engineering coverage around the clock
• DCPL Facilities Department also started around the clock custodial
services and 7 day a week coverage at MLKML
• Starting in November, old heavily used furniture at the branches is being
replaced with furniture from MLKML.
• This snow season will be the first year that 90% of DCPL snow removal
will be done by contract; we look forward to working closely with the
contractor to have a very successful season.

Document #9C
Board of Library Trustees Meeting
November 19, 2008