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Jonah Valenzuela

With my health plan hope to prevent all types of cardiovascular disease. have a chance
of getting some types because of my family members having some diseases in the
cardiovascular disease "range. hope to prevent blood clots because many of the things eat
help prevent blood clots. also hope to stay physically healthy to help my cardiovascular system.
can show these techniques for preventing cardiovascular to my parents and hopefully help to
not get any cardiovascular related disease. My parents will also have to spend money buy me
the food and drinks need. hope to prevent ever being stressed as well which exercise has
proven to prevent. Being healthier can also make me a happier person therefore making the
other people around me happy as well.
For my health plan some change that will be happening is will drink three tablespoons of
apple cider vinegar, eat one ginger chew, and eat a cup of spinach every day. So am not taking
anything out of my diet am only adding foods beneficial for my cardiovascular system. also will
drink lemon water every three days. For physical exercise will surf or skate at least five days a
week for at least thirty minutes. also will do thirty sit ups and ten push ups everyday. Exercise is
beneficial for many reasons for example: t strengthens your heart, ncreases energy level, helps
your body use oxygen more efficiently because your circulatory system is working more
efficiently, etc...
Overall i've been very healthy my whole life and not had many problems. have had
asthma though which think have grown out of. Asthma has to do with the cardiovascular
system so have had cardiovascular problems but no musculoskeletal, digestive, or nervous
system problems. My mom makes us eat all organic at home and gluten free which think helps
me be more healthy. have also always been very athletic and have always loved being outside.
To measure my three aspects of health in the beginning of the plan will measure my
ollie height for my physical health and take my blood pressure for my nutritional health. will do
my daily plan daily and do mental exercises in school. Weekly will do my plan still and do my
mental health in class. At the end of the health plan will again take my blood pressure and
measure my ollie height to see if have gotten any healthier.
My goal for this plan is to stick to it. also hope to come out at least a little healthier than
before. believe this plan will help me become a better surfer and skater as well. That is my main
hope. have always tried to be healthy and think do a pretty good job at it but this plan will push
me to be even healthier. By this plan improving my ability to perform better at what love to do
will be more determined to follow my plan.
This disease prevention plan will help prevent cardiovascular disease by preventing and
clearing blood clots which ginger, lemon, and apple cider vinegar does. Exercise will also help
clear my circulatory system. Plaque clearage is the main goal of my diet nutrition wise and
becoming a better surfer and skater is my physical goal. Thats how like to think about it. also
hope to influence my parents to eat or drink more things that can help prevent cardiovascular
problems so they don't have them. also hope to get my siblings into the habit of eating and
drinking these things to help prevent cardiovascular diseases now so they can just do it in the
future without thinking about it. t would be cool if get my family to exercise more too because do
not think they exercise enough.
Week 1 Health Plan ReIlection
During the weekdays I did a good job oI Iollowing my health plan. I had diIIiculties over the
weekend though. This was because I could not get some oI the Iood I needed and I rolled my ankle so
it hurt to do my physical plan. I was on a trip in santa barbara with my dad, brother, uncle and Iriend.
My uncle loves to skate so we skated every day.
We went because my uncles band was premiering there movie and playing a quick concert so
we thought it would be Iun to go and it was. Wednesday I was still recovering Irom a sinus inIection that
I had Ior a month so I did not surI or skate. I also did not do my pushups and situps because I was sore
Irom being sick. I did Iollow my nutrition plan though and ate extra ginger chews. We also in class did
our meditation that day.
Thursday I Iollowed all oI my health plan and we did our meditation during biology. I again ate
extra ginger chews. I surIed Ior the Iirst time in a month because I had a sinus inIection Ior so long and
could not get into the water so it Ielt great to surI again. Friday we did not have school. I Iollowed my
nutrition plan and leIt that morning Ior santa barbara so I made sure to eat everything I needed Ior my
health plan in the morning. I ate one extra ginger chew and that was all I had.
I went to my uncle`s movie and concert that night and did not get to our hotel till 1 am. so I did
not do my daily situps and pushups. I normally do these beIore I go to bed. Maybe I should Iind a
better time to do them because a lot oI the time I am tired and do not want to do them. I did go to the
skatepark Ior a long time though in santa barbara.
Saturday I did not Iollow my health plan because I ran out oI ginger chews and had none oI the
Ioods I needed. I skated Ior a long time on saturday but rolled my ankle badly. It hurt to do pushups
and situps so I did not do them because I Iigured trying to do them would only injure my ankle more.
Sunday I did pretty much the same thing. I tried to skate Ior a little but it hurt my ankle and I did not do
my situps and pushups because they hurt my ankle. I did not Iollow my nutrition plan because I could
not get my hands on the Ioods I needed.
Monday I got back Irom santa barbara and it was my mom birthday. I did not Iollow my health
plan only because I ran out oI ginger chews. I should've thought about how I would need them in the
Iuture and would not be able to constantly have them. I did have my daily amount oI spinach and apple
cider vinegar though. I did not skate surI or do my sit ups or push ups because oI my ankle. I need to
go get some more ginger chews.
Week Two
This week I was still out oI ginger chews Ior most oI the days in the week but Iinally got them
saturday so I could start Iollowing my health plan again. I Iollowed my physical plan the whole week. It
did kind oI hurt to do situps and pushups because oI my ankle but I just pushed through them. Tuesday
I did not Iollow my nutrition plan because I was out oI ginger chews which I am suppose to eat once a
day. But I did eat my amount oI spinach and drank my amount oI apple cider vinegar. That night I used
the breathing exercises we learned in class to Iall asleep too and it worked great.
Wednesday I again did not Iollow my nutrition plan because I did not have any ginger chews. I
did eat my daily amount oI spinach and drank my daily amount oI apple cider vinegar. I had a cup oI
lemon water that night. Wednesday I Iollowed my physical plan by surIing and doing my daily amount oI
situps and pushups. I was not skating Ior my exercise because my ankle was still really swollen so I
was surIing instead. I didn't not want to make my ankle injury worse. SurIing did not hurt my ankle that
much so I Iigured it was Iine to do.
Thursday I did not Iollow my nutrition plan. This was because I did not have any ginger chews.
Other than that I did everything else necessary Ior my health plan. I did Iollow my physical plan. I surIed
aIter school and when I got home I did my pushups and situps. The waves where really Iun.
Friday I surIed D street aIter school and it was super windy but extremely dumpy and really Iun.
I almost hurt myselI pretty badly though. AIter that we had guys night out with my church and I did a ton
oI running and wrestling which was not great Ior my ankle. AIter guys night out I went home and did my
exercises and went to bed. It was Iunny there were some seniors Irom school right next to our pit. I
think they think I am psycho now.
Saturday I Iinally got ginger chews! I ate and drank everything I needed Ior my health plan in the
morning because I was going to knotts berry Iarm and was not going to be able to get the Ioods I
needed there. I did a ton oI walking there which was horrible Ior my ankle and made it a lot more
swollen. But I guess it was good exercise. We got in Ior 22 dollars because our Iriend is a veteran. It
was awesome our meal costed more than our tickets. When I got home I did my pushups and situps
even though my ankle hurt pretty bad.
Sunday was a good day. Normally on sunday I have to hangout with my Iamily but my mom
was sick so I was able to go surI and do whatever I wanted. I ate and drank all I needed Ior my health
Monday I skated a little but I tried a kickIlip and it really hurt my ankle so I still won't be skating
Ior a while. I Iollowed everything I needed Ior my nutrition plan.
Week three
This week I completed my health plan in the beginning oI the week and did a lot oI
surIing and skating but mostly skating because the waves where pretty small. I also Iollowed my
Nutrition plan in the beginning oI the week as well. But towards the end I did not Iollow any oI my plans
because I was building houses in mexico and could not get a hold oI the Ioods I needed and I could not
surI or skate because I did not have the option too. I did get a pretty good workout though because oI
all the heavy stuII I had to carry.
Tuesday I skated Ior a little aIter school and then went and surIed. I normally get out in the
water by 4:15 and I surI till dark so I normally get to surI Ior an hour. My mom made a smoothie in the
morning with my amount oI spinach and I ate a ginger chew beIore I went to bed. I also did my sit ups
and pushups beIore I got in the shower. I didn't really want to but I knew I had to do it Ior my health
Wednesday my mom made a smoothie in the morning with the amount oI spinach I need. I
surIed aIter school then went to youth group. Ate a ginger chew when I got home and did my pushups
and situps beIore I got in the shower. I also drank my amount oI apple cider vinegar.
Thursday I leIt Ior mexico aIter school. I made sure to eat everything I needed Ior my health
plan in the morning and do my situps and pushups in the morning because I would not have the Iood I
needed later in the day and it would be late by the time I got to where we were staying. We were
headed to ensenada to help build and enhance stuII at a school.
Friday I woke up and started work early. I helped start to make a weatherprooI outlet outside
Ior an rv and a spigot Ior the people in the rv to have water. I did not eat any spinach this day but I did
have ginger because my Iriend happened to bring some ginger chews and gave me some. I did not surI
or skate this day or do my pushups or situps because I was pooped by the time I came inside to sleep.
Saturday I worked on many things. I spackled a wall and continued to help with the outlet and
picket and put in a handrail Ior a staircase. I also took down some scaIIolding which was extremely
sketchy and I almost Iell oII. My Iriend Levi happened to bring some ginger mix to put in your drink so I
had that but again did not have my amount oI spinach. I did not do my situps and pushups because I
was super tired when I was done working.
Sunday we drove home and on the way home had the most amazing mexican Iood ever in
Ensenada. I had like 10 tacos. I did when I got back home have my amount oI ginger and spinach and
drank my amount oI apple cider vinegar.
Week 4
I had just got back Irom mexico and was ready to surI and skate all week. But the
ocean was not. There was no swell Ior almost the whole week but on Iriday the waves were amazing. I
surIed Warm Waters and it was probably the best surI I've ever seen anywhere in southern caliIornia in
my liIe. I was only able to surI Ior an hour and a halI though. I was in town all week so I was able to
Iollow my health plan and had the option to Iollow my physical plan.
Monday my mom made a smoothie in the morning with spinach in it and I ate my amount oI
ginger and drank my amount oI apple cider vinegar. In mexico my ankle did a lot oI healing Ior some
reason and a lot oI the swelling went down so I skated a decent amount monday just around my Iriends
neighborhood. We did something called tarp surIing Ior most oI the day. The waves were tiny so we
didn't surI. I also Iound out that I have stuII stuck up in my sinuses and might have to have surgery to
Ilush it out.
Tuesday I went over to my Iriend levis house with a bunch oI buddies and we skated the cardiII
trenches and surIed a little. More like wrestled in the water. I slept over there that night so I did not do
the rest oI my physical plan. I did eat a lot oI ginger though and drank apple cider vinegar beIore I leIt
my house. My mom also had made a smoothie Ior me that morning.
Wednesday I woke up at levis and we looked at the surI and it was super small. I ended up
going to the neighborhood by my house where all my buddies live and taking out a Iomie long board.
Earlier we decided we were going to go to the wave house but aIter we all got out Irom diving and
surIing and had in n out we were exhausted and ended up sitting on a curb Ior a while then surIing some
okay waves later. When I got home my mom made a smoothie with spinach in it and I ate a ginger chew
and drank my amount oI apple cider vinegar. I did not do my situps and pushups because I was
Thursday I was not able to surI even though it looked super Iun. I had to go to the turkey trot in
oceanside and then go to multiple houses Ior thanksgiving. I did not Iollow my health plan because my
mom did not make a smoothie and I did not drink any apple cider vinegar. I did eat a ginger chew
though. I don't really like thanksgiving Iood. Its so plane.
Friday I woke up at six because I was so excited to go surI and my Iriend I was going with did
not wake up until nine which kinda sucked. It was raining out so we almost decided not to go and I
thought I lost my wetsuit but we ended up going and I ended up Iinding my wetsuit and the waves were
amazing. I leIt home beIore my mom made a smoothie so I didn't eat any spinach that day but I did
drink apple cider vinegar and ate a ginger chew. I also did not do my situps and pushups when I got
home because I was so tired.
Saturday I surIed again and it was really Iun. I ate everything I needed and did my situps and
Sunday I surIed twice and it was really small. It was Iun though. I did my situps and pushups
that night and ate everything I needed Ior my health plan.
During this health plan found that trying to put something into your life that you have to
daily is extremely hard for many reason. A lot of the time wouldn't feel like doing my situps and
pushups in the morning so would just tell myself would do them at night but then would get
home late and never do them. Also it was hard to have the food needed everyday because
would sometimes eat a lot of ginger chews in one day when only needed one and then run out.
also would easily forget to eat some stuff required in my diet or would forget to do situps and
pushups. did not accomplish my goal of sticking to the plan the whole time. do feel that
became a little bit of a better surfer because think increased my core strength because tried
a lay back the other day and normally just fall or can't pull myself back up but this time pulled
myself back up.
There are many things could do to obtain optimal fitness in regards to cardiovascular
disease. A few things could do are exercise more, not eat as much n N Out, eat real ginger,
drink more lemon water, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat more flaxseed, eat fish oil, eat
monounsaturated fats, get more antioxidants, eat more polyphenol rich foods, eat more nuts, eat
more soluble fibers,
hope to carry on with my health plan the rest of my life to prevent all types of
cardiovascular disease. This will be beneficial for me because will save money by not having to
pay more medical bills. also will be able to be more active and surf and skate longer in life.This
prevention will also help my family as live with them because they will also save money not
having to pay for my medical bills related to cardiovascular disease because will hopefully not
have any cardiovascular diseases. believe by having the foods around the house that it will
prevent cardiovascular disease in my family members because they will eat those foods more
and hopefully be able to prevent all types of cardiovascular diseases.
From this project have learned how expensive treating cardiovascular diseases can be
and how much they can hold you back and do not want to not be able to skate or surf in my life.
But know the day will come when can't do those things but want to prevent as long as
possible. To prevent cardiovascular disease now will still try to do situps and pushups every
day and eat the same foods have been maybe adding more lemon water. What learned from
this project that can benefit me in the future is when am older if want to go on a diet should go
on a diet to improve my performance at something like surfing or skating. This is because then
have a goal at the end to get better at something and not just to be slimmer or stronger. feel like
this makes me more determined to follow the plan.