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Design Itinerary

Design Itinerary

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Published by danlack
design itinerary
design itinerary

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Published by: danlack on Jan 09, 2014
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Gobus 30 per person = 90 You walk in 4 Forster Street at the Aran Island Ferries Office alk in !

ueen Street and we take the shuttle bus " per person #$%& till Galwa' coach station to () in total (* web fare $% () $%0

Please confirm that your details are correct before selecting your prefered payment method. If you wish to change any of the details please update them in the form on the left and click the "Continue ->" button before you select the payment method. First name dan Last name lack Email Address jjp.gm.dm@gmail.com ou are booking a return trip to Inis Mor. !ea"ing on 01/11/2013 at 7:00pm #eturning on 03/11/2013 at 9:00am

Ferry Fare Coa ! "rans#e $tudents %ares & ' ()*.** ( +*.** ( ( +*.** ( ( ,-.** ( ( .).** /ote0 1he 2*3 discount for online booking applies to the return ferry fare only and not to the coach transfer fee.

C!e $ In %etails
Passengers must be either0 • Present for boarding at the 4alway 5ffice in 6erchants #oad 27 hours prior to departure sailing time. Please ha"e your booking

minutes prior to departure. 5r • Present for boarding at the #os a8 6h:l 5ffice 7 an hour prior to departure sailing time.heelchair <ccess "i $ets must &e olle ted at eit!er t!e 'al(ay or )os a* M!+l o##i es &e#ore &oardin. Please see this important information about ./0) "IC6E"1 9ayment . Passengers must be present for boarding at least 2./0) 4 %I'I" 5//6I7' 70M5E) "/ 2A7% 82E7 9IC6I7' 09 . . Please ha"e your booking confirmation page or 6erchant8s Cart I9 number with you to make the ticket collection process more efficient.confirmation page or the 6erchant8s Cart I9 number with you to make the ticket collection process more efficient.(e do not post out ti $ets. !ate arri"als will be treated as standby passengers and accommodated where possible. =y using .e use .orldPay to take credit card payments.orldPay you can be sure that your credit card information is secure. t!e #erry. Published timetables are subject to alteration without notice due to inclement weather conditions and>or other circumstances./0 M01" 2A3E . . Conditions0 /o refunds unless sailing is cancelled.

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