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From: Phil Boder [mailo:phil@4solutionsdisplay-com) Sent: May 4,2009 10:24 AM. To: Subjet UK Display Ban updates from Canada [am the Viee resident of Solutions Display Corp. in Canada and we have been very involved in dsply ban sctivtes in Canada and have been approached by an orgaiztion called ASH in the UK. My company has received numerous enguiies from retailers inthe UK about a display ban ‘olution provided by us Our soltion involves the iting of ps that, an open and close to open shelf ganties. These enquires have followed ‘laims by the UK Departmen of Health and Action on Smoking and Health that ‘we had quoted £120 fora display ban solution for small shops. Let me Clarify forall oF you what we sad to the UK authorities |. We quoted £200 (nt £120) forthe materials necessary to fit standard sonal gantry, based on «minimum purchase of 1500 stores 2. We were asked to quote fora temporary solution and so the £200 ‘elaes to solution that would suit most stores for 310 6 months. Due to the frequeney of oping and closing a robaceo unit, wear and tear would require them to be repced after that ‘3. This bu purchase quote doesnot nce the cst of shipping, installation or specific changes o sic and dimensions. |Wehave made ASH aware ofthese points so presumably the misperception that we ean ffer a display ban solution for £120 to smal etailers wil be Aipelled by them sheet. We would be happy to speak with you futher, of ‘with your trade organizations if tha would help to se about moving forward with a project that could bring the above temporary solution ora permanent display solution to your shops inthe near future. ‘ave attached a copy ofmy correspondence with Deborah Amot of ASH for our use o beter understand the communication from Canada and hope this, allows everyone to understand the est associated with display ans in ‘our county. Fel fee w contact me anytime via thee" mail adress or atny Cadi oc A 2 Rega, Philip Beder Vice President 4 Solutions Display Corp. - Canada (See tached fle: April 30 ASH Amott.doc)(See attached fle: April 28, ASH Amott.oe) Apri 3, 2009 ASH UK Deborah Arnot From: Pil Bacar [maltose Asoltnstplay com) Sent Ao-30-09 312° {or Depron Art Subject’ ASH Display Ban Coss [want to riterate thatthe laste mall! sent to you (Apri 28) was a complete clarification of all costs associated with covering of tobeco.Talso went to make sure you are nat making ‘atonal assumptions en costs to sult your interal needs o to allow single stores ot Chains to belive you have developed or negated alow coat solution for thom without Sctal in stre testing anon alte evelopment 4 Solutions Osplays cannot produce, liver and install fo he mnmal doles you sre publishing nor ean any other covers for the tar bo presented Tor daliver nth fashion we aro boing quoted: We would sak that you remove 4 Solutions Displays fam any of your prometional materials 2 the hnumbers are misropesestng the actualy costs toa wide base of rotlers In ho UK Trust your organization wil nsur to ene nancll story is tld to al and net chose a Single number that dovsrt opresent the actal facts ofthe past inquiries. 4Soullons Displays has worked on ls project throughout Canada and out corespondence of his ‘Wook fe raated to the ongong publcation of ou alscussions thet have somehow Deen Inisconstrued when thoy ave In print documents Pigese accept this letters the final clarifestion of my submission to you of Tuesday Apr 2, 200, Thanks for yout ongolng communication concerning tise an lok forward {eo vorking with your organization nthe utero Regards Pro Bede ‘April 28,2009 Attention Deborah Art -ASH UK From: Pi Bader (mato sohtionsplay com] ‘Sent 28 Apri 2009 2038 ‘Tor Deborah Avot ‘Subject ASH Display Ban Costs Hi Deborah, | wanted to take a momert nd carly some ofthe sues surrounding the cisplay ban ‘overs that re preset being explored by yur organization Inthe UK to saley your ‘Submission on the costs durablity and oase ofthese products that have been installed In {thousands of stores Canada| wll cover each polnt separataly fr you seas to clay {he answers to some of your InqUlos during te at fw weeks 2 lows! n ‘The orginal amoant of 20 pounds ws discussed with you ie fora standard 3 fot ection known asthe Gantry and doesnot include shipping, instalation or specific ‘thangos to sas of dimensions. This purchase must also efor minimum order by your erganizaton of 1500-3 foot sections FOB to your Business operation. Any changes o equrements fora acking type mechanism would be adaionl costs ‘ot approx 78 patade pa section. For individual teas requiting thie type ofystem the costs coud be somevhat Drohbiive due tothe naed for spacfe bude, warehousing and shipping Separately o single locations and woul aqui the coordination of rg ‘rganiaton to ireure the instore specie easuremonts are capable of meeting the shat equiaronte by lotion. o "also want to mace you aware thatthe original quote was for temporary shel aps ‘5 requested by your organization and would meet the needs of moat sores fr term of approx 3-6 monthe due fo the constant opening snd closing ofthe unis nd thor esl going to Boa cost for rplacements or sturdier units within the o Estinated cost o cover all stores in the UK would be in the neighbourhood of ‘over $20 millon pounds for the ill set up pus shipping, intaliation and stop. Single shop allincosis estimates Including al the above specifications is epprox $480 pounds for anormal single gantry, there are two ganry's then the cose ‘would be around $860 pounds Hopetuty | nave boon able to dsl any costs perceptions and everyone has beter Understanding of mass purchasing versus indvidual shops as well s other costs Sesocited with tho Insta procedure {his further as you move trough the project and | look forward to an open dialogue on the CCanadtan ap system. Rega, Philp ser Woe Present ‘Solutions Display Corp