Committees 2014-15
COMMITTEE Budget & Appropriations Legislation Economic Development & Capital Projects CHAIR Sheila Marcotte Virginia Perez Michael Smith EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENTS ASSIGNED
A&C, Budget, Charter Committee, Finance Charter Committee, Law Capital Projects, Economic Development, IDA, LDC, Tourism, Unfunded Mandates Airport, Board of Elections, Consumer Affairs, County Clerk, DEF, HR, IT, Labs & Research, Public Works, Solid Waste, Transportation Housing, Labor Contracts, Parks & Recreation, Planning Board of Health, DSS, Health, Mental Health Corrections, DA, Emergency Services, Probation, Public Safety Disabled, LGBT, Seniors, Women, Youth Charter Committee State and Federal Government Litigation Agriculture, Energy, Environment, H2O, Tappan Zee Bridge


Mary Jane Shimsky

Labor / Parks / Planning / Housing Community Services Public Safety Seniors & Constituencies Appointments Federal & State Affairs Law Environment & Energy
*Task Forces:

Peter Harckham Alfreda Williams David Gelfarb Bernice Spreckman Ben Boykin Ken Jenkins Lyndon Williams Catherine Parker

Hispanic Affairs Task Force, Co-chair Virginia Perez and Jim Maisano Charter Commission Review Task Force, Co-chair Gordon Burrows and Richard Wishnie Minority Affairs, Co-chair Virginia Perez and Ben Boykin Families Task Force, Chair TBD

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