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ro De (DH) ee (DH) Department of Health Richmond House 79 whitehall tondon SWIA 2NS Tel: 0207210 3000 House of Lords London SW1A OPW 23 APA 709 Dear colleague, Health Bill 2009 ~ Frequently asked question on the tobacco provisions You will be aware that the tobacco provisions of the Health Bill have generated much debate in Grand Committee. Our lively Committee sessions have enabled me to clarify the Government's position with respect to displays of tobacco products, the regulations and how they will work in practice. | therefore thought it might be helpful to set out the frequently asked questions in the attached, which covers the key issues raised during Committee. | hope noble Lords will find these answers informative and | look forward to continuing the debate through Report and Third Reading. \i orn ARA DARZI (oH Department of Health REMOVING TOBACCO DISPLAYS ~ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS During the passage of the Health Bill a number of questions have been raised about what removing tobacco displays would mean in practice. This factsheet tries to answer some of the common questions but if you would like further information, please contact the Health Bill team at heaith.bill@dh.asi. .. Further information is also available on the Health Bill website at: http:/ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. You're going to make retailers put cigarettes under the counter No ~ retailers will be able to cover up displays in the way that best suits their shop, provided they comply with regulations. We are already working with key retail stakeholders to make sure these regulations also enable retailers to choose low-cost solutions and can carry on selling tobacco. 2, It's going to cost retailers thousands of pounds to remove displays Removing displays need not be costly ~ in Canada, even professional covers cost as lite as £120 for an area measuring ( metre by 1.3 metres, Retailers may come up with thelr own solutions and we are working hard with the Association of Convenience Stores, as well as other key stakeholders, to make sure regulations take into account small businesses. 3. Getting rid of displays will put small retailers out of business ~ customers won't know what's on sale so will go to bigger stores Retailers will be able to display price lists detailing what products they sell, the prices and whether they are in stock. We will also give small shops two extra years before they need to remove displays, which means customers will be used to not seeing displays in larger shops and stil being able to buy their brand. 4 Retailers won't be able to sell tobacco when children are In the store in case they see the tobacco packets Retailers will be able to carry on selling tobacco at anytime, just as they do now. They just won't be able to have cigarette packets permanently on show. Itis true that people in a shop, including children, may catch sight of cigarette packets as they aro being sold to other customers, but this is very different to having large, colourful eye- catching displays on permanent show.