Westwood Middle Scholastic Achievement Manager (S.A.

How to add/setup a class in S.A.M:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Run the S.A.M by double clicking the icon on your desktop. Login using, first.last & readmore as your credentials. Double click on My Classes, located at the top left side menu Under Manage Roster, click Add a Class. Complete all data fields (including d.o.b), and use the following naming convention: example: Winkler- 1st & 2nd Period. Under Grades, check all grade levels that apply to this class. Under the Manage Application section, uncheck READ180 & rSkillsTest unless this is a READ180 class. Click on the Student Roster tab, scroll through the alphabetical listing of students checking all students for this class, then click SAVE.

How to Enroll students in S.A.M:
1. From the My Classes window, double click on the desire class. 2. Under Manage Roster click on the Manage Enrollment link. 3. Click on the individual students or the top box to select all. Remember, only the Read180 teacher will use Read180 and rSkills Test.

How to add/modify a student in S.A.M:
1. Under Mange Roster, click Add a Student. 2. Complete all Profile data fields. Student I.D. 5300XXXXXX (full 10 digit id#) First, Last Name, Grade, user name (first.last – no spaces, punctuation or accents), password (6 digit id# = lunch #), d.o.b
Sitek: S.A.M Focus Workshop 08-09 – Updated 09-10

3. Under Add to Classes & Groups, check All Students and your Class. Note: It is very important that you include the All Classes group. 4. Click on the Demographic tab, please complete as much as possible to improve the usefulness of our reports. 5. Click on the Save button. 6. The Guardian tab is currently not being use. 7. Now under Students, locate the newly added student & double click on their name. 8. Under Manage Enrollment, check SRC & RC (unless you teach READ180, then check all), then click Save.

1. Double click on a class or an individual student. 2. Click on the blue Reports tab. 3. Use the drop down menu to show the category of reports you wish to select from. (All Reports, Multi-Classroom Reports, Classroom Reports, Student Reports) 4. Check the desired report, under Time Period check This School Year, then click Run Report.

Report Options:
Parent letters in English & Spanish. Print preview Print a hard copy Save a PDF copy Apply a demographic filter (AYP, Gender, Ethnicity, Grade, Program)

Sitek: S.A.M Focus Workshop 08-09 – Updated 09-10

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